We are Scam, a rock power trio with a progressive edge. We create exciting arrangements that grabs one's attention. We stick out because of our unique sound and attitude towards music. We are here to stay. We are Scam.


We are Scam. A power trio with a contemporary take on a classic sound; the best of both worlds. We shy away from the monotony of the average, in favor of progressive and exciting new arrangements that will grab ones attention. In an industry of generic music, we stand out because of our unique sound and style. We stem our roots from the music that has lasted for generations, not the modern hits that disappear faster than they appear. We’re not a band that comes and goes, we are here to stay. We are Scam.

It’s September 20th, 2006 and Manny Silverstein, Connor Reese and Sam Fortunato walk through the front door of Andre Jevnik’s house. We set up our equipment and said a few words before starting to play. No one talked to each other, but when we were playing our chemistry was powerful. After that practice we knew we were going to start a band. Months after that practice we created the name Scam; it wasn’t a definite name but it always just stuck with us. Writing our first couple of songs was great but they were instrumentals. As we progressed and added lyrics, we to created more complicated songs and arrangements. Eventually, due to musical and artistic differences we moved on without Sam. We currently reside in New City, NY where we play as many shows as we can. As a band we understand music and love writing and promoting ours. We are always moving forward as people and as artists. Now it’s 2009 and on the eve of a new decade we are looking forward to the continuation of this story.


Scam EP

Set List

We play our original songs and know a few covers. We currently have 10 originals and are constantly writing more. We can fill more than an hour and we will be able to fill longer sets as we add more songs to our repertoire.