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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Electronic Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Saxsyndrum premiere ethereal new song “Dawn Breaks” and video — watch"

Experimental electronic group Saxsyndrum — recently expanded to a trio — have become known for how they stylistically deconstruct electronic music and build it back up with layers of jazz incorporated into the mix. Their 2014 effort SXD_EP brought a fusion of electro-pop, though this time around the two plan to deliver a newly crafted sound. Their upcoming, currently untitled album is expected to arrive early into 2017, but today the duo is sharing the first single, “Dawn Breaks”.

“Dawn Breaks” — one of ten tracks that was recorded in the duo’s hometown of Montreal at Breakglass Studios — highlights Bergeron’s quivering vocals that often dip into his upper register, resulting in an ethereal and somewhat haunting energy that is uniquely his own. He sings of the ever-impending morning, and says, “As the dawn breaks/ Let out a sigh/ Beautiful fragment of sunlight,” while he too takes breathy sighs that bring the lyrics to life.

“Musically and lyrically, the song expresses the contrast between the uncomfortable loneliness of night and darkness, with the rejuvenating and forgiving qualities of the beginning of daytime,” the press release states. The accompanying visual plays up this juxtaposition, as it sees a “fresh arrival to the city through day and night.” The woman on screen encompasses both hope for her new destination, with the underlying sense of loneliness that stems from being surrounded by strangers.

Check out the video above. - Consequence of Sound

"Maceonectar Video Premiere"

For their SXD EP, their newest release as Montreal experimental jazz duo Saxsyndrum, Nick Schofield and David Switchenko have split the six track project in half: three songs composed solely with saxophone samples, and three made from percussion noises. "Maceonectar" is the opening track from the EP, and recalls the serrated beats of Tobacco in a warm dubby cloud.

The kaleidoscopic, polarized video for the song comes from Frances Adair Mckenzie, a new media artist in Montreal. Currently in residence at NFB, Mckenzie also recently wrapped up an immersive digital opera project called party like its 1699, which recently teamed up with Saxsyndrum's Art Not Love labelmates ¡FLIST!.

She told us exactly how the song inspired her lysergic stroll across the equator:

"The "Maceonectar" video was conceptualized with Saxsyndrum to accentuate the upbeat and positive vibes that permeate the song. For me, listening to this piece is like a walk at sunrise (post-meditation) through a tropical aviary. The bird song elements and their disarming inorganic quality are what inspired the video's looping, giffy style and the bright, bouncy, flickering and lo-fi aesthetic.

The video was conceived to be very free-form and is meant to feel like a live visual set, taking its inspiration spontaneously from the music. The video is a fun little ride that should encourage the listener to experience this song and Saxsyndrum at their best, heard live, while dancing!"

Saxsyndrum's new EP SXD is out now via Art Not Love Records. - Chart Attack

"Saxsyndrum Albert Island, Ottawa ON, August 22"

Sharing a wind player and a drummer with fellow Montreal outfit Year of Glad, Ottawa got a taste of two acts in one when Saxsyndrum took the stage early Saturday evening on Albert Island. A performance that was much more than a simple genre crossover, the powerful set was controlled by Dave Switchenko's thick tenor saxophone tones and Nick Schofield's drumming — whaling away on his small kit with a force the festival hadn't seen up to then.

Rather than simply soloing over drum patterns and electronics, Switchenko's sax playing style became a point of interest with his use of effects pedals, allowing him to use everything from proper notes to the instrument's occasional squeak to his advantage. Short bursts of melody drowned in reverb added soft musical texture, which he then modulated with a small synthesizer while Schofield pounded the drums. Also controlling a trigger pad from behind the kit, he simultaneously incorporated a variety of pre-programmed beats ranging from slow and atmospheric to garage-like.

Alexandre Bergeron's frantic vocals rounded out the performance, which he sang in head voice almost exclusively. Using no discernible lyrics, he would push his vocal register until it could go no higher, slumping back in his chair in cathartic fashion each time. - Exclaim

"Inside the big tent of Saxsyndrum's Future Circus"

Saxsyndrum are two dudes from Montreal who make more noise with a saxophone and drums than a funk band, a jazz-fusion combo, and a hip-hop DJ combined. The duo of Nick Schofield (drums) and Dave Switchenko (sax) are jazz-trained musicians who have shunned the traditions of their genre, playing with enough electronics to launch a spaceship, and exchanging jazz clubs for late night loft shows. They're also versatile musicians who perform with a ridiculous number of artists from around Montreal. Schofield has played the drums for Folly & The Hunter, Jef Barbara, Karneef, Holobdy, ¡Flist!, Syngja, and Slight, and Switchenko taken the stage with AKUA, Harvest Soon, and Year of Glad.
... - Vice Noisey

"First Listen: Saxsyndrum "Maceonectar""

"Maceonectar" is the first track to surface from SXD_EP, an upcoming record from budding Montreal production outfit and sonic experimenters Saxsyndrum. A wonky beat with a touch of pop flair, "Maceonectar" is said to be composed "exclusively of saxophone samples," which appear with generous layers of manipulation, of course. As such, the resulting four-plus minute track comes flushed with a variety of unconventional sounds: airy lead lines, low-rumbling squawks, and metallic squeaks and clicks all find their place in the upbeat production. "Maceonectar" will be joined by a handful of other original tracks from the pair when Saxsyndrum's SXD_EP lands on November 4 via the Art Not Love label. - XLR8R

"Saxsyndrum SXD_EP Stream"

Montreal electro act Saxsyndrum is set to release SXD_EP on November 4 via Art Not Love Records, but you can preview the album in its entirety a week early on

The self-described experimental electronic jazz duo of David Switchenko and Nick Schofield recently signed to their new label and are ready to deliver the follow-up to Future Circus and its remix album.

The new material sees Saxsyndrum toying with sound design, composing half of the songs using saxophone samples and percussion samples for the remaining tracks. The six-song EP was recorded with Radwan Moumneh at Hotel2Tango in the summer of 2014, and the pair credit artists like Pantha du Prince and Four Tet as inspiring their exploratory process of creating new sounds from traditional instruments.

The sonic experimenters are set to take their new work on the road, sharing the bill with Hilotrons for a couple of upcoming Quebec dates. Those are listed below, but you can scroll past them to hear the mesmerizing SXD_EP.

Tour dates:

11/06 Montreal, QC - Cabaret Playhouse *
11/07 Wakefield, QC - Blacksheep Inn *

* with Hilotrons - Exclaim!

"Southbound: 15 Canadian Artists Showcasing At SXSW"

Despite the fact that SXSW is overrun by corporate activations and BBQs sponsored exclusively by app startups, it’s still the place to see and be seen if you’re an aspiring buzz band. With 90% of the music industry flocking to Austin this week, plenty of Canadian talent is heading southbound, hoping to get a stateside look—and if they’re lucky, some free beer and BBQ.

The usual suspects will certainly be there—Kaytranada, BadBadNotGood, Jazz Cartier, and Dilly Dally are all showcasing at SXSW this year. But we combed through the schedule, and cherry-picked some under the radar Canadian talent that are sure to have the blogosphere abuzz after they do their thing in Austin. These are the can’t-miss Canadian shows of the festival, but even if you’re not going to SXSW, this should give you some idea of which artists you’ll be hearing about all summer.

Here are 15 of our favourite Canadian artists showcasing at SXSW this year.

Saxsyndrum are a sax and drum (duh) duo from Montreal, who specialize in experimental analog jams and off-kilter electronic oscillations. Think The Rapture meets jazzy improvisation.

RIYL: Saxophone, Drums. - Complex

"Fairground: Future Circus Remixed Album Stream"

By Alex HudsonPhonetically self-explanatory duo Saxsyndrum released their album Future Circus back in the fall, and now the Montreal instrumentalists have treated it to a remix album. Fairground: Future Circus Remixed will be launched with a show at Montreal's Le Cagibi on March 22, and it's available to stream ahead of time on

Saxsyndrum features Nick Schofield on drums and synths and Dave Switchenko on saxophone. For Fairground, 16 artists reworked their tracks, with contributors including Beta Frontiers, How Sad, Pick a Piper, Wake Island and more. The results range from blippy syncopations to dreamy dance beats to quiet acoustic pieces to swirling ambience and everything in between.

According to the band, these contributors reflect the artistic community that Saxsyndrum have been a part of since they began work on Future Circus. Check out the results below.

The bill for the aforementioned launch show also features Syngja and Loopsy Daisy, both of whom contributed to Fairground. - Exclaim

"Saxsyndrum “Les Belles Nanas (¡FLIST! Remix)” (exclusive)"

Saxsyndrum, a two man band from Montreal, are doing a remix album with songs taken from last year's Future Circus. Fellow Montreal-er ¡FLIST!'s remix of "Les Belles Nanas" (French slang for "the pretty girls") tempers Saxsyndrum and Emma Frank's zippy verve in the way only ¡FLIST! can. Sounds lumber along, hang like Weeping Willows, squat, and balk, and the brass sounds fat and squished. These are all good things! Be sure to also check out NFOP favorite Syngja's, remix of "Heartstrings." "Future Circus Remixed" is out March 22, and if you're in Montreal, be sure to head to Le Cagibi for a fête of sorts, with Syngja scheduled to play as well. - no fear of pop

"Remix: Syngja x Saxsyndrum"

Warning: monster remix record ahead. Seriously, Montreal indie electrojazz duo Saxsyndrum have assembled an all-star collection of remixers to take on tracks from their 2013 album Future Circus. Including a ton of Silent Shout faves, like How Sad, Beta Frontiers, Pick a Piper, ¡flist!, the list goes on and on. We’re super into this Syngja take on “Heartsrings,” which takes the upbeat and optimistic original and brings it into slightly darker atmospheric pop territory. This remix goes well beyond remix territory, adding completely original vocals by Syngja singer Tyr Jami. (Vocals by Luke Loseth of Holobody existed in the original but were somewhat twisted beyond recognition.)

No question, this is a pretty brilliant re-imagining, very catchy ethereal pop, sounding a bit like Blue Hawaii or Kate Bush. With flourishes of sax throughout of course.

The Wake Island remix featuring Akua that CultMTL premiered yesterday is also highly worth your time. As for that remix album, entitled Fairground: Future Circus Remixed, it’s out March 22. Catch Saxsyndrum’s release party that very day in Montreal at Le Cagibi, with Loopsy Dazy and Syngja opening. - Silent Shout

"Saxsyndrum Drops Latests Mixtape"

these two men can manage to light up a room with as much musicality as a five man band - Indecent Xposure

"Saxsyndrum Album Review"

Saxsyndrum is a Montreal-based jazz/electronic duo with a crazy name and an equally crazy set of jams. Take a listen to our premiere stream of their new album Future Circus. If you need more spacey lounge/funk in your life, be sure to pick up the album via Bandcamp. - Under the Radar Mag

"MEG Festival Roundup"

If you resist dancing to Saxsyndrum, its either because your nervous system is defective, or because you are simply in bad faith. "Synergetic, energetic and engaging, ... deliciously funky and a little dreamy." - Indecent Xposure Blog

"Saxsyndrum @ Pop Montreal"

An uncanny duo that strikes a mix of driving beats and electronic flair, deep grooves that you can sink into and get lost. Saxsyndrum — a duo of tenor sax and drums — will leave you entranced - POP Montreal

"Album Review: Flying Fortress"

Flying Fortress flows tightly within its highly combustible, funky, jazzy house framework (7.5) - Montreal Mirror

"Album Review: Saxsyndrum - Flying Fortress"

At the core, both are naturally talented musicians. Add to that skilled production technique, social commentary, and pop culture references, and what results on Flying Fortress is a joy to listen to. - CKUT

"Album Review: Saxsyndrum - Flying Fortress"

At the core, both are naturally talented musicians. Add to that skilled production technique, social commentary, and pop culture references, and what results on Flying Fortress is a joy to listen to. - CKUT

"These bands are on a stage near you: hear them out"

Fun horn/beats duo Saxsyndrum launch Vol. 1 of a mixtape/mashup series called ReMash on Jan. 21. - Montreal Gazette

"Exclaim Album Stream"

If you're a little confused by Saxsyndrum's band name, just sound it out phonetically and that should give you a pretty good idea of what the Montreal instrumental duo are about. The saxophone/percussion pair will release their album Future Circus tomorrow (October 22), and it's available to stream ahead of time on

The succinct collection contains seven tracks and clocks in at a shade under 30 minutes. It finds Nick Schofield and Dave Switchenko mixing danceable rhythms and synthesized textures with funky, jazzy overtones. Every song features a guest, with contributors including Folly and the Hunter, Sea Oleena, Holobody, Akua and Bazarian. - Exclaim

"Record Store Day Exclusive: Hear a new Saxsyndrum cut, pick up one of two copies of their new album"

eminently danceable, funky-as-hell - Midnight Poutine


Albums / EPs

Up To You 7" (2016, Oh Hi Collective)
SXD_EP (2014, Art Not Love Records)
Fairground: Future Circus Remixed (2014, self released)
Future Circus (2013, self released)



Recently dubbed ‘Canada’s premier electronic jazz deconstructionists’ by Silent Shout, Saxsyndrum makes music that blurs the line between analog instrumentation and digital production. Featuring live saxophone and drums, and playing with enough electronics to launch a spaceship, the trio contorts meticulous grooves into psychedelic, funk-laden romps. Since joining Art Not Love Records for the release of 2014’s ‘SXD_EP’, their reach has only grown, allowing them to bring their warm dubby cloud of serrated beats to music festivals across North America. The recent addition of talented vocalist A.P. Bergeron has brought with it a cathartic energy that has cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting live bands in the Montreal scene.

In 2014, Saxsyndrum released SXD_EP with Art Not Love Records, which led to a significant national interest in the group. The release received many positive reviews on trendsetting blogs such as Noisey, XLR8R, Exclaim! and No Fear of Pop. Increased interest was supported by significant radio play, causing SXD_EP to peak at #3 on the national electronic charts after a 13 week continuous run, sharing the space with groups like Flying Lotus, Caribou and Bonobo.

While their recordings have been very successful in spreading their sound, Saxsyndrum's true strength is the all-out groove energy of their live set. They've gained notoriety from stand-out shows supporting bands like Suuns, Doldrums, MSTRKRFT, Zammuto, Basia Bulat and Soeul. Recent festival appearances included SXSW, Wayhome, M for Montreal, POP Montreal, Sled Island and Shifty Bits, among others.

Winter 2016 will see the group releasing 7" single "Up To You" with newly established Montreal creative collective Oh Hi, and will culminate in an extensive tour of the northeast USA and Canada.

Band Members