Saved By Stereo

Saved By Stereo


Our style of music is a mix between many different styles from Pop, Punk, Rock and yes Hardcore. Being that we are a local band in Milwaukee WI a lot of hardcore music is founded here, so a lot of that genre of music has rubbed off on us giving us a pop punk sound with a few breakdowns in between.


A mix of melodic pop punk, hardcore breakdowns, with Up beat riffs and lyrics make this band so hard to put into just one genre. THIS is one of the traits that this band favors most. Born and raised on the streets of Milwaukee comes a young group of kids, that have such a big passion for what they do, and what they want to achieve so greatly. Another positive influence in this band is the cooperation, and focus they put into it. They work very well together, and make everything so easy, yet have so much passion and confidence put into every verse, and every riff that they sing and play whether its at practice, or on the stage. With a lot of improvements made since the first day they played together, even after all the changes and conflicts they've had to endure, they still keep the band moving at full force. There's no telling what they will become in the near future, so keep your eyes on them, because these kids aren't stopping, and ending this story is not even close in their eyes...


EP "Success Stories"

Set List

2. Letter To You
3. A New Beginning
4. All You Got
5. Paradise
6. Homesick in Hollywood

The set usually lasts about 35-40 min but we some times play a cover or two such as "attractive today" by Motion City Soundtrack