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Savvy The Savior

Roselle, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Roselle, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Savvy The Savior"

Amid high pitched-registers, soulful, angelic cries and beat breaks, Savvy The Savior approaches the beat with his signature boom-bap style, letting it roam free over a range of lively instrumentations. Hopping straight out of a time machine, you’ll come to know that he was born in the ‘90s. His take on transitions and loops range from jazzy to funk-ish, then faces classic, gold-slated hip-hop head-on!
Considering these points, Savvy The Savior's strategy behind the sound leaves listeners anticipating more, “It’s very cinematic, and it will take you through a movie in your mind!” Savvy The Savior adds, “I produce and I rap on a lot of boom-bap beats but also I produce original uptempo, trap, trap/soul beats. I have to keep practicing rapping on fast-paced beats; then, I’ll be good.” His lyrical prowess serves truth, understanding, empathy, motivation, and what it’s like to be, well, Savvy The Savior.
Regardless of the environment, you can flip through his discography. Since 2017, he’s been consistently pushing out new records and projects, releasing his 26th project, DIAMOND FLWRS, this year! It’s the perseverance that keeps his music’s momentum high. So flap your ears open, and experience sounds that’ll awaken your soul.
His moniker, Savvy The Savior, wasn’t the first to be chosen. First, he went with Raiden DaGame (Raiding The Game) at 15, but shortly after, Savior deemed himself as Regal Aces. Then, by chance, he came across the word 'savvy,’ and it sparked something off. Eventually, Savior integrated 'Savvy’ into his moniker. Before, the official add-on, he opted for 'Savvy Beatz’ because he focused on producing. But after turning 19, he found his real name’s calling: Savvy The Savior. “I call myself this because I’m saving hip hop, myself, the people, and the world."
Savior’s way of creating music involves flowing from his spirit. Around the clock, he’s inspired, so it doesn’t take much time for him to lock-in. Life lessons give his artistry wings, along with other samples.
He continues: "I listen out for loops to catch, or if the song I’m sampling is perfect and has great transitions, I’ll chop it up and flip it. You’re putting markers in any spots on the song and slicing that section off. Then soon, you’ll have parts of the song you can play on your drum pads. Eventually, you’ll be able to get creative and flip the pieces of the songs around. I am momentarily rapping lyrics flow in my head. Beats give me goosebumps and just high amounts of energy! I have to push myself to write every single day, though, because I do get blocks sometimes, but I have a lot of songs and lyrics were written. If I don’t write, I have parts of songs written I put together, and it just all synchronizes. If I’m in a session, though, I can write a song on the spot because the creative energy gives me all the power I need!"
In summary, he goes through phases so he’ll produce beats, write songs, title songs, and hits (in specific ways). He’ll also write hooks, choruses, and chants on how he’s feeling. "Emceeing is an art, so I like to have bars, wordplay, phrases, lyricism, catchy hooks, big words, flow, a bit of storytelling, storytelling is something I want to get better at though, and I’m still learning how to freestyle.”
Moving forward, Savvy The Savior will be pushing out a debut and beat tape, along with more marketing, performances, and out-of-state trips. “Music is healing, and it saved my life. I don’t know where I would be if I couldn’t create music.”
One line he resonates with is: “My biggest enemy is my inner me” from Lupe Fiasco and Yummy Bingham’s “Much More.” - Natalee Gilbert


SonShine Frm Da East Ep

1. I See Cleary Now
2. Wen It Rain It Pour$
3. Home Brave
4. Resurrection Of That Real

All songs written, produced, engineered, mixed, mastered, ep cover art done by Savvy The Savior. 




Robert Lee Andrews III aka "Savvy The Savior, SAVY, or 3rd Sun" is a 27-year-old emcee, music producer, and DJ with the desire to inspire the world through music. Savvy was born on June 28th, 1995 in Newark, NJ then relocated after 2 years to East Orange, NJ until the age of 10. Savvy attended Washington Academy Of Music in East Orange, NJ where he played the trumpet in a marching band. Savvy started rapping at the age of 9, hip hop was always in his blood and his rhymes came naturally. What came along even greater is that while in computer class at Washington Academy during free time Savvy discovered garage band and started creating beats with loops! He learned how to play the drums at 5 years old in church and been playing ever since. At 11 Savvy moved to Roselle, NJ, and joined the band at Grace Wilday. At 15 Savvy officially became a emcee recording in his friend's RobxMusic basement. At 16 Savvy officially became a music producer producing beats every single day. Savvy has a wide variety of influences in hip hop such as Nas, Common, Papoose, Cassidy, Kanye West, Madlib, Mos Def, J Dilla, DJ Premier, Rakim, 50 Cent, WU Tang Clan, Jadakiss, Styles P, 9th Wonder, KRS One and so on. The goal now is to go worldwide to fulfill the destiny of performing music to inspire millions through hip-hop.    

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