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The best kept secret in music



Re: DETROIT AREA BAND SBU! please review
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hey guys!
Its Kurt from the exorsisters here.
Good to see Detroit still produces fine quality bands!
I realy enjoyed your music the second linked song in particular (whats it called?) the guitars sound brilliant!
The main thing i like is that it has that cool quality of starting pretty soft and then turning heavy and blowing you of your seat.
will you be comin to the u.k anytime soon?
i reckon you'd do well here as heavy rock/metal is finaly making a come back (and it's about time!)
yours sin-cearly
- Kurt from the exorsisters

"Grounded by SBU"

The Detroit music scene is known for it's great metal and hard rock. SBU, or Strength Beyond U, is the most promising band I've heard in a long, long time.

This four-piece metal onslaught features a groove that tears into your very soul, while at the same time being very melodic. Their first full length CD, "Grounded" comes out on March 20th at their big CD Release Party at I-Rock Nightclub in Detroit, and I had the privilege of listening to an advance copy.

The 11 songs on this latest effort are quite diverse as far as metal bands go. Lead singer Sonny Carafelli runs the gamut from a soft, melodic vocal line that sends chills up your spine to a bellowing growl when the band kicks in hard and heavy.

This CD takes no prisoners as it flows from beginning to end making you want to start it back at the beginning when it's done. The SBU style has been compared with everyone from Pantera and Kings X to newer acts like Godsmack and Sevendust. Lead Guitarist Amadeus X shreds with the best of them on the heavier songs and flows smoothly through on a melody line the whole time. The power drums of Tom Hart and the driven bass riffs of Kenny Gill make this CD jump out of your speakers when you listen to it. Turn it up and put it on repeat, because it's worth listening to more than once.

All in all, this is a great CD and I highly recommend it to any and all metal and rock fans.

- From Michigan Bands.Com

"Strength Beyond U (SBU) "Soul Divide EP""

Hey everyone! I've got a review for you from the band Strength Beyond U (SBU). The band consists of Amadeus X on lead guitar, Sonny Carafelli on vocals and rythm guitar, Kenny Gill on bass, and Tom Hart on drums. They sent me a two song demo from their ep Soul Divide. So lets get started!

Track 1, "Soul Divide," comes right out at you with this cool little dark intro and goes into this heavy, cool, riffin' rythm that you just want to rock out to! Sonny vocals are growling, but they are just right for the song. I knew there would good things to come and I was right! At 2:16 into the song Amadeus X launchs into a cool solo with alot of cool wah wah licks that keeps the energy of the song flowing and demonstrates his talent as a lead guitarist. The band sounds real tight and the whole band sounds like they are into the song! Great song!

Track two, "Tombstone Child," is a cool melacholy number that demonstrates this bands diversity. It starts out slow but has alot of enery. It perked my ears right off the bat! The band is really into the song. Sonny has some deep lyrics going on and Amadeus continues to impress me with his soulful playing that really impacts me as a musician. The solo starts at 2:53 into the song and is very melodic. At 3:17 he picks up the pace and really makes you feel the emotion he is expressing in your gut. This track made me want to jam on my axe. Just a great song witha ton feel!

This was a great demo! They only sent me two songs and that has left me wanting to hear the whole ep! Amadeus X is a great axe slinger who truly has his own voice and you will hear alot more from him and SBU!

You can visit their website at: to get their ep Soul Divide.


- Reviewed by: Shane Chess

"SBU's CD Release Party for 'Grounded'!"

Tonight I checked out the CD Release party for The Musicians Guild band, SBU for their CD, Grounded - And had an awesome time! The party was at I-Rock in Detroit - and had 2 bands opening up for SBU, 'Motown Rage' and 'Abandon'.

Motown Rage opened the show at 9:30 with their style of 'Rap and Roll' and tore up the stage! They can be compared to heavy metal rap, and do an awesome job! They even did a great song with a young guitarist, Snake Dogg - He is probably about 10, and rocked the guitar!! My favorite song from their set was the theme song, 'Motown Rage' - Awesome!!

After a short intermission, the next band, Abandon took the stage - And they also did a incredible job of rocking the place with their metal stylings and the incredible voice of Justin! The heavy driving guitars and powerful lyrics are a great combination for this band, and they have a distinct sound too!

Finally after the 2 hot warmup bands, SBU took the stage! They played 14 rocking tunes and showed everyone what Motown Metal is all about! This band has it all together with the guitar work of Amadeus X and the powerful voice of Sonny Love! The band played most of the tunes off their CD Grounded, including 'Generation Zero', 'Grounded', 'Jungle', and they finished the show with the song 'Hate'!

All in all the night was incredible. Filled with 3 great bands with potential to hit it big in Motown and nationwide!! Keep your eyes on all three of these bands, they may be coming to a town near you!! Be sure to check their websites out and give the music a listen - Support local musicians!!!

(This review also posted to BlogCritics)
- Added: Sunday, March 21, 2004


Soul Divide(Ep)2003
tracks from "Grounded" Playing over in European radio and various Radio in the states and Canada
New CD Stigma, releaded in the US and Europe on Oct 25th


Feeling a bit camera shy


“SBU is ready to LAY IT DOWN for its Soldiers and the World….”

History; “Does it Matter?” Formed in June 1998 By Amadeus X and Sonny Luv.

Tom Hart joined in 2001(Dead Zone/Intoxication) bringing crushing grooves to the fold. In March 2002, they released a 5-song EP “Soul Divide”, co-produced by X, Sonny and Drummer/Producer

“BadAss”Bill Whyte (Halloween/Abandon) at his One Eye Blind Studio. Ricky Travis handled bass duties.

Touring and promoting “Soul Divide” brought them to 2003 and a quest for a permanent bassist.

Blessing received; Bad Mofo Kenny “Thrill” Gill (Vamprella) joined SBU, bringing badass attitude and serious chops; “This Boy Knows His Role-T.B.K.H.R - The Groove/The Anchor….”

At the end of 2003,SBU went back into the studio to do the follow up full-length CD “Grounded” with X and Bill Whyte at the helm once again. SBU released “Grounded” on Mofam Entertainment in 2004. Get ready to have your cranium cracked…
Sabbath, Dio, King's X, Biohazard, Megedeth, Metalica and Pantera are some of our influences
2006 Mofam Entertainment Inc, has released SBU's follow up CD to Groundeed, Stigma releases Oct. 25th 2006