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Savan DePaul

Royersford, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Royersford, PA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Electro


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Listen to Savan DePaul’s intergalactic new album Musings From A Jovian Moon"

At just 19 years old, Savan DePaul is shaking up the rap game with his unorthodox style and psychedelic hip-hop beats. The Key’s first look at the multi-talented musician was last year when he released his first album Sketchpad. The six tracks showcased DePaul’s unreal skills behind the boards as well as his abstract, abnormal flow. His new album Musings From A Jovian Moon focuses more on Savan’s lyrical skills while still staying true to his intergalactic, complex, and unusual musical vibes.

The Pennsylvania teen goes beyond the boundaries by fusing genres, such as traditional hip-hop and spoken word, with electronic beats to create tracks that kind of sound like trippy alien music. DePaul’s contribution to the music world is definitely going to open doors for more upcoming artist who want to stray away from the authentic sound of rap music.

Below you can listen to Savan DePaul’s new album Musings From A Jovian Moon. - The Key

"Review: Savan DePaul's "Sketchpad" Album"

Savan DePaul presents us with his latest work “Sketchpad.” Savan takes us to the “International House of Production”, and serves us bottomless tracks of intergalactic, complex, rich, surreal, and creative musicianship. Mr. DePaul’s skill level behind the boards has me reminiscing about Moby and the Chemical Brothers in their heyday or current act “Empire of the Sun.” Now some may argue that the lyrical skills takes a back seat to the beats, but I had to disagree. Savan may have an abstract, abnormal flow, but the artist has somehow managed to blur the lines between traditional Hip-Hop and Spoken Word; and then merge the two into his own style. Sometimes when I listen to “Sketchpad” I hear flashes of Def Poetry luminary Saul Williams; while in other spots I hear nineties underground rapper Jeru Da Damaja on Redbull. Never the less, it is very entrancing.

On the title track Savan informs us of his frustration with mental disorders, and how they hamper his creative vision. Over a drum and based influenced percussion, and relaxing wind filled production; an individual gives us deeply personal accounts of challenges they face and refuse to succumb too. “DePaul, Be Yourself” is just a master class of simulated sounds arranged in perfect harmony that blossoms from second to second. It’s amazing how all the moving parts work together, and don’t overshadow or crowd each other.

“Day Trip to Gomorrah” and “Part 3” are songs about night life and the pursuit of sex. It’s really incredible how these track support Savan’s style, and more traditional rhyming via the well done verse by rapper Wilfrid on “Daytrip to Gomorrah.” The reggae influenced “Part 3” just solidifies the artists versatility with production.

“501” is a posse cut over alarming pianos, and filled with boastful backpacker friendly rhymes. Once again, on “Find the Peace” and “Incorporus” the artist displays exceptional craftsmanship on the production. On “Incorporus”, Savan engages in a wordplay workout with rapper Fats; until he flips the beat mid song into what sounds like an Asian influenced arrangement. The “Kid Ice Interlude” starts of minimally and slowly swells into pulsating percussion, ambient whistling with a busy background. Its jaw droopingly good. Just when you think that all the Mr. Depaul has to offer is interstellar beats and surreal production he hit us with “Simplicity.” “Simplicity” is smooth with a bouncing baseline and finished with what I think is simulated hand bells. It’s just plain excellent.

“Sketchpad” is not your typical, mainstream rap album, which is refreshing. Savan courageously takes us where no emcee has gone before. Purists might have a problem with the abstract, unorthodox rap style but I don’t. Just do what ninety-five percent of the rap community needs to do; perfect it. There is no other way to say it: The production is immaculate. We need more. - DopeCauseWeSaid

"SAVAN DEPAUL - 5.0.1"

Check out "5.0.1" by Savan Depaul on Artist Sounds! Savan Depaul is an artist based in Royersford, PA. He is a rapper, multi-genre producer, poet, and visual artist, and has been creating unique and alternative sounds for the past three years. Since his debut as an artist, Depaul has released 2 full-length albums, 1 mixtape, 5 EPs, 2 instrumental compilations, and several singles - an impressive collection! His latest single, 5.0.1, is an aggressive electrorap posse cut featuring hard-hitting sci-fi verses from Simon Speech, Aeons Elevator, VII, and Blakey Blake. The song combines a menacing synth-laced beat with the guest rappers' vocals for a truly unique sound. Give 5.0.1 a listen on SoundCloud today, and keep an eye out for more of Savan Depaul's work. - Artist Sounds

"Check Out Savan DePaul's New Video "Nebula Rock" Off His EP "Musings From A Jovian Moon""

"Nebula Rock" is the new psychedelic music video by underground hip hop/electronic artist Savan DePaul, off his newly released EP "Musings From A Jovian Moon", which is available for stream/download below. In describing the new EP, Savan stated that it included six tracks featuring futuristic spacey beats and alien rapping, with a variety of themes being covered (death, war, technology, sex, love) all framed within psychedelic yet energetic instrumentation. He describes it perfectly but forgotten to mention that it is DOPE as hell. Enjoy! - DopeCauseWeSaid


10/30/2014 - The Attic EP
6/2/2015 - Aliens: The Archaic Tape (mixtape)
9/29/2015 - Scatterbrain! The EP
1/22/2016 - Acid Rain (mixtape)
5/20/2016 & 5/30.2016 - Ballads of the Neophyte & Ico

  • sister albums, one instrumental and one vocal
2/14/2017 - .cranium.scatter. (EP)
  • highest single sales in discography
  • accepted on multiple playlists and music mixes
8/29/2017 - Sketchpad (studio album)
  • press, interviews, first reviews
1/20/2018 - Musings From A Jovian Moon (EP)



Bringing the sounds of the cosmos down to Earth, Savan DePaul prides himself on making music that challenges/subverts the notions of the rappers and electronic musicians he coexists with.  DePaul not only operates as a rapper but also as a producer, poet, and visual artist. He’s shown a penchant for creating musical projects that more closely resemble alien incantations than your average pop or rap banger. DePaul uses his eclectic tastes in music and a wide range of influences to fuse a central hip hop sound with ambient, trip hop, dub, art pop, grime, R&B, Afrobeat, traditional Middle Eastern and Indian folk music, wonky, drum & bass, glitch, dream pop, and psychedelica. Utilizing this lush instrumentation and bringing a distinct vibe to rap music has become one of DePaul’s edicts.

Since 2014, he's been weaving these instrumental beatscapes with his mystical, hyper-experimental stream-of-consciousness lyrics and abstract flows. DePaul has taken this style and crafted multiple solo / collaborative records and various singles. DePaul's music highlights the best of his scatterbrained creativity and adherence to challenging popular music's preconceived notions.

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