sayyes is rock band from Alaska looking to take over the world. They wait patiently in the icy plains of North Pole ready to make there move. These four (with instruments in hand) are using there radio friendly rock and roll to bring peace and prosperity to all of mankind.


Sayyes is high energy rock band from Alaska. In the two and a half years as a band they have already had great opportunities. Such as recording there self released EP, being featured on an Australian Starving Kids Records compilation, and opening for several acts including Fuel, Skillet, and the Newsboys.

Right now they are focusing on expanding there fan base in and out of Alaska. Recently they have been headlining shows that will bring in anywhere from 200 to 400 people. There biggest audience yet was opening for the Newsboys winter of 06/07 in Fairbanks for a crowd a little over 2000.

The bands primary message is hope. Whether it be hope in life, love, God, family, friends or just in fallowing their dreams. They take this message with them where ever they go. They want people to be able to find the light in the darkest situations, and to hold on to the hope for better days.


Standing Here

Written By: Eric Gettinger

Will you look into my eyes I am waiting here for you did you know I'd give you everything when you turned from me and these days are getting colder now I'm the warmth you choose to leave and this anger's taking hold of you when you're letting go of me would you please turn and see

Don't you know that I am here praying for your life along the way when you're lost in where to go when all the roads lead you astray I pray that you will run to me and stay when you're lost in where to go

Doubt can be such a pain when it gets into your veins and starts turning all your confidence into laments and you are not a mistake no matter what they say don't ever dare apologize for something you don't hold but hold on

Do I pass through your head when you think about your life cause i know whats been said in your bitterness and reason's rationed all your faith and led you to this empty day where life just simply ends is this the freedom you so badly wanted to give up all you had are you happy with yourself in that you're killing you it's killing me

Different days bring different answers what will it take to understand my love's the only thing that will make you a man you're so concerned by your different questions when will you stop to here my voice I have been calling you for so many years

Here I am my arms wide open and once again this is your time to choose you never have to be the same I understand that you've been broken but once again I'll make you clean and new we'll dance upon this darkened day


"Have you Heard v.4" - Starving Kids Records Compilation Album (september 08)

Have you Heard v.3" - Starving Kids Records Compilation Album (september 07)

"For Tents and Starry Skies" - 7 song Ep Released 06

we have recorded two new songs that were made available for download on our myspace june 07.

Set List

Songs from our album and then some new stuff.
Sets anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour