Saved By The Belvedere

Saved By The Belvedere

 Worth, Illinois, USA
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TV theme shows with twisted humor and video presentations accompanying our music will keep the attention of even the most ADHD-hardened adult. We play your favorite TV themes show songs you were familiar with growing up, some in the original style and some with our own twist.


Saved By The Belvedere is but one stage of a continuous metamorphosis between 3 Chicago cousins and close friends with a total over 50 years of experience in the Chicago local music scene. All of our members have multiple band and genre experience, including school musicals, studio work, and formal music schooling.

Saved By The Belvedere takes your favorite and familiar TV show themes and sets them to a stimulating visual experience presented on a large screen, each song paired with related slide show and video comedy. Our show also involves interacting with the audience, and presents the music in an overall comedic format with new perspectives on the fictional and ridiculous plots of show episodes to the real-life trials and tribulations of the actors involved. We truly work to entertain you and leave a lasting impression with our uplifting comedy and musicianship.


We are currently finishing a 7-song demo. Songs include:

America's Funniest Home Videos
Diff'rent Strokes
Fraggle Rock
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Golden Girls
Perfect Strangers
Spectre Man

Set List

A typical 1 hour set list would look like this.

1) Fat Albert
2) Diff'rent Strokes
3) Fraggle Rock
4) Saved By The Bell
5) Facts of Life
6) Cops
7) Fresh Prince of Bel Air
8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9) America's Funniest Home Videos
10) Three's Company
11) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
12) Spectreman
13) Punky Brewster
14) Night Court
15) Cheers
16) Perfect Strangers
17) Family Matters
18) Mr. Belvedere
19) Golden Girls
20) Full House
21) Sesame Street
22) The Jeffersons
23) The Wonder Years