Saw Loser

Saw Loser


Pop/Punk/Rock fueled by anger, and driven by the hurt.


Raindrops on roses? Whiskers on kittens? Bright copper kettles? Warm woolen mittens? These certainly are not some of our favorite things; and we assume they
aren't any of your favorite things either. However, we think we may have found something that is right up your alley - and perhaps going straight to the top of your 'favorite things' list...

Introducing 'Saw Loser'...

A force not to be reckoned with, capable of turning an army of teenagers into a rabid pack of hell hounds... and then some.

Saw Loser is everything but what the bands name actually instigates. In fact, if one were to get nit picky – the band name should read ‘Saw Winner’. Comprising of American Bassist, Jimmy; Japanese Guitarist, Masashi and Australian Brothers, Lucky (Vocals) & Matt (Drums) – Saw Loser are slowly becoming a household name on rock shows and tour circuits around Asia. However, now Saw Loser have their cross heirs set on the bigger picture. The world.

With more hits then a punching bag, Saw Loser are exploding quicker than a Mazel Tov Cocktail. They’ve got the scars to prove it, having shared the stage doing support for rock idols such as Blondie, Sum41, Fall Out Boy, Beastie Boys, Avril Lavigne, Jurassic 5 & Simple Plan. The guys definitely know how to put on a good show; with their music taking them on tour to countries such Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Japan.

As for what style of music they play, not even the members themselves could tell you. “It’s not punk, it’s not pop, it’s not rockabilly, it’s not swing – its just Saw Loser” says Lucky when asked about the bands genre. The bands debut album combines elements of all their favorite styles of music. They are obviously doing something right as Saw Loser can be heard on radio stations ranging from Singapore to Indonesia to the Philippines and even the USA.

Speaking of airwaves, both singles ‘Big Shot’ & ‘Mr. Know It All’ have garnered rotation on MTV Asia and various other music channels across Asia. Both videos being creatively driven by the band, it is obvious the members of the band like being in control of all elements of Saw Loser. The video for Big Shot being a personal favorite amongst the guys as it incorporates live tour footage from Japan and Indonesia.

Whether you’ve randomly read about them in Rolling Stones, or seen them on a poster or never heard of them at all – we can promise you one thing, this won’t be the last time you hear about Saw Loser.

Saw Loser will spend 2007 touring the globe in support of their debut album which is available through Universal Music Singapore and Japan.

Rest assured, Saw Loser will be bust'n knee caps in a town near you…


Saw Loser "Long Distance Phone Calls"
(Singapore Release)

Saw Loser - Self Titled Debut
(Japan Release)

Including "Mr.Know-It-All" and "Big Shot" as seen on MTV Asia.

Set List

Tracks off the debut album.