London, England, GBR

Sawsound scratches at your senses with a full-bodied burst of flavours, bubbling up echoes or artists from Neil Young to RHCP's to Tool. It's heavy, daringly groovy, but also subtle and bright. Light can hide behind dark, and Sawsound is the much needed moonshine for your ears.


Brothers Simon (Guitar and Vocals) and Johnny (Drums and Percussion)Whitton are from Bradford, a small city in West Yorkshire, England. Playing together in a sacrificed dining room for years and playing shows in the nearby taverns, the brothers eventually found Adam Greenhead (Bass Guitar) in a local university campus and when he regained consciousness, he joined the brothers in the dining room. Tori Campbell (Violin) from Ireland was the final ingredient, and by early 2010 the band was complete. Everyone contributed wholeheartedly to the creation of the debut album after a year of demos, gigs and rehearsals. 'We Have It All' is out now!


We Have It All (2011, self release)