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San Jose, California, United States

San Jose, California, United States
Band Hip Hop Christian




"Pastor Recommendation"

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Saylah Flowz. I have known Saylah in three realms; personally as a friend, as a fan of his music, and as a pastor who had the privilege of hosting him at our church.
As a friend, I am blown away by Saylah’s incredible character and humility. He is a man of integrity who honors the Lord in all arenas of life.
As a fan, Saylah offers cutting edge beats with deep, uncompromising lyrics. His music reaches into many genres and is loved by a wide variety of people.
Finally, as a pastor we hosted Saylah at our church. He delivered a top notch concert on a Saturday night then ministered to our church on Sunday morning. His ministry confirmed what I already knew. His music, with its clear Christian message, is upbeat and loved by all generations. Our church body, without exception were moved and thrilled by his performance.
- Pastor Kenny Smith(Oregon)

"Pastor Recommendation"

My name is Jose Lopez & I am the Youth Pastor of our church (La Aldea de Betania 5428 south pine St Tacoma WA 98409) It is a great privilege to write this letter of recommendation for our Brother in Christ, Saylah. In my experience with Saylah and his music ministry I can definitely say that He is a God fearing man and his music is Holy Spirit lead. Saylah's music is uplifting, positive and full of hope for all ages and all situations of life, I know this to be true because, I recently had Saylah and his band at our home church La Aldea de Betania in Tacoma WA, we had a 3 day event.... Formal Gala dinner, Christian Youth Concert, and Sunday service in which once again I was able to see how amazing God works through Saylah's music ministry, people of all ages young and old being so blessed and having a great time.

Jose R. Lopez
- Pastor Jose(Washington)

"Pastor Recommendations"

I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Saylah and I must say that on all levels he is a consummate professional and his music is making a huge impact on people’s lives as he and his band pour their heart and soul into making life giving music.

Because of his music, ministry, and reputation he has become an artist of high demand not only in one of the most musically saturated markets (SF bay area) but even in other states. I believe it’s the message and the uniqueness of sound that sets him apart from other artists. His music has a sound that is appealing to those that love rap and hip hop, but also to those that don’t because there is the live band and vocals aspect as well; making his music one that embraces influences from many genres.

Minister Adam Quay - Adam Quay

"Review: Morgan Hill Music and Miracles Festival"

I had the privilege of meeting and playing the Morgan Hill Music and Miracles Festival with Sayla. I was so impressed with his talent and professionalism but even more than that, his heart. God touched me deeply with his music and spoken word. His ministry is blessed and anointed by God. - By: Denise Bridges/Child of Mercy

"Review:5th grade kids at an elementary school in Chicago"

Austin (5th grader):

I like your music, all of the tracks. I hope you get famous. My favorite one was number 16 - Freedom. I really like the part in the song, "I finally found some freedom." i pray for you to get famous. Can you teach me how to rap?

Keenen (5th grader):

I really like track number 15. I really like the whole CD. I have some questions for you...

How did you make the CD? Can you teach me how to rap? My brother Cori (14 years old) raps and my cousin Odell (16 years old). I would like to learn from you.

You are ministering in Cairo. What a beautiful thing.

- Heather


* Album - A Look Inside - 2007

* Album - Break Out - 2010

* Album - Walking on Clouds - 2012

Singles Recieving radio Airplay

*Single - Happy - 2012

*Single - Amazing - 2010

*Single - Lost Soul - 2012

*Single - Flashlight - 2010

* Single - Christ In My Flow - 2007



Saylah, is a Christian Rap artist born and Raised in San Jose, Ca. An adventurous, well mannered kid who grew up in a Muslim household found a passion for poetry at a young age. Poetry was an outlet for Saylah to express feelings about himself, the world, and close ones around him. Though at the time Saylah had no intention of becoming a hip hop artist he had no idea his poetry would be a preliminary foundation of something God would redeem and use for His glory. Though Saylah had a pretty balanced life, he still faced some of the same common challenges found in today’s youth. Such as, lack of respect for parents, identity, lust, drugs, emptiness with life, and not knowing or having a purpose were all things Saylah struggled with growing up. One night Saylah was left with making some very big decisions and he felt there was no real answers to any of the questions he had, so he prayed, a simple prayer that would literally change his life forever. The prayer was “God whoever you are, please show yourself to me” this little, but powerful prayer would be the starting point to the greatest change in the life of Jamil aka ‘Saylah’ Mithcell

After praying this prayer Saylah went to sleep and was given a dream. In the dream there were two paths. One path had a person using profanity against Saylah. Every negative thing you could possibly imagine was spoken on this path. On the second path was a wooden cross. Upon reaching the fork in the road with deciding which path to venture down Saylah heard an audible voice in the dream say “You know what to do” at that same instance the cross had a bright light surrounding it and Saylah woke up. Two days after this dream Saylah was led to a local church in which he didn’t fully understand why he was going but knew there was purpose for him there. A man by the name of James “Jimbo” Allen, reached out to him and displayed the true love of God which compelled Saylah to return to the church that evening. At this time Saylah’s heart was ready to receive the message of truth, which led him to make the choice to accept the Lord Jesus as lord and savior over his life.

The life of Salvation didn’t come easy and was not accepted at first by close family members. However Saylah’s passion for Jesus begin to increase more and more as time went on. This passion started to come out through poetry, spoken word, and freestyle rapping with church members. God totally redeemed this gift and begin to flow through Saylah at local open mic nights and local events. Slowly but surely a migration from a once shy, introvert individual became a loud voice for his generation through the art form of music.

Now, Saylah is an internationally-recognized Christian rap artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, with a cutting edge sound to capture the ears of the listeners. Although he has a passion for music his desire is to see the hearts of people drawn to God through speaking appearances, community outreach, prison outreach, and putting Christ on display through his lifestyle and music. Ranked as Reverb Nation’s #8 artist, Saylah has opened for fellow artists, Lecrae, Flame, KJ52, The Katinas, Grits, Paul Wright, along with several others. Saylah has recently partnered with Compassion Bridges and Pastor/Author Francis Chan for The Rescue Conference as a featured artist. Saylah has released two Top 100 iTunes albums, popular YouTube videos, and has been successful in breaking his music videos onto TV networks. A convert from Islam, Saylah now has a passionate music ministry which expresses his true desire to see the hearts of people drawn to God.

Although Saylah enjoys ministering through music to youth and young adults, the universal sound that Saylah and his team brings has opened the door for Sunday Morning Worship services, Conferences, Prison Outreach, City Outreach, and much more.

From Rhythmic Soulful sounds, to High energy dance tracks, Saylah is definitely going to give a Universal Sound for all listeners to enjoy. Saylah’s has been blessed to minister alongside his wife on vocals, Drummer, Saxophone, and a DJ to give a full experience during the High Energy but yet heart felt worship experience.

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