Straightedge Buddhist Strippers

Straightedge Buddhist Strippers


Straightedge Buddhist Strippers combine the best elements of roots punk, indie garage rock, and American power pop.


The members of Straightedge Buddhist Strippers came together in Portland OR in the winter of 2005. They came from such far away places as Flint MI (Paul and Ganewsc), and DeMoines IA (Rob). If you ask any one of the guys about Portland, they'll tell you that it couldn't be a better place to call home. The diverse artistry and the culture of the city is intoxicating. And it's the city's artistic and cultural influences that SBStrippers draw from. Soaking it all in and mixing it with their own ideas as to what rock music can be. Sometimes gritty, sometimes beautiful. Sometimes socially active, sometimes self gratifying.
SBStrippers describe the music they create as "a combination of the best elements of roots punk, indie garage rock, and American power pop". Indeed, traces of each genre are evident in their songs, yet it's impossible to lock them into just one. Fans have compared SBStrippers' sound to everyone from The Clash, The Replacements, and Jawbox, to Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick, and...Fate's Warning?
Late 2005 saw the release of Straightedge Buddhist Strippers debut EP, "New Innovations In Boredom". It immediately caught the attention of fans and media alike. The 4 song EP was herald as " intracardiac injection into the breastbone of a dying genre." Mighty words, indeed! The flagship song of the EP, "Theory Of A Conspiracy" which was added to countless podcasts and internet radio stations around the world, eventually found it's way onto the sountrack of the feature film "First Ascent" by,
"Everyone at 509 Films is extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Straightedge Buddhist Strippers and feature their music in our upcoming films." said founder Tom Delanoy. "The moment we first listened to their music, we knew they would be an excellent fit for our films. Having them onboard has turned out to be a huge asset for our projects."
After a year of non stop gigging, including live radio and television appearances, SBStrippers began work on their follow-up. This time a full length release, "Completed Catastrophes" is the next step in the evolution of Straightedge Buddhist Strippers. 10 songs of Angst, adreneline, insight, and compassion. The first single, "Awful Corners (of the globe)" speaks of the conditions people around the world are exposed to, and the decisions they must make. Heavy subject matter it would seem, but for the four men of SBStrippers, it's just one of many such subjects that occupy their thoughts regularly.
Spring 2007 will find the band on the road. A west coast tour is in the works, as well as video for "Awful Corners" that will shoot in Los Angeles. What does SBStrippers hope to achieve in the future? They can't say for sure. They're enjoying the present, though. That much is for sure.


"New Innovations In Boredom" EP (05')
"Milwaukie's Best Music" live DVD (06')
"KPSU Live Fridays" live CD (06')
"First Ascent" S/T to DVD from 509 Films (06')
"Completed Catastrophes" f/l CD (07')

Set List

SBStrippers plays all original music written by them. Song titles include- Awful Corners (Of The Globe), Theory Of A Conspiracy, Dual Effort, Theta, Radio Aggro, Stuck In That Day, and In A Holding Pattern. All together SBstrippers have about 20 songs and more being created everyday.