Bitchin' indie rock from San Diego, CA. Nearly everyone plays more than one instrument; very unique dual-drum setup. Performed live on national TV and radio, featured artist on MySpace.


Sayvinyl is a rock band from San Diego that likes describing their music with made up words like eclecticistic americanismo. Sayvinyl looks great and sounds great and you want them on your radio station, record label, publishing roster, dating schedule, or tour. Sayvinyl is all wrapped up in a neat little package and ready to ship to your clients, who will marvel at their understated skill, perfectly crafted song arrangements, and impeccably quaffed hair. There are five of them. They have all been involved in other bands, most of which almost hit the big time. Seriously. They were so close. Most of them play more than one instrument, so there's a lot of that kind of thing going on. Like Radiohead, right? Yes, exactly like Radiohead. Wait, no. It's like, impossible to describe because it's all very new and completely original, but in a way that everyone can completely relate to at all times, everywhere. You're going to love it. Your kids are going to love it. It's amazing.

Another reason you should absolutely care about Sayvinyl is that they have done many very important things already, and all by themselves. Album? Yes. Local and national radio? Totally. Nationwide tour with notable modern artist? You betcha. Austin City Limits? No. That's where you come in. Get us on Austin City Limits. Thank you.


God Forbid (12 song LP CD - 2008), songs featured in:
- Etnies "Grounded" DVD
- Tony Hawk's Proving Ground video game
- Limited Edition Signature Series T-Mobile Sidekick

Set List

The New Pope
What You Pay For
The Best Is Over
God Forbid
Minor Surgery
Make It All Up
Your New Hobby
Elegy, Not Eulogy
Guest Room
Lifetime Movie
That's Entertainment

Typical set is 6-7 songs, 30-35 minutes.