Sawmill Dandies

Sawmill Dandies


We are a sight to see, only 3 of us, but we play everything. We can get people dancing and keep them entertained. Can play only accoustic, or we can add some noise to it also, whatever you need, we can do.


Long time friends, and mates of other bands together, Sawmill Dandies came together to create a whole new feeling of "story telling". Sitting around on friday nights playing for fun turned into songwriting and recording. They are influenced by every stitch of music they can get their hands on, new and old. Along with travels and experiences, New Mexico is the perfect canvas for their outpouring of ideas and sounds. Just three in the band, they have learned to experiment with different aspects of their songwriting. Each song is a little different yet projects the feeling they are trying to get across, all self recorded.


Hear My Voice

Written By: Sawmill Dandies

You know I'm gonna spit fire on my way to the ground
They'll be no catching me even if you're around
For this cannon for hire I got my weapon of choice
They'll be no stopping me I'm still making my noise

Open Road

Written By: Sawmill Dandies

Take a walk
take a walk with me
don't look back
for fear of what you might see

Red Moon

Written By: Sawmill Dandies

Hey baby they're playing rock and roll
Hey baby please don't steal my soul
Hey baby there's red around the moon
Hey baby the devil will find us soon


Self Titled - Sawmill Dandies released January 2012 - iTunes
Track List:
1-Keep Gotta
2-Devil's Daughter
3-Red Moon
4-Third Best Outlaw Song
5-Open Road
6-Never Sleep
7-Hear My Voice
9-Wagon Mound