funk is our groove, cabaret is our fun and rock our passion


funky Cabaret-Rock

Harald Kräuter - sax, voc
Thomas Vigl - guitar, voc

SAX&CRIME exceeded all musical borders on their 20-year long way, in order to redefine their music: funky Cabaret-Rock. The ingenious self-compositions are thereby the fertile soil for the musical and mental conversion. A cross-border connection of philosophical maintenance and sensitive groovy rock music. "Morsch ist die Liebe" (“Love is rotten”) treats with Schubert-lyrics ailing love, "Sehnsucht" (“Longing”) cries of the dear suffering of humans, “69” tells a normal history? and “Sex Affair in the Open Air” is shagging itself in fresh nature to the goal. Thus only to mention some of the innumerable music stories of SAX&CRIME.


Life is happy

Written By: Thomas Vigl, Harald Kräuter

Life is happy and only wonderful
Life is happy and only wonderful
Life is happy, wonderful
so happy, wonderful.

Why can't you push away all the grey
and painting all time colours pink and mint
why can't you be without dark clouds and rainy days
just sunshine is surrounded with blue sky.

To buy some pink and mint you need some money for
but earning money plunges you into grey
in grey colour wide like the sea
swimming all the time until you die.

Music is a world that makes my pink and mint
some love affairs get out some red flash
the nature puts some green everywhere between
the sun colours all the things you see (if you see).


CD-Digipak (2012)
recorded at

CD-Digipak (2012)
recorded at

"Quaak ...
CD (2008)
recorded live at
Club Alterna, Brno, CZ"

"Morsch ist die Liebe
CD (2003)
recorded with Ardour

CD (1999)
recorded live at
Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn, A"