Sayon Bamba

Sayon Bamba


The music of Sayon Bamba the scene is set for sensuality, pleasure and rhythm. Let your body go without worrying what "folks might say" � the neighbours and family are all involved and everything's possible, not only in the intimacy of women gathered together.


Born into a family that had lived the ups and downs of the Sekou Toure dictatorship, Sayon found herself for a while as her mother's responsibility. This way of living led her to opt for freedom, which can be heard in her music. As a teenager, she used to hang out in the clubs of a country which has always promoted its musical culture, as heir to the Mandingo Empire. She cut her teeth singing with the Amazons of Guinea and the National Theatre of Guinea.

Since 2007 her voice has been heard with the Circus Baobab troop, with whom she's performed the world over. Arriving in Marseille ten years ago, she felt at one with the culture of this sunny city and its strong identity as one of the doors to Africa.

She's mad about French culture and, when she chose to form her own group, didn't hesitate for a moment to risk mixing genres, bringing together artists like Abdoulaye Kouyat� and Dominique Beven, fusing � not just sticking together � Mandingo and Occitan musics in pieces that breathe the air of Western Africa and Provence alike.


"Mod'vakance" (Africolor 2008).

Set List

Mod'vakance - Jojo - N'na - Wigui - Salimaore - Sadjo - Bara - Laguine Guinee - Nemalon - Sily - Khimouwa - Foly

A mixture of Guinean tradition and Marseillais cosmopolitanism