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"IFLTS 'The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau,' Savoir Adore"

'The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau,' Savoir Adore
From 2007's 'The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau'

Sometimes life gets a little too busy to just appreciate new music. But one night, I stumbled into a bar on NYC's Lower East Side and instantly became entranced by the five-pience on stage. The band lured me in with their animated story of a recording session somewhere upstate New York, which was initially just a fun outing with two friends. But from that trip spawned a concept album which eventually turned into a live performing group called Savoir Adore.

As told by their anecdote, 'The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau' was recorded in a homemade studio -- which meant nothing short of slamming doors, hitting their studio equipment and metal chairs to create sounds. The opening sequence, repetitive in nature, enticed me to keep listening. When the vocal line finally arrived, I was thrown in to a whirl -- hearing lyrics describe a man waking from his sleep to discover the secret of immortality. And almost abruptly, they scream "life after death, death after life." I became so connected to the 'scientific findings' that I, too, wanted to know the secret.

Plus, I have a hard time staying away from a song whose creators describe themselves as two singers "backed by a trained chorus of several small birds and band of guinea pigs on wheels." - Spinner

"NODZZZ, WAVVES, Musée Mécanique, Mommyheads, Savoir Adore, TPOPBAH, YO DOO swap & more in This Week in Indie"

One of my favorite new local bands, Savoir Adore, are playing Thursday at Bowery Ballroom, opening for Francis and the Lights. Fronted by Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer, Savoir Adore make the kind pristine guitar pop you used to hear a lot with '80s bands like The Go-Betweens and Let's Active but isn't so much in fashion these days. They aren't too far away from what Stars do, either, though less grandiose if you know what I mean. Ther EP Savoir Adore have out on Cantora Records is good, but is a concept record fairy tale thing that is good but not a very good introduction to the band. (Their proper debut will be out on Cantora this summer.) I've seen them a couple times and they are very, very good live. If you don't check them out at Bowery, keep their name in mind. Definitely one of my Bands to Watch in '09. - Brooklyn Vegan


In The Wooded Forest
July 14, 2009

Machines EP
May 16, 2009

The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in her throat EP
May 6, 2008



Savoir Adore are a fantasy-pop-rock outfit from Brooklyn, NY led by Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer. "Our idea," says Muro of the band's philosophy, "was to approach this music with as little pressure or expectation as possible, but rather with ideas, curiosity and openness." The musicians who met while studying music at NYU, have an EP, The Adventures of Professor Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in Her Throat, that is full of fresh ideas—so full, in fact, that they manage to cover dozens of feelings and styles in the process. Perhaps the open, free-range moods of their work is due to the fact that the duo wrote and recorded the entirety of their first release over the course of just one weekend.

The EP loosely follows a storyline of passion, jealousy and tragedy between student and professor; all these emotions manifest themselves at different points in what could accurately be described as a fantastical literary playground disguised as a compact disc.

The result is a record that demonstrates the duo's musical knowledge and appreciation of its influences, ranging from classic rock to gypsy music. Savoir Adore's organic take on the creative process navigates the oft-overwhelming waters of playful diversity with a digestible ease, and the "Mr. P" EP is dressed to exhibit the many promising costumes it dreams of.