Saviours of Space

Saviours of Space


Saviours of Space have a passionate spirit to make music that is fresh and original. They strive to give a catchy pop ethos of infectious melody and structure a new lease of life through experimental and original thinking.


Saviours of Space have just been crowned winners of the prestigious Bank of Ireland National Student Music Award 2007. The band delivered an amazing show that left the judges, for the first time in the history of the competition, unanimous in their decision. Here is what Ron Healy of IrishUnsigned had to say about the bands performance: It has to be said that Saviours Of Space really hit the spot last night. This was the first time in all the years that I have been involved with NSMA that I have seen a completely unanimous decision among the Judges. Notwithstanding the fact that there were 12 judges from different areas of Music and Media, every single one of us had Saviours Of Space as the overall winner. I have really never seen an Act awarded marks as high and, bearing in mind that previous winners were Delorentos and Lotus Lullaby (now The Gift, signed to Religion Music), this gives you an idea of the level of performance from this years NSMA winners. Ron Healy, IrishUnsigned. Previous to the competition, the band also grabbed the attention of Hot Press General Manager, Jackie Hayden, who chose their current single "I Want It" as his "pick of the fortnight". Here were his thoughts:The five-man Saviours of Space leave no doubt that they mean business from the word go. Their current single, "I Want It", is a dynamic slice of contemporary pop-rock that takes the attitude and churning rhythms of Arctic Monkeys and adds a dominant organ to a song that nails it with great hook lines, a raucous singalong chorus, a manic vocal and fine harmonies. Saviours of Space now need to share their dynamic live show with the rest of the world. Jackie Hayden, Hot Press.
The Band are currantly recording new material and it promises to hold many surprises for the listener which would include anything from slow trumpet lead haunting jazz to up beat intense experimental dance rock. Stay tuned for further up loaded tracks.


Current single- "I Want It"- B side- "Make Amends"
Single as been Streamed on myspaces' "Unsteady Fredie" internet radio show, and been played on Alice Cooper nights on Today FM among other Irish radio stations such as 2FM, WLRFM,RED FM, Phantom FM and 96 FM.

Set List

Set list to date- all original
I Want it
Talk to me- (next single)
St John the fool and joker
Make Amends
Don't expect me
Someone put a draft through my head
Nu-clear Dawn
Some Small Matter
Humming Bird
I got it all worked out
On the killing ground
change is going to come