Christian hardcore/rock with Gods messenges very strongly tied into it, and inspired by Gods love toward us.


GOD. the only reason found worth living in this life JESUS CHRIST died on the cross and forgave us for our sins and we want to show our gratitude in rocking out for god and saving the lost.

well were better then all the other bands youve ever listen to jk (not really) GOD rocks

we came from sparrows point and fell in love with music in our early teanage years and progressed from there. our love for music has been unchanging over the years we all agreed that we would give up everything for touring as long as GODs in it. But what we found out is that we dont have to give up everything cause GOD blessed us with an oppertunitity and were so thankful.



Written By: Joel Franz

{Never go}
Wish you never go always stay no left here all alone think of all iv ever done.
Choseing right or wrong this is how its done show me Gods son left my life behind an.

sin is in the past foward at last never gonna turn back conseuences caught up.

Finding new ground a place i have found Gods loves all around jesus take my heart.

Freed me from sin christ takes me in forget what I did new life lies ahead.{Dont you ever go}

Take my heart.

Now you know why your the walking dead.
Step back box and shut the door.


Gunshot, Mummify.

no we dont have radio play yet.

Set List

15min to set up. 12 to tear down.
1st/Running darkness. 2/Gun Shot. 3/ Skittles and bits. 4/ Down we go up we look. last/ Mummify.
30 min.