SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal)

SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal)

 Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, LTU

We give our mind and naked souls for rock'n'roll !!! In rock we trust!!!


SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL, also known as SBS, history begins in the year 1979, when vocalist and keyboardist Vilius Kraujalis and guitarist Darius Rutkys, decided to form a rock'n'roll band. Right from the start the band was influenced by URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH and WHITESNAKE. Shortly drummer Girenas Medziukas and bassist Rolandas Buidovas (R.I.P.) joined SBS.In 1982 the band started playing hard rock. The year 1985 saw the band adding a second guitarist Mikaelis Feigelovicius, to their lineup. In the year 1988 SBS played in the festival „Rock Saeits“ in Riga, Latvia and after a year in „Junewalija“ festival in Poland. 1991 saw the quiting of Vilius and Mikaelis. Soon the band completed their lineup with guitarist Tomas Varnagiris, keyboardist Naglis Patamsis and the best Lithuania hard rock vocalist Vitalis Kairiukstis. So, in 1992 the band was on stage again.Later Rolandas was replaced by Jonas Aleksa, and Naglis by Jovaras Civas.
In 1996 SBS released an MC - „Menulio Sviesa“. There were nine compositions writen by Vilius, Tomas and Vitalis. Founder Vilius Kraujalis was back in the band. The recording was initiated by „Pukas“, along with producer Giedrius Litvinas. After the release activity stiffed. In 1999 the band celebrated their twentieth anniversary in the biggest Vilnius club - „Karolina“.
After a five year pause, in 2005 the band was back again. This time – specially for the internetional festival „Roko Naktys – 2005“. On stage SBS was with a different lineup: Vitalis Kairiukstis (vocals), Vilius Kraujalis (keyboards/vocals), Tomas Varnagiris (guitar), Martynas Garbacas (bass guitar) and Sarunas Venckus (drums). After the festival, the five decided to play on. The band was choosed to open for ROYAL HUNT in their concert in Vilnius (October 21th 2005), sadly the show was canceled. But every cloud has its silver lining: heavy metal monsters JUDAS PRIEST choosed SBS to open for them in their concert in Vilnius (December 3rd 2005.). This show was recorded and in the begining of 2006, released as a live album „Gimes laimeti“, including five brand new songs (one of them - „Zaidejas“ became a mega-hit) and a concert from „Roko Naktys – 2005“ festival in DVD format, which was filmed by Nation Lithuanian TV.
The start of 2006 saw the quiting of guitarist Tomas Varnagiris, which was replaced by a talented youngster from the Lithuanian modern metal band LINFENG (also played in XESS) – Giedrius „Jumbo“ Balciunas (he is the only musician in eastern Europe which has a endoresment from Hammer guitars and Zoom). The new lineup debuted in „Roko Naktys – 2006“, where besides SBS was „Uriah Heep“ and „Lucifer‘s friend“ ex-vocalist John Lawton. The band's show was well valued by mass media.
In April 2007 SBS released their next album „Tik menulio sviesa...“, which was well evaluated by the biggest german webzine „HardHarderHeavy“. The new release got 6 out of 7 and in the REVIEW TOP 15 with 342 votes stood in the second place, after MANOWAR, but outruned PINK CREAM 69 and SAXON.
One of the biggest SBS projects will be „Diagnoze: SBS“, which will be a big suprise for the Lithuanian music industry. And new SBS album "The GAMBLER" is out now with great ratings!!!



Written By: V.Kraujalis/V.Kairiukstis

Darkness of plague covers my eyes - Agnus Dei - lights going down
Sun shielded by black misery - Agnus Dei – wails and the wounds

Hearts of the men VADE RETRO SATANA
Agnus Dei - streaming with pain

Behind us is our home
Our children‘s innocent warm

The trumpets calling to rise to fight, raise our swords

Truth will lead us all ahead to light
Gathering the legions to last fight

And from the caves, they waited long - Agnus Dei – demons crawl in
Forces of death led by the beast - Agnus Dei – earth will be killed
The six six six surround the sky - Agnus Dei – evil will win

Behind us is our home
Our children‘s innocent warm
Et vidi de mari bestiam ascendentem habentem cornua decem et capita septem, et super cornua eius decem diademata, et super capita eius nomina blasphemiae.

Et adoraverunt draconem, quia dedit potestatem bestiae, et adoraverunt bestiaem dicentes:"Quis similis bestiae, et quis potest pugnare cum ea?"


Written By: G.Balciunas/V.Kairiukstis

Forever we will be praised and will return now to dust
We burned in fires of hate – the scum will scream shout at new and ready scaffold
Black angels - we will fight to death for our truth and glory
Just don‘t you bow your head until the end

New day before evil eyes
But we won‘t see soon the dawn – no no!
We stand against the crowd and concentrate force to deal with pain and torture
Black angels - we will fight to death for our truth and glory
Just don‘t you bow your head - till you are free

Destroy all!
You might think that we lost barricades
But it is our fight and it is our win against all


Written By: G.Balciunas/V.Kairiukstis

You came here expecting to win the prize
With your head raised proudly and high
It‘s too late, too late to pull back and hide
Now it’s time for you to pay the highest price

You have placed your vain soul on the spades
Tried your fate one more time now again and again
But this time your luck began to fade
Three damned cards and the beast’s softly calling your name
Calls your name

Cold black shape facing you – it is Him
Others who were here – now are gone
This dark baize is covering with blood
Stare gets through your flesh – this is the end my friend

You have played, you always have played wild
Looking proud at the crowd all the day and the night
But tonight you did not realize
That this game now made you to become wanted prize
You must die


Written By: V.Diskevicius/V.Kairiukstis

Please bring back this time, this moment to me
When we‘ve drowned in night of the lust
But now I have turned to dust

You‘ve poisoned with your lies and sound of the dole
The chalice I am drinking now
I do not have the strength to shout

I am begging you – please tell me
I am begging you – forgive me
Now I really know – you – are not for me
Though I gave my soul, my own belief

A sword struck my heart, a sword you have made
From ice and the memories crashed
It‘s so cold in your deadly grasp


Written By: R.Meginis/V.Kairiukstis

Day is sinking in quiet, full of sorrow and my broken dreams
Silent song never sung, ignis fatuus like sorrow it seems
Stand against of the night, all the puppets asleep long ago
Facing secret of fight, the invisible clowns soon will show

You always searched for and you choose some untried brand new things
And you tried once again, spread your evil and unholy wings
But your road is now paved with the pain, dirt, blood, fall, misery
Can you stand and be saved, you should think how to get rid of me

Once you try to understand, trying to light the glow
This light crawls and facing me, it is time to go

But you only live, so you want to live, and you want to reach distant night
To prove to yourself, to prove all the rest, that you now can conquer the light
So there is no luck, and there will be pain and blood will make your hands so warm
And someone will come, unexpected guest, will take you to darkness all torn
But you only live, so you want to live, and you want to reach distant hell
To prove to yourself, to prove all the rest, that you now can conquer the spell
So there is no love, and there won’t be luck and blood will make your hands so warm
And someone will come, unexpected guest, will take you to darkness all torn


Written By: G.Balciunas/V.Kairiukstis

You want to know why you lived, why you died
You want to know why you were bringing light
You asked them why – they spat on you then
Flower of vengeance – has grown here tonight
Bonfire is ready they wait to ignite
You tried to ask, but it is the end

We‘re together on the rock of pain
But the world is turning back again
And the people will recall you as spark
Joan of Arc come back from the dark

Now you look at us with the smile on your face
Joy and the light has been sawn in damned place
They are not worth, they are not damn worth
Love but not sword you suggested for us
They did not let you to tell word that was
Now you are gone but they stayed on the earth


Written By: V.Kairiukstis

Though it is gone now,
But I want to ask you once again,
And maybe not,
Maybe I should not ask…

Maybe I should not ask you for anything more
And wait until breeze shuts the door
All candles went down, dusk crawls – feel the shadows flow
What your heart will blow

We roved through our life as waves of different ways
Together been and separated
Don‘t blame nor god nor devil, still it stays the same
Hex is not escape

Love and hate – we‘ve been together
Having now an empty soul
Frozen shiver will not hurt my chest again
‘cause just desert‘s in my brain


Written By: V.Kraujalis/V.Kairiukstis-V.Kraujalis

Oh lord of burning heart I want to know badly
Please show the face of man whom she loved madly
Oh master of the paradise and sweet hell
Where is my silent sorceress – you must tell

Oh mighty bearer of the dark sword – reveal
How many times you chased her aiming to kill
Eternal sailors of the violent ocean
Maybe you’ll tell me when the wind starts in motion

Set free wind of your soul – birds are burning in the flame
Set free wind of your soul – no one is to blame

Oh tell me merchant brightly shining in gold
Maybe you have sold to her your dirty soul
Oh flaming angel who came with mortal sting
Maybe you hid her under your massive wing ?


Written By: V.Kraujalis/V.Kairiukstis-V.Kraujalis

And the Commendatore who’s in front of him
Like father tried to open doors of secret sin
Enchanted flute suggested him a glory throne
But sensed he will pass the rest of life alone
Salieri’s hand will bring the death

The twelve notes will keep safe the cryptic coded tasks
To hide Masonic names behind the ugly masks
And skull shall disappear between the light and dark
The Masons keep it safe in sacred golden ark

And powder of his glory notes the blood won’t hide
Shall love distorted face theatre of suicide
The Devil and the God must sound in unison
No one can kill the flame of music of his own
Salieri’s hand will bring the death

And sounds of requiem will stab his broken soul
Constance will try to kill for glory and for gold
To hit him and betray
With dagger to the back


MC Menulio sviesa 1992
CD+DVD "Born to win 2006"
CD "Only moonlight..." 2007
CD+DVD "The Gambler" 2008

Set List

Set list:

10. JOAN of ARC


The duration of our set is 1-1,5 hour. If we performed covers, we would like to play WHITESNAKE "Fool for your loving".