Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico

Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico


Based on traditional material – mainly from the Mediterranean and the Balkans - and on the exquisite and versatile singing of Savina Yannatou, they offer an open sound without borders or labels, from simple songs extending to contemporary music forms. Genuine, authentic and captivating!


Based on traditional material – mainly from the Mediterranean and the Balkans – Savina Yannatou and the group Primavera en Salonico offer an open sound without borders or labels, from simple songs extending to contemporary music forms.
Insisting on acoustic instruments, half of which have their origin in the East, they attempt at exploiting their specific sound, oftentimes also exploring them to the limits of their possibilities. Beyond her exquisite interpretive capacity Savina Yannatou gives special emphasis to the expression of the “music” of each different language, without letting that stop her from oftentimes using her voice as one more instrument.

Countless raving reviews in press outlets all over the world, including the LA times, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Independent, New York Times, and many more, are a witness to the wide acclaim of their work.

Savina Yannatou and Primavera en Salonico have been giving concerts all over the world since 1996. This includes venues like the Queen Elizabeth Hall (various times sold-out) and the Barbican in London, UCLA in Los Angeles, the Melbourne Concert Hall and various WOMAD festivals, as well as numerous other world music and jazz festivals – to name a few: Stern Grove in San Francisco, Taipeh World Music Festival, Fiesta des Suds in Marseille, Moers new Jazz Festival, Music Meeting in Holland, Etnosur Festival in Spain, Musicas do Mundo in Portugal, International Jazz festival Muenster, London Jazz Festival and many others.

Together with the group “Primavera en Salonico” Savina Yannatou released 7 CDs and a new one is in preparation, the fourth to be released on ECM Records.

Born in Athens, Greece, Savina Yannatou studied song with G.Georilopoulou at the National Conservatory and later with Spiros Sakkas at the Workshop of Vocal Art in Athens. She attended postgraduate studies (performance and communication skills) at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, with a scholarship awarded by the Mousigetis Foundation.

Her professional career as a singer started while still a student, when she sang for the very successful and until today highly respected daily program of the Greek National Radio 3 «Lillipoupoli» under the direction of the famous composer Manos Hadjidakis.

After that she interpreted «entechno» («artful») Greek songs, collaborating with well-known Greek composers and also covered contemporary opera and music. Later she focused on medieval, renaissance and barock music, and in the early nineties she discovered her love for vocal improvisation. Parallel to that she started a collaboration with a number of Thessaloniki-based musicians, who at that occasion founded the group «Primavera en Salonico», with which she recorded – and later performed – “Primavera en Salonico”-Sephardic Folk Songs from Salonica-, “Songs from the Mediterranean” and the “Virgin Maries of the World” (all released by LYRA/Musurgia Graeca, the second also in the USA by Sounds True under the name “Mediterranea”).

Savina Yannatou has also composed her own music and songs (a.o. “Rosa das Rosas”, released in 2000 by Musurgia Graeca), as well as music for theater ( the latest being for Medea, performed in 1997 by the National Greek Theatre), video art and dance theater. All together she has brought out and/or participated in over 20 LPs and CDs.
Her professional career as a singer since 1979 and as a composer-singer-vocalist since 1986 has been covering a variety of musical kinds in performances, festivals, theater and TV production, recordings etc..


Primavera en Salonico - Lyra ML 4765 - 1994

Songs of the Mediteranean - Lyra ML 4900 - 1998

Virgin Maries of the World - Lyra ML 4937 - 1999

Terra Nostra - ECM 1856 - 2003

Sumiglia - ECM 1903 - 2005

Songs Of An Other - ECM 2057 - 2008