Say Girl Say

Say Girl Say


Say Girl Say is a three piece ensemble inspired by nature and compelled by love, truth and freedom. Their sound is full of beautiful harmonies and tribal rhythms will move you in the depths of your soul.


Say Girl Say consists of three members, Brigette, Suzan, and Luke all from Houston, TX. Brigette and Suzan met in the heart of the city and became inseparable as soon as they discovered their equal passions for art and music. It wasn't long before they were sharing their harmonies through every crack and crevasse of the city to form what is Say Girl Say. One night, at an open mic at Avant Garden, they were approached by Luke with his hand drum after their set. They made their introductions and began to play together since November 2011.

Set List

Coca Cola Kisses
Feather People
The Light Song
What's the Sound?