Scar Divine

Scar Divine


Energetic,powerful,catchy,heavy riffing guitars,solid rhythm sections,odd time signatures,powerful vocals.A Mix of heavy riffs with melodic & screaming vocals.


Founder George “gt” Stergiou formed scar Divine in London in the fall of winter of 2009. After uniting forces with various friends decided to move the project up to the next level by recording the first EP"Code Red”. Currently focusing on getting the name out there gigging and willing to rock hard are also working on new material for the full length debut album due to be recorded in August 2010.Based powerful riffs, shrinking yet technical lead guitars, heavy drumming and powerful vocal lines, Scar Divine are getting ready to give their fans 110% of committed Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. In the funnel is thrown a mix of Metallica, Megadeth,Iron Maiden,Dream Theater,Symphony X,Sisters of Mercy,Black Label Society and many more to gain the mix of Scar Divine's sound.The power of Scar Divine has taken us balancing between #32 to #38 position on the Reverbnations London metal charts in only one week of the existance of the profile,more than 1200 views on myspace and topping rapidly fans on facebook. In August 1st we are heading to the studio to record our 1st full-length album which will be released in the fall of 2010


3 Track EP "Code Red".All the tracks are streaming on have done a self produced video clip of our song "Love...What Love..." which can be found on youtube by presiing on the search bar scar divine

Set List

2.Eyes Blind
3.Love...What Love...
4.Still Out There
5.480 B.C. - The War
7.Code Red