Savannah Van Band

Savannah Van Band


We are a band... We like to dance! All of our music is original. We all have very diverse musical backgrounds that melt together into a huge mixed ball of utter goodness. We take great pride in our music and our performing skills. We hope you like us!!!


Savannah Van Band was formed New Year's Day 2010. They instantly clicked and began writing music together. In June of 2010, they were introduced to producer/songwriter Kuk Harrell. That meeting left an impression on him. He took them under his wing and began shaping them into what they are now.

Savannah Van Band is an alternative/pop/rock band that transcends specific genres. Their music is completely original. Originating from the diverse musical scene of LA, each member brings different influences and backgrounds to the table. They take great pride in their music and perform them with matching passion. Each member has been introduced to music at a very early age. Furthermore, they have been performing at very early ages as well. This is evident in their stage presence and live performance.


Savannah Van: Lead Vocals
Alex Strahle: Lead Guitar
Matt Kwa: Bass / Keyboards / Background Vocals
Nico Aranda: Guitar / Background Vocals
Ronnie Manaog: Drums / Background Vocals