Newark, Delaware, USA

Savior is a Delaware based Hard Rock quartet, currently recording their debut album "Beginnings" the album will be released internationally on Toil Records. Savior promises to be one of the most promising up and coming bands in the world.


Savior is a 4 piece heavy modern rock band from Newark, Delaware. The band was formed in the spring of 2010 after former Altered Six vocalist and guitarist, Christian Quiroga teamed with the members of local metal band A Mourning After-Chris Vasquez, Eric Moore and Robert Thompson to create Savior. Savior immediately signed with Toil Records and over a 3 month period wrote material for their debut album which will be released world wide in early 2011! By July of 2010, the band had already started recording the album while they at the same time rehearsed to start touring by Septemeber 2010. In the short time that Savior has been playing live, they have been quietly climbing to the top of the ranks among rock bands in the mid atlantic region and building a dedicated fan base that truly believes in their music.
The band's debut album fittingly titled "Beginnings" is diverse, yet captures the essence of the band it's self. The 11 songs featured on the album are hook laden from start to finish, yet maintain their integrity to even the biggest fans of heavy music. Quiroga's soaring and sometimes haunting vocals contemplate hope and self reflection on tracks such as "Hero" while tracks such as "Scream" and "Falls on You" manifest a quiet rage.
Chris Vasquez's drumming delivers a driving force, and heavy metal flavor to the album on tracks such as "Forgive and Forget" and "Hail to the King" while "The End" breaks into an all out blitz of classic thrashing.
Lead Guitarist Eric Moore complements the nu metal style of Quiroga perfectly through subtly amplifying the emotion in each track, yet his fretwork shines in the emotionally charged "Hero" while "The End" features a classic shred to the end solo that is as melodic as it is precise.
In all, Savior promises to be one of the most exciting up and coming bands on a local, and national level.



Written By: Savior

Open up your eyes
To the things that you could not change inside
When you've lost all hope
When the secret lies right beneath it all

When you need a hero
If you look inside it ain't so hard to see
When you find that hero
If you look inside it ain't so hard to be

Open up your heart
To believe that you are never truly alone
When all you've known is pain
When this hero lies inside us every day

When you need a hero
If you look inside it ain't so hard to see
When you find that hero
If you look inside it ain't so hard to be

The End

Written By: Savior

Is this the end of us all and earth?
We gave nothing
Regardless of truths that we had
We tried to make amends

Is this the end of us?
The end of all things?
For what we gave enough
We got nothing

Can we now understand the choices we've made?
When every moment we had a broken memory

Is this the end?
Is this our end?


Written By: Savior

I'm in a fight with a world that have seen with my two
Every time I try to hide the feelings left inside
I feel it's time for a total change
As these worlds collide with rage
To feel the very strange person I've become

But I'm afraid
of losing control and becoming a monster again

I'm in a war with I have torn between the lies
Every time time I try to hide this creature that's inside
I feel it's time for a total change as these worlds collide with hate
To feel the very strange person I am


"Beginnings" -2011

"Hail to the King" Single, one of the most requested songs on's Toil Rock Radio show.

Set List

"Hail to the King"

"Forgive and Forget"

"Falls on you"

"The End"

"Take it all Away"


"I don't mind"

"Save Yourself"

"Losing Control"


"Back from the Dead"