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"Without the assistance of a record label the band has done as much, if not more touring than many bands who are lucky enough to have additional promotion and financial backing ... this is a band that is doing a lot of things right."

-- Matt Nistler - The Daily Chorus

“SAY WHEN set up and deliver some good sounding songs on their debut CD / EP.
It’s a fun listen and shows lots of promise from this up and coming band.”

- Shred (WBCN 104.1 F.M.) DJ

“Some think that Rock N Roll is dead, but its alive and well in Boston,MA. Somewhere between the green monster and the banks of the Charles river lives one band who has single handedly saved rock n roll. Say When’s Maxwell, Zack, Chris, John and Mike are five young men with an undying passion for music and dumbfounding talent that leaves all who come across them in awe. Drawing influences from some of the strongest musicians Van Halen, U2, Black Crowes, ect… Say When manages to fuse the sounds of their influential rock legends while still maintaining a sound that is undeniably theirs. Say When takes their music seriously and yet have a blast all at the same time. With refreshingly unique songwriting, catchy tunes that will make any toe tap, and a passion for what they do, Say When is bound to be your new favorite band. This is a band that packs a punch of pure unattainable in your face energy and a love for rock and roll.” - Keli O'Malley

“Hello! My name is Andy Mattson, I'm the assistant program director for KSEZ Z-98 in Sioux City. We have a show called The Z98 Underground which features local, regional and national up and coming rockers. I came across Say When at and I'd like to get them on the show.”

Andy Mattson
(KSEZ Z-98 KSEZ 97.9 F.M.) DJ
C/O Clear Channel Sioux City, IA 51105

- Andy Mattson

"Rock’n’roll makes its own entrance onto to the stage through the intriguing songs of SAY WHEN: a group which perfectly fits into the new wave of Rock’n’roll but that, at the same time, mixes it with the classic taste of The Who. Say When's drummer, declared by the jury panel the second best drummer of the night, manages also to bring back home the complete set of cymbals by Sabian." - Emergenza news-letter April 6 2004

"SAY WHEN has a catchy rock and roll sound that gets your feet and body moving as soon as the first notes hit your ears..." - Douglas Sloan -June 24th 2004

"The band manages to set itself apart with strong lead vocals, and breathy, choir like backups...The music is meant to help people forget their troubles, and have a good time." - Lauren Capolupo April 23 2004

Cool guitar
Very catchy guitar parts. I really enjoy the delay...cuz i use that VERY FREAKING CATCHY. And the singer reminds me of the Ataris. Man i really enjoyed this one. THANKS FOR BEING ON HERE. If heard alot of crap on here. But ya'll make it worth while.

- leisureguitar Respond to this reviewer
Wadsworth, Texas [flag]
August 4th, 2004 -

Recall, if you can, a time when ripped jeans, faded flannels, and long scruffy hair were all the rage in the music business. Now fast forward a few years to about 1995, when post-grunge bands like the Foo Fighters, Weezer, and Third Eye Blind topped the charts. While these super-groups and their ilk were a little more polished, a little less outspoken, and placed a little higher emphasis on hygiene than their predecessors, they still rocked just as hard. Local Boston rockers "Say When" are about ten years too late, but their music brings a fresh twist to this short-haired pop/rock genre.

The 5-piece group features Maxwell Latif on vocals, Zack Starikov and John Zaremba on guitars, Mike Rubino on bass, and Chris Teachout on drums. Their aptly titled demo "Waking Up the World," rocks as hard as it promises. "Are You In," is a song that sounds a bit like a collaboration between Dave Grohl and the band Jet. Fully equipped with crunchy leads that Angus Young would be proud of, the song is a high-octane crowd pleaser. On "Fade Away," the guys concoct a sentimental punk/arena rock anthem that, in the right place or time, would easily be a top 40-hit. In fact, the band's punk influence, while not that apparent at first, is definitely ingrained in the music. The track "Whoa," features a chorus with enough screaming Irish voices that the Dropkick Murphy's should be jealous.

The band's seemingly clichéd image may turn off some listeners, and their supposedly heavy U2 influence was lost on this reviewer. However, these criticisms are beside the point. More than anything, the group is a free-spirited, fun-loving live act. One needs to look no further than the lewd cover of "Waking Up the World" to see that they are carrying on the long tradition of feel-good rock n' roll shenanigans With an enthusiastic following that publishes post-show on-line messages such as "It was your best show Ever! The energy was incredible and you sounded amazing," they are clearly a band that succeeds in bringing a good show to the fans of Boston

The Vanguard
Bentley College
Thursday, September 29, 2005

Boston Band Reawakens Post-Grunge Rock
By Pat Walsh

- The Vanguard

Say What, Say What, Say When
Kurt Cobain isn't dead, and Boston's found a voice in Say When
By Kevin Du
The Suffolk Journal
wed. Sep. 21, 2005

With one of the biggest crowds seen at the Middle East Upstairs, Say When had everyone in the room in anticipation of their performance. As the band members started to step onto the stage, the crowd began to go wild and rushed to the front of the stage. An insane drumbeat began while dueling guitar riffs set the mood for the lead singer.

As the singer pumped up the crowd, the band kicked into the first song and the entire room became a massive tidal wave of bodies moving to the music. Adrenaline passed through everyone's bodies and the band began to play the song "Back and Forth." It is hard to believe that these amazing, high energy performers are the same guys I talked to two hours before their show started. These once calm and mellow dudes became rock stars in attack mode with the drop of a hat. But who are these guys?

The band describes their sound as a mix between Weezer and up beat Jimmy Eat World. "Ex-girlfriends are very good writing material," says Latif, when asked about his writing inspirations. But it's not his only source for creativity. Having the attitudes of 80's hair metal bands, Say When's lyrics and vibe are based on letting loose, having a good time, enjoying music and themselves.

After recruiting producer Scott Reibling, the former bassist for Weezer and Letters to Cleo, the members of Say When went into the studio to record their EP Waking Up the World. As the album spread around the New England and New York area, the band quickly gained a fast and loyal fan base, including a group of fans that show up to every show wearing disguise glasses with attached noses, and throwing baloons onto the stage and into the crowd.

Traveling around the East coast and playing at venues such as CBGB, Avalon, and the Paradise, Say When is off to a great start on their road to success. Accompanying Latif's constant movement around the stage and his fierce, yet sensual, vocal skills, Starikov and Zaremba's hypnotic guitar battles fit perfectly with Rubino's ongoing bass lines.

With songs such as "Fade Away" and the crowd favorite "Whoa," this band has the energy of a pop-punk band and the crowd pleasing etiquette of an 80's hair band. Say When is the type of band that show goers and music lovers should witness first hand before buying the album. Their album Waking Up the World does not do the band justice.

Their powerful, yet fun, live performance is amazing accompanied with their onstage antics. Taking a line from one of their songs, this band can simply be described as "Whoa!"
- The Suffolk Journal


Say When released a full length album produced by Kato Kwhandala (Breaking Benjamin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Paramore) with 3 songs mixed by Scott Reibling (Letters to Cleo, Weezer, Fall Out Boy), "I'm with the Band" that has sold 5,000 copies since its release in Oct. 2006 and includes:

1) Whoa (As heard at NASCAR events and Disney TV show "Life With Derek)
2) The Fall
3) BNC
4) Go (As heard on online video game Rock Heroes)
5) Four Days
6) Hanging On
7) Getting Better
8) Fade Away
9) Down
10) Are You In (As heard on online video game Rock Heroes)
11) Take Off

Say When released a 5 song EP album "Ready For It All" produced by Jesse Canon (The Cure, Say Anything, Head Automatica), "Ready For It All" that has sold 2000 copies since its release in May 2008 and includes:

1) Ready For It All (As heard on online video game Rock Heroes)
2) Our Town
3) Deception (As heard on online video game Rock Heroes)
4) No One Stands Alone
5) Under The Gun (As heard on MTV's Real World: Brooklyn)

Say When released a 5 song EP album "Take Chances" produced by Jesse Canon (The Cure, Say Anything, Head Automatica),

1) We Want Answers
2) Unstoppable
3) Lockdown
4) Carrie
5) On The Edge



Say When spends 300 days a year in a van and performs everywhere, all the time.
They've made a dozen trips around the country and played tiny cafes, little rock clubs, big rock clubs, and Giants Stadium. They've broken a couple of ribs, pulled some muscles, had their clothes stolen, blown through dozens of tires, busted a few guitars and watched the back end of their van fall off. And they're still going, because that's just what they do.
After becoming one of the top draws in their hometown of Boston, the band set out on the road in August of 2007 to build upon their large and loyal fan base in the Northeast. Now, after hundreds of shows in more than 40 states, they can roll into El Paso, Texas and let the crowd sing the whole set. They can show up in Chicago and see people wearing every Say When T-shirt ever printed. And they can tell you with the utmost seriousmness that nobody rocks quite like Salt Lake City.
Say When's energy, enthusiasm, and never-say-die attitude have proven contagious, and interest in the band's music is growing by the day. It started with people finding the band on Myspace, going to shows and buying CDs the guys printed themselves on a home computer. Now those same people and thousands of new fans are tuning in to hear the band on KISS FM stations nationwide, on major cable television programs, at NASCAR events and in popular video games.
Say When will continue touring extensively throughout 2009 in support of "Ready For It All," a five-song EP produced by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Say Anything, many more). Recorded under grueling conditions on a short tour break in 2008, the record showcases the band's developing sound: Ambitious, anthemic pop-rock inspired by the challenges of the road, situations of trust and betrayal, and the feeling that the band was born to do what they're doing. The hooks and energy that made their previous record, "I'm With the Band," a favorite among fans are still present and plentiful, they're just part of a more mature and developed sound and style.
"Ready For It All" is not only the name of Say When's new record, it's a summation of their philosophy and self-perspective: A year and a half on the road has brought both success and struggle. The band has run straight at both, full-speed, and is ready for whatever may come next.


Played Bamboozle festival at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J. (May 2007)

Performing at Vans Warped Tour 2009

Featured on 300 college radio stations nationwide through AMP Energy Drink sponsorship

Had song featured on MTV’s “The Real World – Brooklyn”

Had song featured on MTV’s “Engaged and Underage”

Had song featured on The Disney Channel’s “Life with Derek”

Performed with Sugarcult (May 2006)

Performed with Madina Lake (March 2007)

Performed with Envy on the Coast (2007)

Performed with Anberlin (2007)

Performed with Yellowcard (2007)

Performed with Halifax (March 2007)

Performed at Canadian Music Week (Toronto, March 2009)

Performing at North by Northeast (Toronto, June 2009)

Performing at Mobfest music festival (Chicago, June 2009)

Performed on The 10! Show (NBC Philadelphia, March 2008)

Performed on Good Day Austin (FOX Austin, April 2008 and November 2008)

Performed on FOX Boston Morning Show (November 2007 and February 2008)

Performed on “Standing Room Only” (CBS New England, November 2008)

Featured Buzzseeker on The Daily Chorus '08

Featured Purepick on Purevolume '07

Special guests on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show (50,000 listeners), May '09

Featured in PopStar Magazine March '07

Sponsored by GHS Strings and featured in all GHS news letters.

Special interview guests on Real TV Films May '09

Say When is currently represented by entertainment lawyer David Stein (Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Cute Is What We Aim For, Mighty Mighty Bosstones)

Karine Delage - Karyzma Agency (PR Company in Canada)

Farrah Usmani - Five Foot Group (PR Company in USA)


"The CD's 11 tracks take on a distinct Foo Fighters air “ crunching, debilitating guitars, impassioned, on-the-verge-of-screaming vocals injected with just enough melody for adult contemporary radio.
- Illinois Entertainer

"Enough is not enough for Say When."
- Boston Herald

"Now that's rock and roll."
-Gene Lavancy, Fox 25 Boston Morning News

"When we heard their song "Whoa," (our profile song for today) we just KNEW we had to make them a part of our New Music week! Their songs are totally catchy and fun and we dare anyone to listen to them without majorly turning up the volume and rocking out! The guys are also very active on their MySpace and just all-around cool guys (if their MySpace correspondence is any indication that is lol)"

Christina Colangelo
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"You guys were so awesome. Thank you for coming to play at our school. Please come back soon"

-Ashland High School