Our music is a blend of classic riffage the likes of Led Zepplin with Structural and tonal qualities similar to Queens of the Stone age. We are very energetic and thrive even small capacity venues


Scaramouche is a hard-working five-piece band from Canberra/Melbourne who have crafted a raw, fresh and dynamic approach to rock that incorporates traces of sludge, blues and psychedelia.

Scaramouche have been gigging tirelessly for the last year and have supported national acts such as the Scare, the Hell City Glamours, Ink and Light Noise as well as headlining local music festival Indiefest. They have also undertaken various charity gigs, raising nearly $4000 for Bangladeshi school children and Haiti earthquake victims. The Scaramouche live show is an exhilarating whirlwind of sweat-drenching energy charged with groove-laden drums, wailing guitar showdowns, crunching bass and hair-raising vocals.

Scaramouche headed to Brisbane in February to record their first EP, scheduled for release later in the year. The new tracks showcase an exciting, balanced and timeless sound that has already lauded much promising feedback.


Our Ep Scaramouche is in its first stages of being released Through Missing Link Digital Media

Set List

Access Denied
Set sail to the sun
Midnight Itch
Red City
Slip Away
Mong Sticky