Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

We meaninglessly create on a daily basis. Subservient animals with a intangible need to succeed in a world of our creation. Not that I am apart from this, no, instead I embrace it and exploit it. I am as human as you, and these song's echos will diminish long after you and I will. Though we are finite, our living force will never truly die, and our memories will hold as echos of our existence. These songs serve as echos of what has past and what can never truly be felt again, but something tangi


The scarabeus project started in late 2009 from the cold depths of Gallery of Carpet in Illinois. It has continued on to ON fire studios with grant hehr spearheading the project.


1st days of conformity
the victor
the imposter
the emerald
hands of the sky
crimson central
agent orange