SAVE is a hard working group of artists with a catalogue of songs that respect and rival their influences. Forming in Toronto in September 2010 these boys are class-A musicians with a pop-rock sensibility that can’t be ignored.
A new 5 song ep is on the way!


Save the honesty in rock.

With their first steps into the increasingly popular realm of Canadian alternative rock music, the band SAVE has touched down on the streets of Toronto and has started to gain traction. This organically materialized group of homegrown Canadian musicians let their sound do all the talking. The roots of Save are strong, as they are planted in the musical upbringings of the previous generation.

Wes Davies on lead vocals and bass guitar and his brother Jamie Davies on guitars, mandolin and secondary vocals, have been baptized by the jam space. Lifelong friend of the Davies boys, and the guitar player and vocalist for Save is Mike McColl, who brings to the table a creative dynamic which strengthens the communication between members both on stage and off. Levi Dow, the drummer for the band, is a classically trained jazz percussionist and uses his technical knowledge of music to compliment the sound and excite any crowd into dancing.

Indoctrinated by blood sweat and broken strings, Save is a positive force to be reckoned with, sending out ripples into the Toronto music scene. Save strives to respect those who came before them and are committed to creating great new music and to performing with energy and spirit.


One Way Ticket

Written By: Mike McColl

It's a brand new day she said, try not to throw it all away.
Go get a job she said , like it's that easy these days.
Don't be quick to judge, some call it hate some call it love,
I just don't know which one it is.

Am I going to stay, and give it all away,
would I give my life to watch you fall?
What am I to do, if I'm in love you
and you don't love me?

I've got a one way ticket on a westbound train she said.
Unless you want me to stay,
But the day's growing old, I'm young and I'm cold.
So if you really don't want me....
I’ve got a one way ticket on a westbound train she said.


I can just see this thing start to turn around, to start turning around.
Before you accuse me of anything just stop and put your weapons down.

A better day is just a conversation away.
So be careful what you say.


I've got a one way ticket on a westbound train she said.
Unless you want me to stay,
But the day's growing old, I'm young and I'm cold.
So if you really don't want me....


I want to save your sorrow, until tomorrow wakes up.


Written By: Wes Davies

I woke up this morning in an empty room
and all at once I feel like I should have done something to change your mind as you walked right out the door

I'll wake up tomorrow I'll be feeling fine
I'll walk to the beat through an over crowded street
and take some time, to just let it go away

I wanna know it if you feel it in your heart strings
I wanna know it if you feel it when the phone rings
I should have known it when you reached for that cigarette
I should have known it when you told me I'd be better off dead

Summer sweets and some pretty words were all that it took for me to be
someone I swore I’d never let myself become
You walked right in with your rosy cheeks all dressed to the 9’s
You'd been hoping that you’d find that special guy to just bring you to your knees

Did you think I didn’t see it coming?
Do you think I don’t deserve this fate?
All the times you walked away, All the times apart now honey
on’t you think we should take this face to face?


Demo (Dec 2010)
1. One Way Ticket
2. Heartstrings

SAVE: Searching for Truth - Live at Lee's Palace

SAVE: One Way Ticket - Live at Lee's Palace

Set List

One Way Ticket
Something Worth Believing
Imaginary Place
Searching for Truth
The Question