Powergroove-Melodic Metal. Great riffs, great melodies. In the vein of Sabbath meets Saliva.


“SBU is ready to LAY IT DOWN for its Soldiers and the World….”

History; “Does it Matter?” Formed in June 1998 By Amadeus X and Sonny Luv.

Tom Hart joined in 2001(Dead Zone/Intoxication) bringing crushing grooves to the fold. In March 2002, they released a 5-song EP “Soul Divide”, co-produced by X, Sonny and Drummer/Producer

“BadAss”Bill Whyte (Halloween/Abandon) at his One Eye Blind Studio. Ricky Travis handled bass duties.

Touring and promoting “Soul Divide” brought them to 2003 and a quest for a permanent bassist.

Blessing received; Bad Mofo Kenny “Thrill” Gill (Vamprella) joined SBU, bringing badass attitude and serious chops; “This Boy Knows His Role-T.B.K.H.R - The Groove/The Anchor….”

At the end of 2003,SBU went back into the studio to do the follow up full-length CD “Grounded” with X and Bill Whyte at the helm once again. SBU released “Grounded” on Mofam Entertainment in 2004. Get ready to have your cranium cracked…
Sabbath, Dio, King's X, Biohazard, Megedeth, Metalica and Pantera are some of our influences
2006 Mofam Entertainment Inc, has released SBU's follow up CD to Groundeed, Stigma releases Oct. 25th 2006


Soul Divide(Ep)2003
tracks from "Grounded" Playing over in European radio and various Radio in the states and Canada
New CD Stigma, releaded in the US and Europe on Oct 25th

Set List

45-50 minute sets no covers