SAYCON is sexy ecclectic soul with hip-pop appeal.


SAYCON makes her recording debut with the independent release, “Southern Pin-Up” (Honeywax). The album, “Southern Pin-Up” fuses Pop-Soul with R&B, and a little rock. Eastern influenced hip-hop beats of the title, “Southern Pin-Up” has bounce with an international flair, after flirting with listeners Saycon flips the script to educate . Sinatra Song, a remake of the classic “It Was a Very Good Year”, is a standout. Arguably the hottest song on the album it takes a classic jazz track and makes it a soul hit! Old fashioned R&B love tune, “Possible” speaks of unrequited love. The historically based romp, “Hottentot” has a smooth Sade feel that gives an alluring look into the psyche of America’s obsession with the female derrière: (sample lyric)
‘It was . . . something to behold, something so awesome. Apparently, defied gravity, Einstein wouldn’t believe the laws of her physique . . .”

In tribute to her home state Saycon’s rendition of “Georgia On My Mind” is a bossa nova influenced take on the song that Ray Charles made a classic.
The album also includes : “Recognize”, and “Mend This”. Plus, a bonus remix of the title track.

Featuring co-production by Saycon with Tajh and Hakeem Abdul Samad (Sunland Music)

SAYCON Sengbloh was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Liberian and American parents. She loves listening to the Prince, Bob Marley, Sade, and newcomers like Alicia Keys, and Beyonce. “I cried when my folks went to Prince’s Lovesexy Tour without me, I was too young!” Saycon blossomed as an actress under the tutelage of Freddie Hendrick’s as a member of the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. Other directors among the many who helped to shape Saycon as an actress include Tyler Perry, George Faison, Tom W. Jones, Julie Dash, and Julie Taymore.
Saycon starred in the ‘National Tour of RENT’ as the drug addicted and seductive lead “Mimi”. She toured the US and traveled to Tokyo, Japan to rave reviews. She also performed in The Color Purple the Musical, Tim Rice and Elton John's AIDA, and is currently on Broadway in WICKED, which features the musical genius of songwriter Stephen Schwartz.
In the vein of one of her inspirations Oprah Winfrey, Saycon is the executive producer of the independent CD release “Southern Pin-Up” and the 2005 hip-hop beauty calendar “Original Southern Pin-Up” featuring Atlanta’s hottest future talent!


Southern Pin-Up

Written By: S. Sengbloh

Southern Pin-up
Copyright © Saycon Sengbloh 2004

This public service announcement is brought to you by the letters S-A-Y.

I hail from the A-town.
I represent the Southern Dream, Ladylike yet intelligent between
The ‘sheets’ if you know I mean, I like to write special things

The kind of girl you can take home to mama
I’m representing you prrroper, never cheat, dedicated to you,
Always real and true
Cause I’m a

Southern Pin-up, Southern Pin-up girl
Southern Pin-up, Southern Pin-up girl

Round the way style with international proportions,
U.S. your gonna have to take a course in,
comprehension so you can understand
Some folks got reprimands, talking more than some acres and a mule
No time to be cool, create economic stability
Diaspora can you hear me?!!

Oh no! Why does she walk so slow?
Why does she talk so bold?
College Park and Old National, ATL(all the world)
be feeling my soul!
Cause I’m a

Southern Pin-Up, Southern Pin-up girl
Southern Pin-Up, Southern Pin-up girl

Break- 1,2,3

Usually I sing but, I had to spit on the mike ‘cause this is my project
If I get a deal maybe I’ll take it back, but for now-- I’m on some Oprah sh*t
Put myself on, ‘cause they won’t do it for me, so fly I make Cornell West want me
Soon to recognize a political gift, 30 years from now I’ll be the president

But ‘till then, I’m just a

Southern Pinup, Southern Pin-up girl
Southern Pinup, Southern Pin-up girl

Southern Pin-Up, Southern Pin-Up girl
Southern Pin-Up, Southern Pin-Up


Written By: S. Sengbloh

Copyright 2003 Saycon Sengbloh

I’m afraid of myself for writing a song like this
I need more attention from you
I wish you would just circle me out
If only you knew the changes I been going through
I’m outta my mind and its consumed, with all kinds of thoughts of you
Pretending I don’t love you but I’m catchin feelings for you!

I love you, In every way
You seem to have it all
Could we be

Verse 2:
Boy I’m feelin you from the top of your head down to your toes
Is it possible that you could be feelin’ me too?
A lot of time was wasted double thinkin’, wonderin’ what you’d say or how you’d behave if the truth was known.
I don’t want to get dissed so
Impatiently, I wait for a sign from you to tell me this feelin’ is right
I never met a man like you so honorably framed.
Oh baby just to here you name-- is love possible in any way?

I love you, In every way
Nobody calls my name like you
Could we be
My children need to have a father just like you
Could that be Possible

Oops was that a mistake I mean actually is it okay?
Can I say that I dream of raisin your babies and not scare you away?
My heart is racing for you just wanna smell the breath of you.
Oh baby just to lay with you dance with you, live with you so I can have god times with you.
Cause I love you!

I love you, In every way
You seem to have it all
Could we be

Sinatra’s Song (A Very Good Year)

Written By: Ervin Drake (parody- S. Sengbloh)

Sinatra’s Song
Copyright © 2003 Saycon Sengbloh
(It Was A Very Good Year-Ervin
Drake parody)

When I was 8 years old, it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for jelly sandals, and beads in my braids.
M.J. was the rage; the moon walk was so bold, when I was 8 years old

When I was 10 plus 3 it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for Cross Colored pants. Spike Lee had the Joints.
I filled out my tops—my first kissing scene when I was 13.

When I was 17 it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for Mary J. Blige and learning to drive.
No longer a child, beginning to dream when I was 17.

Well now I’m good and grown, and it’s a very good year.
Yes it’s a very good year—for health, wealth, and love, blessings from above,
the future looks bright-- Yes the future looks swell, platinum album sales


SOUTHERN PIN-UP is the debut release.

Set List

Set List-
Hottentot, Recognize, Sinatra Song, Possible, Southern Pin-Up
Covers- Little Red Corvette, If I Ain't Got You, Hey Ya