Sayani is the only Mexican ska band in Minnesota. Sung in Spanish, this exciting new genre has driven crowds wild in Minnesota, Milwaukee and Chicago. Our explosive stage show will be a unique addition to the Big Gig. Our crowds have been diverse, appealing to English and Spanish speaking people.


Combining rock, ska and sung in Spanish, Sayani is the only Mexican ska band in Minnesota. Since September 2005 we have played in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago. Sayani has been mentioned in four midwest newspapers and appeared on three midwest radio stations.

Steve Sanders, Milwaukee native has played Summerfest with soma an alternative rock band in the mid nineties and would love to return home to play Summerfest with his latest project Sayani.

Steve and bass player Evaristo hooked up with ChristJov, Arturo and Jose to form the core of the band. Denny, a thirty year percussion veteran of the Twin Cities scene and Chris Cox, trombone player who toured with the Tommy Dorsey orchastra round out a totally original sound with great positive energy. The result is a great band that gets people dancing all night long.
Influences - La Maldita, Los Fabulosos Cadilac, Bunbury, Caifanes, El Tri, Fishbone, The Specials.


Libertad, a seven song demo, contains two studio tracks and five live tracks. Two of our songs, Por la Libertad and Sin Lugar have received radio airplay in Minneapolis and Chicago and can be heard online at

Set List

Combining originals and covers we can play for one hour. Our original set is approximately 30 minutes, but with improv trombone and percussion jams it could be longer to keep the crowd dancing. We are writing new songs.

Originals: Demonio, Cambio, Mi Gusta Musica, Sin Lugar, En El Bar, Sentimientos, El Silencio, Por La Libertad. During our last sonr Por La Libertad (For Freedom) we hold a Mexican flag and an American flag with a peace flag between them. We want our shows to be fun while offering a message of peace.

Covers: Musica Ligera, Contrabando, Circo, Son de Delor, Surfre Mamon.