Young nationally recognized entertainer who has appeared in television commercials and nationally released CD as a Mini-Pop Kid. Has appeared at large venues.


Saveria is a very talented young singer who reminds you of a young Joss Stone or Christina Aguilera. As one of Canada's Mini-Pop kids she is familiar to many through their commericals telecast across the country. Incredibly talented and able to deliver a dynamic live performance with her live band. Has sung the anthems in front of 40,000 for the Blue Jays and New Year's Eve bashes in the park. Saveria has been in the studio recently completing her original songs. Additional live performances can be viewed at


Time, Unwillingly

Set List

Cover songs include Walking On Sunshine, Bleeding Love, Innocence, Superstar, Here To Stay, Get Back, Take A Bow, Life Is A Highway, Free' Fallin', That's Not Me. Also, original material includes Unwillingly and Time. Show length can vary...up to an hour set.