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On a balmy Sunday afternoon in the Spring of aught-six, Pat, Jesse, and Alan were down by the railroad tracks flattening dollar bills.

As it was getting late, they decided to do one more before heading back into town. Blissfully unaware that the quickly approaching train was carrying the highly volatile combination of nuclear waste and Peeps, Pat brazenly boasts, "check this out, boners!", and pulls out a five dollar bill to flatten. By the time any of them knew what was happening it was too late, the variation in the currency caused the 5:28 from Biloxi to Augusta to derail, spilling its curious combination of cargo 50 yards in every direction. Pat, Jesse, and Alan tried to flee the oncoming barrage but to no avail, they were soon engulfed in a tidal wave of toxic refuse and yellow marshmallow goodness.

Although they survived the incident they would never be the same. Over the next several days, they noticed several changes taking places, none of which were related to testicles or hair growth. Suddenly they developed heightened archery skills, the power to communicate with people, and the uncanny ability to prepare a moderately sized turkey without preheating the oven. But most importantly they now had the power to fucking rock your socks with a sound so powerful it can only be compared to a Mexican Wrestler who also invested wisely.

Since then, they have traveled all across lower Manhattan and Brooklyn making the world a better place one club at a time.