Say You Will

Say You Will


'Say You Will' is a high-energy pop-rock mixture that is easily accessible but still boundary pushing. The goal is to make the crowd dance and push all at the same time. The most important thing to note is the originality in the music. Unlike most pop-rock bands 'Say You Will' goes out on a limb.


‘Say You Will’ was first formed nearly two years ago. Since their inception in 2006, Say You Will has played nearly 350 shows ,averaging 200 dates a year at this point!

In mid 2007 the band recorded with award winning producer Brent Hendrich (Sanctus Real, Nevertheless, Toby Mac, Solar Radio, CBS). The new EP brought bigger venues and touring success, but more importantly, the band was able to hone it’s style and capture songs with depth, charisma, and originality.

Also in 2007, Say You Will won the SHOUTfest Battle of the Bands and landed a spot on the 2008 SHOUTfest Tour hitting major cities all over the US which allowed them to play with likes of Relient K, Family Force 5, and Third Day etc. They've also been able to share the stage with bands like Switchfoot, Emery, Lovedrug, Sanctus Real, Run Kid Run, Explosions in the Sky, Nevertheless, Eleventyseven, The Fold, The Wedding, Sophmore Attempt, August Burns Red, and As Cities Burn all on their own account.

At this point they have just finished recording a brand new record ('Birghter' EP) and have recently released the new record in mid February. They are preparing and has started some extensive touring in 2009. The band is an independent band now and is looking for someone with the same heart for what they are doing. A fully booked Cd release tour, 7 new clothing sponsors, partnership with 'Compassion International', and a lot of industry buzz has stated the case. 'Say You Will' is a force to be reckoned with!

The band has plans to play at least 250 dates this year. This means they'll touch base with over 25,000 people with touring alone according to the average show turnout, which are continually growing. Not mention the momentum gained from a new record, more touring, and digital mediums that they are growing more and more popular on. All this said the band is very down to Earth, and feels there is a higher calling to what the band does.

Building relationships is essentially what ‘Say You Will’ is all about! Whether it’s with fans, industry colleagues, or just the guys in the band - the relationships are what count. That is the basis of the idea that is 'Say You Will'.


'Brighter' EP
'Now or Never' EP

Set List

A typical set is 30 minutes - 1 hour depending on the venues needs.