"Scapegoat has made one of the best records released so far this year, and without a doubt, the best rock record released this year". "Scapegoat have created a brand new type of music and I don't even know what to call it but its damn settling".


Incorporating melody, brutality, and beauty to respire a stagnant music industry are Scapegoat: the five-piece hard rock band hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. The fluidity in which they play as a band flows seamlessly and shines with sincerity. Scapegoat has been described as one of the finest units around, as well as the most versatile, dynamically gliding from catchy choruses to head snapping chaos. Along with the band comes their frenetic, nonstop, live energy and unharnessed emotion, leaving attendees satisfied.

Established in 1999, Scapegoat has proven adamant with their driven work ethic to create inventive and passionate compositions. The band, comprised of Justin Driscoll (guitar), Daniel Hitselberger (drums), Dan Royer (bass), Kit Walters (voice), & Spencer Bensch (guitar), are relentless in their pursuits to satisfy onlookers and capture new audiences with their energy.

After a successful debut CD Two On One, and with the release of their sophomore effort Element of Design, Scapegoat was quickly becoming common conversation. Countless live shows and canvassing aided their rapid and consistent movement of product. Recently the band released their highly anticipated creation These Cards We're Dealt. This musical weapon is packed full of aggressive vocals (shearing screams and sing-along choruses), crafty guitar crunch, low-end bass power, and chest pounding drum-work. The record has received rave crowd response, along side mass media approval and prestige. One site claims "Scapegoat has made without a doubt, the best rock record released this year."

Love them or hate them: This is your band, This is your Scapegoat.



Written By: Kit Walters

Parched as we are and the sand still blows the same as before same as before, the storm could even storm, bird ever sing, cat make a call that's my life, inside a broken straw then I thought I saw an angel & I swear in all her glory I thought I saw an angel wave in a break, grain against grain, everything & all that's my life, inside a broken straw in all whom I've lusted completion couldn't find a moon that always wanes as long as the sand blows the same, can we wane? weightless, stressors retreating, floating against all gravity inward onto abandon, weighting in all this gravity. Selfless beautiful angel, weighting all this gravity.


Written By: Kit Walters

I've come to look down on forever For every reason that was ever contrived Forever used to mean the two of us within our bed Your side left vacant since the day that you died And it hurts to be alone when growing older & seventeen feels like a lie In terms of hurt it feels like I've aged to 95 & it hurts even more to know you're alive But now you're not with me and nor will forever ever be on our side When you're so out of range, you're love for me was just a prospect of change Prosperous would simply be preposterous Never was relief free of charge & how am I not supposed to die when you kiss Knowing that its where I shoulda been All I ever wanted was an answer something easier bought by richest of richest, like a post card put your love into words. I can't say that I don't want to tell you that I still love you What's done is done, leave the rest for the birds If you can read my thoughts than tell me what I'm thinking I think you're scared that the words would be you still love me too Leave me in November Novembers where I'll stay Suddenly I have found my love again In November I will race the wind.


Written By: Kit Walters

Meet me by the watered rail By the pier, I wait here I try to find myself But I find myself inside of you When I feel you, circum succumbing, surrounding me. Become extinguished, no more burn enveloping on me This I know, when I cum in you So long since I've been, surrounded by you It feels like I cant breathe This coming release, on my skin & under me, on sheets, Disgust replace thee, I'm not wanted in this space, this place Cant stand the thought of, of me inside you It feels like I cant breathe Everything you ever said was a lie Everything we ever did was a lie You live your life with the motive, to be caught by the gullible eye.


These Cards We're Dealt LP (2004)
Element Of Design LP (2002)
Two On One LP (2000)

"Wonderful As We are" "Let Me drown" and "Sidewalk Romance" are played on WEND 106.5 the end radio station.

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Set List

Set list is usually 45 mins. No covers!

01. Dinner For Four
02. Wonderful As We Are
03. Midnite Rendezvous
04. Denouncement
05. Sevens
06. Tanks & Mechanized Infantry
07. Black Santa
08. Lead Feather
09. All In Vanity
10. Fly's eye View