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"Sayyes. - For Tents and Starry Skies"

Sayyes. are a band from Alaska. I know very little about the state but I do know that rock is alive and well there. Singer/guitarist Eric Gettinger's vocals go from soft and soothing to forceful and emotive in little over a second flat. Accompanied by Alex Bourne on keys, guitarist Jerimiah Patterson, bassist Jered Williams, and drummer Daniel Randle, Sayyes. have a sound of their own.

"Perfect One" finds that love is everything but perfect, and that realizing the love you have for yourself is greater than any external source. "Quadballs" is a pop-punk song that's sure to get you moving with thoughtful lines such as "Everything that you want / That you dream about is just two steps away / So don't be afraid." "Hold It Against the World" makes you realize that whatever it is you're going through is smaller than you think. Bearing witness to someone acting as if they've already been defeated is a hard task to take on. Helping them realize that they're stronger than they think is even harder. "My Summer Part 1" is a beautiful take on loss with lines such as "What am I suppose to do when you say I'm done now / I can't forget but I'll forgive." Heartbreak is something you learn from regardless if you're ready to let go. Looking for comfort within his faith Gettinger sings "God help me / Don't leave me out in the cold / I feel so alone / I know that I cannot do this alone / So I'm trusting you." "The Ballad (Speechless)" showcases the bands talent as musicians in a technical light. One by one each instrument is folded into one another. All the while being woven through warm vocals, then all is blended into a delicate guitar solo with a lush string arrangement. Lyrically the band is ahead of their time, and the music is close behind. At times rushed, and maybe a little over eager, Sayyes. know what they're going for as a whole. Who could say "no" to that? — Naimah Holmes - High Voltage Magazine - Niamah Holmes


"Have you Heard v.4" - Starving Kids Records Compilation Album (september 08)

Have you Heard v.3" - Starving Kids Records Compilation Album (september 07)

"For Tents and Starry Skies" - 7 song Ep Released 06

we have recorded two new songs that were made available for download on our myspace june 07.



Sayyes is high energy rock band from Alaska. In the two and a half years as a band they have already had great opportunities. Such as recording there self released EP, being featured on an Australian Starving Kids Records compilation, and opening for several acts including Fuel, Skillet, and the Newsboys.

Right now they are focusing on expanding there fan base in and out of Alaska. Recently they have been headlining shows that will bring in anywhere from 200 to 400 people. There biggest audience yet was opening for the Newsboys winter of 06/07 in Fairbanks for a crowd a little over 2000.

The bands primary message is hope. Whether it be hope in life, love, God, family, friends or just in fallowing their dreams. They take this message with them where ever they go. They want people to be able to find the light in the darkest situations, and to hold on to the hope for better days.