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"Dalls Gospel Connection"

Dallas’ gospel entertainer Cocornelious continues to save souls through inspirational music with his latest project, SaveSinners: Tha Holy Spirit. This album combines both singing and rapping to deliver a soul reaching performance. SaveSinners: Tha Holy Spirit is a result of one man who is definitely passionate and called by God to bring the ‘good news.’

The messages are raw and real. He touches on subjects that some people may be scared to discuss. Listen to songs that talk about baby mama’s, battling with the flesh, drugs and much much more. If it is out there then without a doubt, Cocornelious wants to talk about it. Each song has a Bible verse to go with it to let people know where it can be found or related to in the Bible. This was an act of pure genius. He understands that like the Word of God delivered in the pulpit, everything needs to be backed up by the Bible or might we say the instruction manual to living.

Not only is the message clear and crisp, the beats have a nice groove to it as well. This makes it an easy listen. Enjoy songs like “SaveSinners Theme Song,” “Born Again,” Hear No Evil/Speak No Evil/See No Evil,” “MMM Mortician” or “Tribe of SaveSinners.” And for those younger kids listening to the album, be entertained with the song “SaveSinners White Tee.” Who said, the worldly music should have all the fun. The entire album will keep you shaking your head, clapping your hands and some may even start doing a little step or two but what ever moves you is what you should do. The album is filled with great listen after listen. - Tiffany Jackson


The name of my album is savesinners: Tha Holy Spirit the first single is the savesinners theme song , followed by Golgatha, and Lets say im wrong your right



My music stems from me being called to witness about Christ. Started with me ministering to those strung out on drugs in the streets. So my themes in my music reflects that my music is a movement.I want to be in places were sinners gather and saints pray. There is nothing that sets me apart from bands but it is christ who sets us apart from this world order. So my story is repent for the kingdom of god is near