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Savage Sun (SS) is a one man musical act hailing from California, & currently resides in St. Louis, MO. SS is a sponsored, professional recording & international performing Hip-Hop artist of 14 yrs. Feb 2009, SS was the #1 most dedicated Facebook/iLike artist. Savage Sun has released 1 solo CD/DVD


"Savage Sun" is a one man musical act hailing from Northern California, & currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

"You can't say it's only about the commercialism, the cribs and the money. You can't say rappers are teenage thugs lacking any real talent. You can't - because rappers such as Stockton's The Savage Sun will be there to prove you wrong." (Ian Hill/Columnist/Stockton Record & 209VIBE)

Recording & Performing:

Professional Recording Artist of 14 years. At least at least 35 songs recorded in total. One solo album, titled "The Art of Being Alive". One music video for the song "Tight Grip on Nothing". 5 time International Performing Artist. Featured on 11 additional albums (6500+ Units). Performed in at least 16 cities; 4 states; 4 countries. Current Project includes HD music video for the song "Forced".

Press, Accomplishments, Honors:

April, 2009: Chosen for prestigious "Editor's Pick" honor by CD Baby; Featured in album review (CD Baby); Selected for rare honor by URB Magazine's "Next 1000". Featured in artist review (URB Magazine); February 2009: #1 most dedicated artist across all of Facebook & iLike. October, 2008: featured in article/album review (Inbox Magazine); cracked the top 3 indie artists (Myspace) in the state of Missouri. August, 2008: featured in podcast interview (Quiet on the Set / Indianapolis, IN). July, 2008: featured in article/album review (209Vibe). June, 2008: music video for the song "Tight Grip on Nothing" received 5 honors (YouTube), including an honor for the most watched video in France (musician category). April, 2008: featured in podcast interview (The Beat / Monterey, CA); featured in interview (Monterey Herald). March, 2008: featured in article (Tri-City Herald & Atomic Town). February, 2008: mentioned in newsletter (Association of Schools of Public Health weekly publication) for benefit performance at St. Louis' University's 1st Multi Cultural Eve. December, 2007: received official clothing sponsorship & endorsement (Thrust Clothing Worldwide). October, 2007: featured in article (Stockton Record & 209Vibe). Fall 2007: featured in article (California State University Monterey Bay's "Alma Otter"). Summer, 2007: featured in 1/2 page article (Reactor Magazine). December, 2005: selected for MP3 review & was honored as the #1 featured artist (Tri-City Music Archive). 2005, featured in interview (The Bullhorn). Featured artist in My Network TV's "Band Call Out" (FOX), however, ended up 2nd overall. Featured on an illustration as a promotional artist (11:23 Productions). Has received radio play & been broadcasted on radio (SJDC, Power 99.1), as well as Internet radio.


Requiem Aeternus

Written By: SAVAGE SUN

This song is dedicated to my Father Kenneth Theodore Schamber
~11-25-35 to 8-25-02~

We will meet again - carried by the wind
My promise until then I carry you on within

(Verse 1)
I've no way to address, no breath held in my chest
No words could explain what I need to express
This ultimate test, my heart feeling compressed
I’m Forever blessed Father, this I profess

Suitably beautiful how our story is told
Giving me a stronghold when my souls frozen cold
Irrefutable is the connection we hold
As we move through separate realms the wind blows

So which way do we go? Well this we’ve always known
Keep heading toward the sky, watching this path unfold
I’m not concerned with the cross that I must bear on the road
Cuz I know for a fact that I’ll carve it in stone

And on and on we watch the seasons change
Though rarely do we realize that it’s so strange
I’m prepared for this journey with no fear of a flame
Were heading back toward the universe from which we came

Savage Sun isn’t music, isn’t merely a man
It’s my most important chance to prove I understand
You passed the torch still ablaze into your son’s hand
For that Father I'll always be your greatest fan

We will meet again - carried by the wind
My promise until then I carry you on within

(Verse 2)
There is no denying life is different now
I breathe deep through the sorrow getting by somehow
It sends chills down my spine, I’m often numb inside
Sometimes it’s ever hard for the Sun to shine

When I stare fate in the eye I see my life unlace
Knowing wholeheartedly there’s no about face
You left me memories, and these I embrace
As we both continue spinning through time and space

With my hand on your chest you transcended this plain,
Unbearable the way our hearts hold so much pain
Though I regained my bearings found that I could sustain
Many miles still to travel on this new terrain

Holding tight what you taught so essential to me
The intent of my heart, my dreams and family
I believe in you father, you believed in me
And the life that we shared truly astonishing

Honoring your hopes, visions, values, and dreams
You instilled them and now carry them through me
I bow my head in respect and take a moment to pray
And I pray and I pray Father, and I pray

We will meet again - carried by the wind
My promise until then I carry you on within
I carry you on within

Wither Not

Written By: SAVAGE SUN

From Spring to Autumn and back to Spring
From the top to the bottom, everything I've seen
From all that I've received to everything I bring
I've walked the path of a peasant but now I'm King

This beat in my chest remindin' me I'm blessed
I give it no less than a soul possessed
So I don't know what it means to rest
I wont surrender to the struggle til I reach the crest

Until the hands in the crowd extend to the walls
Til the walls break down then there's nothing at all
Until the music that binds us removes the pain
Until the moment that you and I feel the same

No need to say but it's so true that life is strange
The essence though the tragedy that life must change
So close and yet so far away and it's insane
The dream can never die so long as hope remains

Every step is a sign that its by design
And divine similar to how the planets align
So keep climbing til the destinations far behind
Until the rain in your mind is replaced by sunshine

Give just a little more got when you've got nothing inside
It's truly unbelievable the kinda strength you'll find
So shine bright and follow your fate toward the sky
If you got courage and faith, then you got enough to fly

I move along til there's no denying that I'm strong
Til there's no difference between me and the song
This is all about a feeling that we manifest
Until the ceiling is my floor I'm gonna give it my best

I'll be deliverin' until the bitter end, grimicin'
Finishin', I'm not your average citizen
This castaway rowin' toward the storm wile shiverin'
Far beyond the heights where men begin witherin'


Written By: SAVAGE SUN

I've always known I could tackle victory on my own
A man is forced to be strong when he's standing alone
I’m a force to be reckoned with ~ of course I hold
A belief in myself that’s supernatural

So I shoveled all the bitches that have doubted my flow
Straight into the furnace ~ they were nothin' but coal
Only fuel that accelerated the speed of my stroll
To escape the dying city that was stealing my soul

And I change like the day cuz life ain't ever the same
Sometimes it's all I got to keep from going insane
And despite the fight, I ignite the flame
I took a knife to the belly, sliced open the game

Simply ta murder the pain in the name ah this art
Ripped and pulled at my heart until I've torn it apart
Left for all to see what I hold on my sleeve
I won't leave til I achieve what it is I believe

Repeat Chorus

And the essence of the struggle is the incredible thing
So I embrace this life with everything that it brings
And Ima leap from this branch with or without the wings
Devoting every ounce of my soul to this dream

So you're outta your wig if you think ima park this
Ima drive this beat till I smash through the darkness
Then spark the blaze, penetrating the haze
And cast light upon this planet til the end of my days

We are born in this life with the right to choose
Some fight for the right to win and some lose
Some write ill raps while some sing the blues
Not another man alive who could fill these shoes

Repeat Chorus

The Reason

Written By: SAVAGE SUN

You are the reason that I present this pure confession
Profess the depth of my love and connection
Reflect the truth through authentic expression
Respect with gracious intent and affection

Etched in time ~ we we're meant to be
I was blessed to find you ~ and now you've set me free
I thank God everyday that you were sent to me
As we coalesce in this quest of destiny

And yes the best of me you have yet to see
This I hope you understand especially
You have an angel's smile and the heart of a child
And through the struggle I believe that’s its all worth while

I feel the pain disappear as rain pours in the storm
You give me peace in my life I've never felt before
The kind of peace I've envisioned when I touch the shore
You're the reason that the beat of my heart was made for

You are the reason that I wake each day
You are the reason I bow my head and pray
You are the reason I'm confident I'll stay
And embrace each season that comes my way

Through the darkness you guided my ship from the sea
Like an lighthouse in the storm, providing me what I need
It's so unbearable at times that I cant even believe
These days we spend apart are the days I don't breath

My dreams are beautiful and my dreams are of you
What I mean is you're the greatest dream to ever come true
You are my song, my heart and my light in this world
You are my hope, my inspiration, baby you are my girl

You are all I've ever wanted in my dreams when I pray
You can always rest assured that this feeling won't fade
I would fight and die just to keep you safe
You can trust in me because you give me faith

So if the Earth is engulfed by the flood of the tide
Or when the planets collide I will stand at your side
I see worlds of life and brilliant light in your eyes
Boundless similar to the height and size of the skies

You are the reason that I wake each day
You are the reason I bow my head and pray
You are the reason I'm confident I'll stay
And embrace each season that comes my way


1. Audiomight Presents (2002) / song: Single-handeadly
2. The Character Development Sampler (2003) songs: Circles, Enter the struggle
3. Audiomight Promo c.d. (2003) song: Look the other way
4. Noise from the Cellar vol.1 (2004) song: Enter the struggle
5. The Savage Sun / Conscious Mindstate Promo c.d. (2005)
6. No Shame; My Creation (2006) song: Ghosts of the gangs
7. D.J. Balance Presents: Official bootleg vol.2 (2006) songs: Skybound, We wash away (old version)
8. Miller Bay Productions: Beat Hogs (2007) song: Forced
9. Savage Sun; The Art of Being Alive (2007)
10. Equalibran Productions: The Next Generation of Heads (2007) song: We keep it movin'
11. B.P.K. Records: The Street Tapes, vol.1 (2008) song: Forced
12. Cal Major: Arch City Underground Mixtape (2008) song: We Keep it movin'

"The Art of Being Alive" Distribution/Sales Location:

Missouri, Washington, California, Oregon, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Alaska, South Carolina, Washington D.C., New Jersey

United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, Germany, Hungary, Jamaica, Thailand, Provedencia.

Internet: CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, 25 other on-line stores

In Stores:
Amoeba Records, Berkeley, CA
B-Side Records, Berkeley, CA
Replay Records, Stockton, CA
Record Exchange, St. Louis, MO
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
Princeton Record Exchange, Princeton, NJ
Pat's Music Center, Philadelphia, PA
Main Stream Music, Philadelphia, PA
Hastings, Kennewick, WA
Hastings, Richland, WA
Adventures Underground, Richland WA
Ganzel's Barber Shop, Richland, WA
Underground Solu'shn, Edinburgh, Scotland
Avalanch Records, Edinburgh, Scotland

Set List

General sets average approx. 30 minutes. (Negotiable)

Set List varies. Example of a 30 minute set:

1. Forced
2. We Keep it Movin'
3. Skybound
4. Ghosts of the Gangs
5. I Can Change
6. The Long Winter
7. End of Days
8. Wither Not
9. The Finale