Savannah Lynne

Savannah Lynne

 Marina del Rey, California, USA

Savannah paints an atmosphere with a pallet of cleverly constructed songs that are honest, moody, and compelling. Her music has captivated the ears of the film and tv industry and her upcoming 2011 release has great anticipation with opening showcases in March in LA and at Sundance next year.


With an innocence to her voice, Savannah compels the audience to listen to the haunting melodies and deeply rooted lyrical content of her material. Her focus is on intimate, compelling, and honest songwriting that as she describes "is the paint for a silent canvas." She has been compared to Sade, Damien Rice, Regina Spektor and Jack Johnson.
With a deep rooted history as a writer for other pop, country, and Christian acts, Savannah developed and truly blossomed as a writer. She credits her time in Nashville as one of the most influential and shaping moments as a writer as she had the opportunity to truly learn from some of the greatest musicians and songwriters of our time. She also credits her faith in playing an instrumental role in her development as an artist as she feels this is something that she was truly meant to do and that there is a deeper meaning behind her calling. "Sometimes it feels like I have the hands and the feet but am not necessarily the brains behind the operation. It's comforting to know that we don't always need to have it all figured out. I find a piano or guitar and write from the soul. That's all I know and that's all I need to know." This project has allowed her to really express herself without limitations and there is great expectation for the upcoming release. She has been featured as an "artist to watch" and has had several nominations and film/tv/commercial placement opportunities.
Her first solo record is being recorded this Winter in Los Angeles and her first shows include a sneak peak at Sundance 2011 and then a full performance including an intricate and creative Cirque de Soleil inspired stage show in March of 2011 in Los Angeles.


Beautiful Madness

Written By: Savannah Lynne

I could go blind
but still I would see you
cause you're trapped in my mind
like a perfect day
just let me get some sleep
if I have to wake without you
you look so lovely in my dreams

They call this Beautiful, Beautiful Madness
Love stole my mind
Beautiful, Beautiful Madness
I just want to hide in your love
I just want to hide in your love

Tangled in vines
that grew so deep connecting your heart to mine
and I can't let go
I've never seen the light
of an angel
but I know that's what I see when I look in your eyes

I love the way you smell I love the way you touch me
I love everything oh baby it melts me
You get in my soul
and I can't let go