Savoie Blue

Savoie Blue

 Elkhart, Indiana, USA


born in Chicago but grew up primarily in the NYC area
during the sixties with ears initially tuned to WABC-AM from
British Invasion and Motown then late sixties early seventies rock
Hendrix, Doors, Santana, Joe Cocker, Joplin, the Dead Allmans.
As a student at the University of Michigan immersed in the local club scene Ann Arbor/Detroit heavy on the blues. By late seventies performing original music and touring regionally and
in Europe. Currently a music prof. at the University of Notre Dame,Holy Cross College while gearing up for the road with four-piece band, the musical style is blue-eyed soul , the songs are unique, stage energy is high, still have burning desire to sing and play


Blue-eyed Soul
Blues on you
Dreamin' and Schemin'
Wounded Beauty