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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF | AFTRA

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Metal Hard Rock




"Sare's Invasion - Feb. 2022"


Define the mission of SCARECROWZ?

What’s your background? What got you into making music? How long has music been a part of your life?

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Describe the musical frameworks your new album “Dusk of Another Dawn” explores. And is there a common theme that connects the songs, or is it something else?

I loved your song “Skywalk”. Is there a story behind it? Do you remember the process of writing lyrics and music?

How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

Describe your approach to recording?

You’ve been on the scene for over 20 years now. How would you compare 20 years ago and now? What are some things that are better, and what is worse in your opinion?

Have you managed to make any new discoveries as the time passed during your creative process? Do you think that at some point of that process your writing
approach changed much?

What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

What is your view on technology in music?

How do you see your sound evolving in the next couple of years?

What are your plans for the future? - Sare;s Invasion

"Interview with Scarecrowz - November 2021"

New Music Interview Questions

Isaac: What’s your background? What got you into making music?
I have been playing for a few decades. Raised in the Country and grew up in the city. Started writing lyrics at 12, Melodies at 14, writing songs at 15. I actually didn’t learn guitar properly until I was 18, but picked up quickly and of course starting writing better songs. Joined my first band when I was 22 (I needed a car to get to band practice). Formed Scarecrowz in 2000 to finally play in a band that appreciated my guitar tone/sound/vibe. Still play in a side project that does Rock Opera with Andy Simpson in GASM since 1996.
I write music as a creative outlet. I moved when I was 13 to the city and gave up sports as I found I was more interested in anything to do with music be it Concerts, listening to albums, etc. In my teenage angst, I found that was an artform I could sink my teeth into and didn’t have to get “graded” on like some other types e.g. drawing. I have been able to not only express myself, but let’s me heal and deal with the bullshit of life that is thrown at you sometimes. I’ve either written or co written about 800+ songs since I was a kid so I think that speaks volumes about what my Soul needed to get out.
Isaac: How long has music been a part of your life?
The first song I remember hearing on the radio when I was a kid was probably “Big yellow Taxi” from Joni Mitchell or The Carpenters “Sing” so I would say that was the introduction. My older siblings were listening to B.T.O., Supertramp, John Denver and Elton John and stuff like that. That rubbed off on me. I began to discover bands on my own like Abba, Kiss and started to buy their albums/singles. Eventually I got into Hard Rock and Metal in the 80’s and from then on, every decade has brought out some great talent!
My direct family had a piano in the house, but it was when I went over to my relatives, they’d play old songs and jam. It was a very joyous get together. That’s one thing that stayed with me. The pleasure of music and people there to appreciate it.
Isaac: If it wasn’t for music, where would you be now?
I don’t really think of that, but I don’t think I would be a good place. I think everyone is good at something and yearns to do it. Once the “switch” turned on for me with music, there was no going back. Having said that, I was rather a shy kid and took a while for things to come together, but I think I made up for it LOL.
Isaac: How did you come to realize that music was the way forward for you?
Well, when I was 13/14 ideas started coming to me even before I really knew how to play guitar. I managed to record those and still have them to this day. When I graduated HS, I joined the military and soon realized that this is not what I wanted to do. While I was there, someone played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing’” and I realized then that I need to get my shit life together if I was going to play music so basically the plan started there.
Isaac: If you had to sacrifice one skill, which would you least like to let go, and why?
That’s a good one. I mean you can have ideas and convey them to someone if you can’t play, but probably Guitar since that is my main instrument I write with.
Isaac: How are your biggest influences in music right now? What does their music mean to you as an artist?
I’ll listen to Anne Murray one minute and Metallica the next. If something strikes me, I’ll listen to it regardless of Genre. Lately, I’ve listened to Dua Lipa, but I like some good hard rock bands like Royal Tusk, Broken Love. I like what these new bands have brought to the table for the genre. I think the songwriting and the music is strong. You can’t wimp out on that as I think you will not last long. It’s either “on” or it’s not. Their ON.
Isaac: How would you describe your style of music?
Well, it’s changed over the years depending on the band members of the time. Lately, I would say we are Classic Modern Rock if you can say that. We play modern hard rock with a Classic Rock feel. We play in Drop C to give it that nice bottom. Engine Driving Rock and Roll? Country Metal? LOL.
Isaac: In what way do you aim to make a difference?
Well, When we started Scarecrowz, it was Cathartic as I was dealing with a bunch of crap at the time. I was writing from a dark place and aiming to write to brighten up my world and sang about positive things I think. Over time, it’s changed, life has changed and you write probably more about things that are relative to everyone. I think though it comes full circle at times as our song, “Skywalk” is similar to some of those early songs of positivity. There is no rhyme or reason to what you write about sometimes and it just comes out when it comes out.
Isaac: Who’s your fashion icon, and why?
I’m not into fashion. In the early days of Scarecrowz, we did dress up as we wanted to make an impression. Being influenced by bands like Kiss, it made sense. I still believe in the SHOW and dressing up for it, but if I had to pick anyone that had cool Fashion, probably David Bowie cause he changed all the time but managed to make it look cool for the most part.
Isaac: What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
Depends on the context…lol. Like I said at the turn of the century was a very tumultuous time for me so probably the fights I had with my Ex girlfriend of the time.
Isaac: Where is your career heading? What’s the vision?
It’s heading exactly where I want it to be. I get to record, play shows, etc. and I still have a day job that pays the bills and takes care of my family. Scarecrowz will always strive to write great songs, play places we haven’t before. Kinda like a Scarecrow itself. The Crows will never cease to try to eat the grain, but if the Scarecrowz is there, he still serves a purpose!
Isaac: How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like?
I use a pen or pencil…lol. Seriously, when I am really motivated to say something. I have TONS of lyrics around unused from my days when I would either just have the time to write whenever or on public transit. I can easily just pull something out, or, write something new. Could be anything political, personal, etc. Like I said there is no rhyme or reason to writing. It could be a lyric, a chorus, a riff and no particular way to write it meaning some lyrics and then all music or all music then all the lyrics.
Isaac: When it comes to performing, what’s your style?
Well, our style of music is Hard rock, but performing, I don’t think per say I have a “Style”. I just know I’ve performed for a while and when you come up with a setlist that has a good flow, it’s very easy to not only get into the groove of it, but the stream of consciousness is more effortless. We just did a show in October and it was the longest set we ever did and I managed to pull off singing the whole night even with a cold!
Isaac: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Hmm, good question. There are a few. I suppose NYC would be very cool. Ya know that song that has that line, “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere” still feels real to me. NYC, is a kingmaker of a city. Kiss came from there. They weren’t appreciated as much at the time in their home town, but when they finally broke, it was a big home coming for them. Madison Square Gardens seems like a pinnacle of success to reach.
Isaac: What’s your favorite project so far, and why?
I very much like working with Andy on the GASM side projects. He has unique visions to the albums we’ve done. I contribute the music, but the way he and the producer Kirk Armstrong weave the songs together is pretty amazing. That is something I do enjoy being a part of. For Scarecrowz, every time we go into the studio to create, I do get excited about that as we worked so hard on the songs, to see them finally coming to life in recordings is fantastic. That includes when you get great feedback about your work.
Isaac: How do you see your sound evolving in the next couple of years?
I would like to maybe try to get a little heavier on the next record. There are some ideas that I wanted to do with a really great drummer and we have one again and I think he could help us take the songs to the next level. I still want to rock, but it kinda feels right to aim a little higher on the next one.
Isaac: What makes you different from other rockers in the industry?
I find a lot of rock bands now, even though they sound great, might be missing that classic element. I, myself grew up on country and pop and that I think is what I bring to the mix. Certainly, I believe that our music scene here in my town is great, but no one here I don’t think sounds like us. I guess you be the judge! Lol.
Isaac: Who are your biggest musical influences? Would you say you’re at all like them?
Kiss, Metallica, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Alex Harvey, Judas Priest, STP, Godsmack, Disturbed, Nickelback and on and on. No, I would say EVERYTHING I listen to goes into the pot and the pot gets stirred. When you dip that spoon in, you don’t know what’s going to come out of it. I have discovered some Scarecrowz songs do have a Kiss influence, but people who have listen to us said we sound like Fu Manchu or Clutch. As long as it’s good, I’ll take it! My favourites though of all time would be Paul Stanley, Robert Plant and Rob Halford for singing. For guitar Tommy Shaw, Lindsey Buckingham. Songwriting Gerry Beckley, David Gates, Neil Diamond. It really depends on what I’m doing and the influence of that comes out.
Isaac: When driving, is there a certain track that has you blasting the stereo with the windows down?
Oh, yeah there’s a few. Just the other day I had Five Finger Death Punch’s “Was It All Away” cranked. I love that riff that starts the song.
Isaac: Which artists do you think you would harmonize best with?
Oh, boy. I don’t know. When I don’t turn on the raunch singing, I have a rather pure falsetto like voice. People Like Billy Joel or Steve Perry I think might work well with mine. Maybe Eagles?
Isaac: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
Just putting it out there, I am open…lol. I just thought of a song I wrote when I was 16. I thought of Bon Jovi recording it as it was very much that kinda ballad feel of the mid-late 1980s. He is as good as any of the others I’ve already mentioned in this interview - IDJ Magazine

"HRH Magazine - August 2021"


Good afternoon guys, how do we find Scarecrowz today?
Great thanks. We’ve been back in the studio since June and it feels good to be jamming’ again. We released our new album in March (Dusk Of Another Dawn). We’re on the hunt for a new drummer since ours switched to Bass Guitar. So the lineup of the band at present is Sebastien on Bass, Reno on Lead Guitar and myself on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Since the lockdown, we’ve already written enough material for a new album. So, things are looking up.

Your latest album “Dusk of Another Dawn” came out earlier this year – how has it been received by existing and new fans?
I would say its been pretty positive. We’ve been gaining new fans through social media and Spotify since people I think have been more at home or had more time on their hands because of the pandemic. We worked really hard on the new record and I think it shows. Our singles, “Let’s Party Tonight”, “Skywalk” and “Bull By The Horns” have all been well received ( for example). Particularly, Skywalk which Reno and I co-wrote. We’re looking forward to promoting the album live. We’ve designed the setlist around the album and our 20th anniversary which we celebrated late last year.

The album sounds more produced than previous releases – was this a conscious decision to tweak the sound of the band?
You think so? Ok, well I will pass that onto Sebastien since he engineered it. By recording the album ourselves, we kept our costs down a lot. I think we all had a hand in how we wanted it to sound, I mean we produced it, but It was mastered well by Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering. I think they both did a great job. Anytime (and every time) we’ve had new members, it’s changed the dynamic and sound of the band. The recordings here certainly got better. The quality is more available and affordable then it used to be. Because everyone has different influences, I think that always comes into play when we’re rehearsing old songs and writing new ones.

In terms of sound, there’s a number of styles that shine through from garage-punk to grunge and sleaze – how would you describe yourselves and who are your biggest musical influences?
Well, because the dynamic has changed over the years, so have the musical angles. I mean when we started, we were coming from a point of reference like Godsmack and Creed. We’ve got some metallic tunage, but in essence we’ve always been a hard rock in a metal place kinda band. Which is the say, we’ve been playing in Drop C for a long time now and find ourselves as a modern hard rock act with a classic rock feel.
My influences though vary. I grew up listening to bands like Kiss, Metallica, Motley Crue, etc., but I would cite musicians like Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), David Gates (Bread), Gerry Beckley (America), Tommy Shaw (Styx), Neil Diamond, Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) as part of my learning experience on guitar and songwriting. I think sometimes you are a product of your environment and that was certainly mine. I dig some more recent acts though like Royal Tusk, Dead Daisies, One Bad Son, Monster Truck, for example.

Your first release was way back in 2001, tell us about how you’ve evolved as a band in the last 20 years?
We’ve evolved from perseverance. This band almost folded 11 years ago when I became the lone original member. I would say I’ve been the constant since the beginning, by default, I’ve led the band, sound, etc. I was never interested in a band becoming “Someone and the somebodies”. It’s a team effort, for better or for worse. And of course, the passion is still there. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t still be doing this. I mean it was never about the money. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say and for me, it’s always been the art of it and proving to myself I could do this on my own terms. Even without a record deal.

Lockdown had a really negative effect on bands and artists, how do you keep the message out there?
Social Media. I made sure to still promote the band anyway I could by posting content like videos, news, interviews, etc. We tried to jam as a band online during the first lockdown and it just wasn’t jiving so we didn’t do any online performances.
As long as we kept moving forward, we were doing okay. We managed to record and complete our album in-between the lockdowns. We did a documentary of recording the album and released it in segments on YouTube. I mean what else could we have done? Not much…lol.

Are there any bands you guys particularly admire on the Canadian rock scene right now, big or small?
Oh sure. Plenty as mentioned Royal Tusk, One Bad Son, Monster Truck, etc. We also dig older Canadian bands that are still kickin’ it like Tea Party and Big Wreck. We’ve opened for Anvil and Killer Dwarves and they are fun bands to play with. Locally, we have some great bands like Wyntr, Darren Michael Boyd and Innerpiece.

In terms of the future, what can we expect – any gigs or festivals lined up?
Well, as soon as we solidify the lineup, we’ll make sure we are all well rehearsed and book some shows. We’ll have our album release party first since we haven’t had it yet. Probably some other local shows for now since we don’t know how the fall is going to be with this pandemic. The idea though would be to do that and shows going into next year, but I would like to start recording the next album this coming winter. That’s the plan so far.

Thanks for catching up with me, today...any final words?
Just want to say Hi to our fans all over the world. Thanks for your undying support. Hope to see you soon somewhere, somehow. Check out the new album if you haven’t already and thanks to Toby for this opportunity to talk today! - Hard Rock Hell - Toby Winch

"ITNS Scarecrowz Interview - 30 March 2020"

Interview with Ger Madden of Scarecrowz. - ITNS Radio

"Scarecrowz Has You Feeling Wild With “Octane”"

Scarecrowz is an eclectic hard-rock act from Ottawa, Ontario. Comprised of four talented members, Scarecrowz currently consists of Ger Madden on Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Sebastien Christensen on Drums/Percussion; Reno D'Santie on Lead Guitar/Vocals and Julian Leblanc on Bass Guitar/Vocals. Since the band’s launch into the music industry in 2000, they have recorded 6 impressive albums including the latest titled “Refuel”.

Check out Scarecrowz fresh release of the electric and rock n roll driven hit titled “Octane”. This badass single transports you to the era of authentic hard-rock. The heavy guitar strumming, percussion-soaked drums, and precise vocal delivery gave us classic rock vibes in the most expert way. With an undeniable high energy theme that drives you wild, Scarecrowz know how to make their listeners head bang and rock out along side them. “Octane” is one of those songs where you can just let loose and sing out loud at the top of your lungs. I highly recommend you play this track at high volume and allow yourself to escape into the music! High energy and, “Octane” is vibrant and invigorating. The powerful dynamics and intricate elements of the song boast the true roots of rock n roll. Scarecrowz leave us fueled up and craving more! Stay on the look out for this incredible band!

Listen to "Octane" here and scroll down for our exclusive interview with front man Ger Madden!

Welcome, Ger! We love the name, Scarecrowz. What was the vision behind it?

When I formed the band with our bassist at the time, we wanted to have it represent something visually. We are both big KISS fans and thought of things that were related so Kiss, Halloween, Scarecrowz. The bassist was also an Iron Maiden fan and thought of a Mascot, but we didn't want to copy that singular concept and eventually decided on the team/gang theme like the movie "The Warriors" meaning. All for one and one for all!

As a band, how do you manage to fuse together the multiple different personalities and opinions into one brand and unit?

Boy, that's been a minefield, but we've been able to navigate that. Can't say we haven't had some casualties on the way, but being the only original member left, I been able to manage to weather through the personnel changes. It's important to draw on people's strengths so that when we get things done and leverage it is so that it benefits the team to move forward. When it comes to opinions, everyone is entitled to one. Just like a vote though, we need to settle things democratically. I guess being the leader, I have veto powers, but I rarely use that authority. I'd rather hear and consider everyone's input before a decision is made and 9 times out of 10 it's the right one because of it.

Talk to us about this kickass hit, “Octane”. What was the theme behind the song?

Well, I thought it was kind of obvious (LOL), but it's really about whatever fuels you. We made reference to speed, cars, etc. because it is easily identifiable to everyone. I mean, it's a pretty driving tune so just made sense to use that connotation or association. So much so that it literally became the theme for our latest album, "Refuel" since there is a car on the cover.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Octane”? In what ways were you able to overcome this?

Well, maybe the recording. We took several stabs at it as some band members weren't happy with it. Maybe with some of the frustration, it showed in the version that came out. I think when we lost one of the band members during the recording process, we didn't feel as tied down as much so like anyone who is tenacious, we hunkered down, barreled on through and came out the other side with a product we were truly happy with.

What’s next for you Scarecrowz? Any exciting upcoming performances!?

Yes, since our lineup was revamped last fall, we started to book a few select shows including into this year. We are mainly focused on writing and demoing new material as we've been pretty busy with that so far in 2019. Plan is to enter the studio before year's end and have something out in early 2020. People can check out all our happenings at Shit happens when you're busy making plans so we'll see what the year brings, but we're having a good time, getting along famously, everyone respects each other and at the end of the day that's all someone can ask for!

Stay connected through Scarecrowz social media!


#BuzzMusic - Buzzmusic - June 2019

"WARRIOR SOUL In Ottawa, Canada"

If babysitting commitments, samples of bad Marmite and flu-ridden contagious work colleagues couldn’t prevent me from catching so many high-profile shows over the past 12 months I doubt if winter’s arrival was going to do the same for this show either. Especially since I hadn’t seen the headliners since they opened for QUEENSRYCHE on their Building Empires tour from 1991.

On the Punk And Belligerent tour which hit the Brass Monkey recently, the co-headliners became the headliners. And here’s how they measured up in terms of punk and belligerence.

To be honest, they’re not anywhere close to punk rock musically or visually – save for that cover of “My Way” which people still think is a SEX PISTOLS song stolen from Frank Sinatra – but power metallers MACHINE MESSIAH are definitely a different force to be reckoned with in the local rock scene. It was my second time seeing them since their opening slot for STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER back in November. Not much has changed between then and this opening slot other than that frontman Bobby Stones was finally referring from the band’s new website on ReverbNation. Guess he read the last review I’d done of ‘em and sold the rest of the band on the idea of having a website upon which to post your music in a post-MySpace era. This would be because the band were in the process of finishing up their debut EP and were debuting a new song titled “Lady Love” which was a proper nod to their heavy WHITESNAKE influences, Bobby Stones exorcising his David Coverdale-like vocal demons hundredfold. Their other acclaimed originals such as “Killer Lady”, “Thorny Crown”, “The Valley Of The Kings” and their ode to Ronnie James Dio round out their performance, meaning that the band thankfully dropped their cover of “My Way” from the setlist. Regrets? I and the crowd had few to mention overall.

Up next are the only Ottawa band to cite the SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND alongside the likes of KISS, PANTERA and METALLICA among their influences known as SCARECROWZ. The nearly 20-year old band have been off the radar for the past 5 years since I’d seen ‘em open for the KILLER DWARFS. They’ve been through a couple of lineup changes since then, with newcomer Reno D'Santie taking over lead guitar duties from longtime member Kevin Mazurek. And they’ve also released their seventh album back in February titled Refuel in between the lineup changes as well. Kicking off with “Creepsmoke”, the band were on cue throughout the entire set. Rather than try and replicate his predecessor’s performances on the popular tracks such as “Octane”, “Burning Bridges”, “Rock ‘N Roll All Over You” and “Smoke And Mirrors”, Reno brings his own magic virtuoso touch to the songs, even giving the newer fun number “Chicks In White Pants” both his signature sound while keeping it as distinctively close to SCARECROWZ’ unapologetic devil-may-care southern rock aesthetic as possible. With the new album starting to get recognition, here’s hoping more people are screaming for ‘CROWZ in the new year.

If frontman Steve O Leff were to rock any harder as he did during his set with ROCKIN' ENGINE, he’d have trouble forgetting his own name. At least that’s the reason why five of his friends were at the show with each letter of his name painted on their chest anyway. Otherwise, flash mobs are so 2005, guys. Plus the rest of the band including guitarist Ste Vy Leff, drummer Joel Bilodeau and recently-added bassist JP “The Beast” Buzzard have their own wild shirtless lyrics since their inception three years ago.

Opening with “Shake That Ass”, the quartet grace the crowd with their 80’s rock-inspired tracks. Steve also looks the quintessential 80’s rock star, with his signature yellow and white Satchel from STEEL PANTHER-endorsed guitar as he mugs the camera shot while belting out numbers such as “Livin’ A Lie”, “The State Of Nature”, “When Engines Collide” and a solid cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” to close their 40-minute long set. Even more entertaining was the performance by the bass-playing Buzzard who swooped all over the place, never missing a beat even when he briefly lost his pick and kept time with his fingers. And lest we forget the body painted quintet getting a final shot at fame with their shirts raised for Steve once more. Yet as memorable as their body art was, they won’t be figuring on the cover of ROCKIN' ENGINES’s EP Midnight Road Rage when it’s released in January regardless of their naked ambition.

Detroit had gotten stupid during the early 90’s and, as the song goes, it was likely time to blow. And from Manhattan to LA and eventually across the border down to Mexico it would be a helluva ride afterwards to a small fishing town just outside of Athens, Greece, in which Kory Clarke would find himself by the end of the last decade of our dead century. This was what motivated him to keep his tenure as the frontman for legendary anarcho-punk/glam band WARRIOR SOUL over the course of a quarter century and then some. That, and his side gig as an established painter (should I have recommended the work of Launa Eddy to him as well like I did with THY WILL BE DONE earlier?) and the shock election of Donald Trump as the new US president also helped fuel his creative spark over time. I do recall that Kory wasn’t much of a big Brian Mulroney fan when he and the band co-headlined QUEENSRYCHE’s Building Empires tour in ’91 and he led the near sold-out crowd at Lansdowne Park with chants of “FUCK BUSH! FUCK MULRONEY!” and my high school self observing in complete awe at his control over the crowd. “How exactly is Kurt Cobain considered to be better than this guy again?” I’d pondered to myself upon his performance at the time.

And 27 years later as the latest lineup of WARRIOR SOUL took the stage at the Brass Monkey, I also continued to wonder. And, yes, Kory Clarke still despises Donald Trump for those concerned.

As the band’s sudden impromptu warm-up leads into their opening number “American Idol”, Clarke, alongside the latest WS lineup of guitarist Adam Arling (THE LAST VEGAS), bassist Christian Kimmett and drummer Michael Branagh, unveil their set rife with punked-up belligerence and exuberance. If the next numbers such as “I Get Fucked Up” and “Back On The Lash” weren’t enough of a clue that WARRIOR SOUL are a band that partied for its right to fight, Kory’s toasting of the crowd certainly was especially when the band later launched into their underdog-championing song “The Losers” – the only slow-paced song of the night. Guitarist Adam Arling’s sleazy-sounding riffs and driving rhythm, familiar with many from his playing with THE LAST VEGAS, fit nicely in with WARRIOR SOUL’s fast-paced punk metal vibe as he demolished the solos on the classics such as “Love Destruction”, “Downtown” and “The Wasteland”. Even the underrated gems such as “Jump For Joy” and “Bad News (Rock ‘N Roll Boyfriend)” were fiery and angry thanks to the rock solid rhythm section of Kimmett and Branagh. And while Kory’s voice seemed rough at first, he quickly found his stride well in time, the effects and the energy of over 30 years and nine studio albums including 2017’s Back On The Lash reflecting well on his performance that night. Also, often known for his outspoken political views, Kory was surprisingly chill, give or take a few subtle “FUCK DONALD TRUMP!” swipes here and there when needed during the band’s set. Maybe the extended time away from Donald Trump on this short Canadian tour helped temper his rage a bit, but likely not for long. He was in his element that night, talking about past tours while keeping politics from renting space in his mind – and even having fond memories of that late ’91 QUEENSRYCHE tour that stopped off at the former Civic Center, thanking many of us for attending both of those shows.

If punk rock means revisiting your roots and especially the people who stayed with you throughout your career, WARRIOR SOUL defined that ethos that evening.

May the lash and the belligerence stay strong with them.

•“American Idol”
•“I Get Fucked Up”
•“Back On The Lash”
•“Burning Bridges”
•“Bad News (Rock ‘N Roll Boyfriend)”
•“Rocket Engines”
•“Generation Graveyard”
•“Ass Kickin’”
•“Punk And Belligerent”
•“The Wasteland”
•“Payback’s A Bitch”
•“I’ve Got The Rock”
•“Black Out”
•“Jump For Joy”
•“Love Destruction”
•“The Losers”
•“The Drug”
•“Rotten Soul” - KNAC Correspondent: Andrew Depedro - Dec. 21, 2018

"Ger Madden Interview featured in Fireworks Magazine UK, #84!"

Q1. How did you become involved in this crazy world of music?
A1. Well, there was always music in the house growing up. I believe I picked up on that at an early age unbeknownst to me. It was gradual that I wanted more of an identity for myself and that was through this forum. So, I started writing lyrics when I was thirteen and learned to play guitar at 18 (I was a late bloomer). I practiced my craft before joining any bands and that was key to determining which way I wanted to go musically. I grew to have a passion for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with bands like Kiss, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin. Once I was comfortable with my guitar playing and singing, I applied for bands. It took me a few auditions before I found the right fit. Since then, I have played with a few groups over the years. I have been the founder, rhythm Guitarist, Lead Vocalist for eighteen years with Scarecrowz and I’m one half of the duo, GASM (together for twenty one years).

Q2. Tell me about the album?
A2. Refuel is great. A culmination of efforts. Written, produced, mixed and mastered entirely by the band. T was a good three years in the making. We’re really proud of not just the songs on it, but the collective of everyone pulling together to make it happen. We had some obstacles (studio changes, technological challenges and band line-up turnover), but were able to persevere through this adversity. We are very happy with the results and it was cool to prove we could do this all by ourselves. I would have liked to have seen it taken a little less time, but these are sometimes the things that people face. Bottom line, we got it done! I think we have a good mix of hard rock and metal material on this album. “The Disciple Principle” and “ABC’s of Death” are pretty intense while we have good old rockin’ tracks like “Octane”, “Chicks in White Pants” and “Rollover”.
Q3. What is the difference between the new release and your previous releases?
A3. For one, band members. This is the first album with Julian and Francis recording in the band. Actually, this was the first time we didn’t have a permanent lead guitarist in the band on the finished product. JL Bourgie did a great job helping out on that part. When we lost our lead guitarist during the beginning of the recording process, Francis connected with JL at a family get together. Just so happens he was looking for something to do, so it just worked out well at least as far as timing went. Also the fact it was entirely a band release was another example. Julian and I wrote most of the material together and that hadn’t happened before on such a level on previous efforts.
Q4. Who are you musical inspirations and what was the inspiration behind the album and the songs?
A4. Musical inspirations for me vary. As mentioned, Kiss. They were the biggest influence on me. Getting Destroyer for Christmas one year and then watching their TV-Movie a few years later sealed to deal. I do love many other artists, but it depends on the scale. I am a huge “sugar pop” fan of Seventies music. Bands like Bread, America and even Neil Diamond have affected me greatly. As for instruments, I am most influenced by Paul Stanley, Roger Hodgson, and Lindsey Buckingham. Vocally, it’s Paul too, but as well Rob Halford, Vince Neil (in the early days) and Robert Plant. When I played bass on the last album, “Uprising” I was influenced by Gene Simmons, Chris Glen and Glenn Hughes.
“Refuel” itself was probably inspired by one of the first songs Julian and I wrote together. That was “Octane”. From there, we combined to write songs about misguided devotion (The Disciple Principle); tenacity (Rollover); vengeance (Blunt Force Trauma) and; a film (ABC’s of Death). With Octane being a strong song, we decided to carry that theme to the artwork. The fact the band needed time to “reload” since our last album; we titled it “Refuel”.
Q5. What are your interests outside music?
A5. I love hockey. It’s in every Canadian’s blood pretty much. I used to play when I was a kid, but it’s very competitive so I decided to focus on music and leave that sport to the professionals. I do like soccer, swimming and a good game of tennis too. I like watching movies. A great source for inspiration. I like all kinds, but Science fiction and historically based ones are what I prefer. I am a history buff, so I do like to read up on that stuff including music artists sometimes. Oh and board games. I don’t get to play them very often, but they are great for social settings. We had a riot playing Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly with friends and family.
Q6. Could you tell the readers about the band and what makes you different from other artists?
A6. The band was formed in the year two thousand. We’ve released six recordings. The idea was to form a band that was moving on from what came before (mainly twelve bar blues and standard tunings). We started writing songs and found that Drop C really hit the mark on what we wanted to achieve sonically. I was trying to write songs that were inspirational and filled with hope.
What I believe makes us different from other artists is our brand of playing modern rock with a classic rock feel. We’re kinda lodged between Metal and a hard rock place. I didn’t want to sound dated, but I did want to retain a familiar rock sound. I think it was a good compromise nevermind the fact I find it easier to sing and play in that key.
Q7. What is the highlight of the album for you and why?
A7. I would have to say it was the collaboration of all involved. Everyone pulling together to make it happen. Each of us brought something to the table that others couldn’t do more easily. Some were better mixers and some did better at mastering. An example was the artwork. The first draft we couldn’t use because of copyright issues, the second one too problematic to convert for online distribution so I hired the same person who did the “Uprising” cover to do this with my concept.
Q8. How are the live shows going and what are you and the band hoping to gain?
A8. Because we were concentrating on the album, JL’s availability was limited and we were looking for a new band member, the shows haven’t been many as of late. We’ve had some great shows though. We opened for Anvil in twenty sixteen. Killer Dwarfs in twenty fourteen. What we’re hoping to gain is more fans and more awareness on the international scene. This interview for one (Laughs). More exposure just leads to more opportunities and along with it more chances for revenue.
Q9. Where was it recorded, who produced it and how long did the process take?
A9. Refuel was recorded at Triole Studios, Le Cave Studios and Studio 45. They are all local to the Ottawa area. It was produced by Scarecrowz, but Julian, Francis and JL did the mixing. Francis and JL did the mastering. It took two years to record from January twenty sixteen to December twenty seventeen. A lot of the writing and demos happened in twenty fifteen, but we took our time this time because it was solely us making it so not tight deadlines to meet. We started at Triole, but about third way into recording we switched to the other two studios after losing our guitarist. They were less costly to use and adequate for this recording. As mentioned, we had some challenges using software so that was another reason it took longer for us than usual. Uprising only took 9 months.
Q10. What’s in store for the future?
A10. Well, we just made some shirts to sell (laughs). Seriously though we have some auditions to setup for the lead guitarist spot. Once we have our full complement again, we’ll be booking shows to promote the new album. We hope to be ready for the summertime. The idea is to support Refuel for the rest of twenty eighteen and nineteen. We’ve already started the writing process for the next album, but it will be sometime before we’re ready to record again. We have a few demos of ideas so far. I expect we’ll be looking at a twenty twenty release which ironically will be our twentieth anniversary of the band’s inception.
Q11. What formats is the release out on?
A11. The album is currently available online since February second. We will be making a short run of CD’s for purchase at shows. Since sales for these have declined over the years, we don’t anticipate making many. We have merch to sell so are focusing on that more lucrative avenue. - Fireworks Magazine UK - 16 December 2018

"KRXM Band Interview"

Ger Madden interviewed by DJ Thurvo. - KRXM Radio - 4 September 2018

"CD Review - Refuel"

Review of the "Refuel" Album by Dave Attrill in 2018 from the UK. - Metallivillezine - 2018

"Interview with Scarecrowz"

I recently did an interview with ArtistPR. check it out:…/artist-interview-scarecrowz/…
correction: the soundcloud should be - Artist PR - April 2017


From Ottawa, Canada comes the metal outfit Scarecrowz. This is a band that has existed for 14 years and now has about 9 months with their current lineup. Since 2000 the band has twice been voted as a Top Ten band of Ottawa. Scarecrowz is also now endorsed by Steve Clayton Picks & Accessories USA.

I have never been to that side of Canada, but by all accounts the metal scene is rocking and Scarecrowz is one of the bands leading the way.

Frontman Ger Madden has an infectious growl in his voice that channels vocal greats like Lemmy and Hetfield. The growl is there, always present and always awesome. It gives the music style and attitude that is lacking from most. The voice is combined mostly with straightforward rock licks and grooves. Madden is backed by Kevin Mazurek (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Julian Leblanc (bass Guitar, Vocals) and Marc Villeneuve (Drums, Percussion). They combine to make a sound that is somehow both vintage and fresh at the same time.
Madden and his Scarecrowz gang are here today because of their track, “One For the Road” which comes off of their 2012 album Uprising. This is a song I listened to time and again while I narrowed down the 800+ metal applicants to its current list of exactly 8 submissions. I have listened to the track many times and it has not even started to grow old in my mind. If anything, the opposite is true. The track is but one reflection of the amazing sound and work that these guys have going.

This fall, look for Scarecrowz at the first annual “Freakfest” in Ottawa. This looks to be a rock show for the ages that will melt heads and spread the love of metal. It’s the kind of show I wish there were more of.

As we speak, Madden is in the studio working with Scarecrowz on their next album, which he hopes may be out later this year. He hopes to have the first track available for free download sometime long before that.

Stay up to date on their new album and all things going on with their band via the links below. Go to Reverbnation and check out, “One for the Road” and give it some love. Then give them some love. Then tell them they rock and that Coldiron says thanks for helping Wordkrapht and Reverbnation “Rock the Summer.” - Wordkrapht - August 4, 2014

"Scarecrowz Killer Dwarfs at Obsession Lounge"

Start At One: KILLER DWARFS And SCARECROWZ Keep The 80's Metal Spirit Alive At Obsession Live Lounge, Ottawa, January 31, 2014... - KNAC, Andrew Depedro - 31 january 2014

"Burning Bridges single review"

rated 3 stars out of 5. - Aurovine - July 2013

""Uprising" review"

Scarecrowz is a band from Ottawa and the digipak looks professionally done and sounds professionally recorded. Every time the CD goes into the player though so many sounds blare out that it is likely the band members are carrying different influences. Creepsmoke is an instrumental, but after that the multiple sound sources come into play. With many exceptions, the songs are generally comprised of competent guitars, undesirable vocals and the steady beat of the drums, but without notice each mentioned element can transform into the opposite of that description. The songs have variation and distinct elements. Let me demonstrate.
Troubles begins with a Bolt Thrower riff. Scarecrowz actually has a pattern of starting heavy and crushing, but the lyrics of troubles then sing about rock and roll. Right Hand of God begins with a cutting heavy metal riff and some distinct percussion. The vocals suffer or struggle at first before picking up the pace and melody, which suits the singer more. The melodic soloing shows the guitarist is adept. Strange, look at these guys and they look like they drink at the pub and stand around all week doing nothing. That cannot be since these songs are arranged and varied and the disc is a full-length of 46 minutes! Scared Inside has definite commercial potential. It is melancholy but heavy, has a skilled arrangement and backing vocals. For even more sounds, there is D.U.I. which ahs a Guns & Roses start and is a regular hard rock tune. The sound makes sense since the song is the band’s tribute to Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil. The next one is called Alter Of Life. Could it be about a New Year’s resolution? Coffee & Cocaine is probably a great business idea. Its start is like a Rush strum before becoming Poison! Big Black & Beautiful is back to GNR and is presumably about the singer’s old black Chrysler a.k.a. pimpmobile. One For The Road doesn’t exactly end the disc. It could be a Pink Floyd song from circa 1974 before turning before GNR once again. Told you it is all here. Here is more: and - Anna Tergel - Metalian Webzine, Anna Tergel - January 2013

""Uprising review from Germany"

MARK: 94/100

Although the logo might make one think of a Thrash, Death metal or something similar band, the three Canuck musicians have been dealing with Groove/Stoner metal since 2000; there's actually some occasional energetic (not threatening) Thrash element, yet not enough to stick them into that category.
As far as I'm concerned, this is their fourth studio album, self-produced in digipack, showing fairly good sounds and a satisfactory mixing work; as to the lyrics, they vary from life events, feelings, situations and other mundane topics, with the exception of "Right Hand of God".
The sonic hostilities really start after the mid-tempo propedeutic instrumental "Creepsmoke" with "Angry (2012)", based upon a truly involving main riff and refrain, whereas the axe solo and the final licks sound very R 'n' R. Formidable!
The incendiary riff and the crushing of the wicked bass lines are the fortitude characteristics of "Troubles"; and how do you like the fat kick drum and the echoed vocal effect on a Doom metal riff? For me that'd be already sufficient to put my thumb up, but there's another blazing guitar solo to delight my eardrums and neurones ;)
Assassinated by the opening riff of "Right Hand of God", you can clearly hear the combination of Thrash metal instrumental-wise with Hard rock vocals, back-up vocals and the nth solo soon afterwards.
"Scared Inside" begins melodic, then heavy drums and an electric guitar enter; simply orgasmic the effected vocals siding the other declamatory ones devoid of effects; also interesting is the central instrumental structure, still the act's strength resides mostly in the front vocals and in the backing vocals to embellish the final result. With a big budget this song would have even more powerful drums and perfect vocals and would've nothing to envy renowned bands from anyplace.
Headbanging and volume knob to 11 are a must-do during "D.U.I.", a song capable of revitalizing the limbs of the laziest and weakest to an air-play while listening. Two different vocal effects and another superb metallic solo grace this song inspired by Vince Neil's arrest on his Lamborghini on the long way to Hollywood.
A bit longer than the average for the Ottawans' standards, "Alter of Life" starts with vocals and guitars reminding the gods of Hard rock of the early 90s, notwithstanding it's a sorrowful song, so full of suffering most of the time. If you pay attention a few riffs and vocal patterns are deign of Metallica's post-Black album, even if the voice is way diverse than James Hetfield's. One more pearl set in the digital grooves of this marvellous record.
A lightly amplified guitar and grungy vocals are placed at the beginning of "Coffee & Cocaine", a composition that's going to be dear to the heart of Melodic Punk rock adorers as well as Emo fans, tho the second guitar's licks are more HR.
If Kurt Cobain were alive and was a Metal band's guest vocalist then you'd have a clue of what "Big, Black & Beatiful" is like; don't misunderstand me, the other vocals present here are not depressive at all, so don't expect a Grunge song, it's just a hint of Nirvana's singer here and there.
Scarecrowz have kept their ace in their sleeves for the end of "Uprising": "One for the Road" possesses a pace and a manner of taking the listener over which take the album's title literally!
Finally, "Burning Bridges" is the last upper, proud to kick like an untameable wild horse.
The three-piece is able to satisfy fans of Hard rock and Metal from 13 to 50. The years of experience can be heard and in every moment you perceive the fine art of arranging has been improved to elevated, almost perfect levels. The Canadian veterans are a mean and snarly combo jumping the fence dividing Hard rock and Metal whenever necessary, and they aren't afraid to keep things raw instead of sparkly. Knock you dead!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 30, 2012 - MARKUS GANZHERRLICH, - December 2012

"Big Money Shot - Night 3 @ Ritual"

Up next were the Scarecrowz. They played a heavy set. I loved watching the bass player. It was obvious he was having a blast on stage. - Spotlightottawa, Scott Martin - April 2012

"Scarecrows Live Review"

Overdrive Vol 3

Monday June 20th, 2005 :: by

There was a buzz in the air at Babylon on June 11, 2005. Maybe it was coming from the hum of Britt Black's Marshall stacks, or maybe it was coming from the excitement in the air about the show ahead. One can't be sure, but one thing that is for sure is that this show raised the bar for the Ottawa music scene. With the regional finals coming around the bend in September, and only two installments of Overdrive left - the bands brought everything they have to the table.

Nothing Comes To Mind started off the evening with roaring renditions of some classic rock mixed in with some of their own originals. These Fan Choice Award Winners from the first installment of Overdrive are not a band to be missed so check them out this summer. And of course they will be at the regional finals.

The evening rolled on with the likes of And Tragedy Forever Rises, a powerful music experience with acoustic bass, heavy guitars, and soaring vocals. They would end up taking up third spot, to guarantee a trip to the Regional finals.

The Euphoria, Epilogue and Nomansland are all amazing bands that everybody in Ottawa should go check out. Although they are different in musical genres, they matched each other in energy and musicality and it was a treat to have them all in one great show. The Euphoria finished in second place. They are all more than likely to be seen at another Supernova show in the near future.

Later Radio Dazed picked everything up a notch with their awe- inspiring performance. This punk band masterfully played their original songs with a new level of intensity. To cap it off they covered Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" with a little bit of a punk flavor. This band left a lot of jaws dropped in the bar, and thus Radio Dazed took first place.

Following Radio Dazed, Ottawa Regional Manager Joel Baskin took the stage to jam out some classic metal tunes, as it was his birthday. Then it was time for the evenings Special Guest, HMR Recording Artist Britt Black.

Britt Black took the stage, and it was easy to see how she got where she is today. She played a rock-solid set from beginning until end and the question on everybody's mind was when would she be back again?

Following Britt Black we also got treated to another Special Guest, Ottawa's own Camp Best Friends stopped in for a set to wish Joel a Happy Birthday. The winners of an installment of "Last Band Standing" last year have gone a long way since their last Supernova gig, and it was more than evident when they hit the stage. This unique band seamlessly meshes so many musical genres together under one roof that most of the musicians in the room lost count. Camp Best Friends are one of the most under-rated acts in Ottawa and won't be flying under the radar for long. So check them out while you can.

After that we had a busload of crazy Hexxt Maniacs from Cornwall! Hexxt let all the fans know that it was all about Living After Midnight with a loud roaring set that let Satan know it wasn't time for bed yet.

After that Rasputin hit the stage, these vets from Overdrive Vol.1 made sure all the fans had a good time as the Rasputin fans were out in full force on June 11. No doubt this was a perfect practice gig for their show and recording time in Toronto on the following weekend.

Finishing up the night were hard-rockers The Scarecrows. They had an amazing set although they were on at the end of the night, you will no doubt be hearing more from these boys at future Supernova shows as they deserve a chance to strut their stuff.

Well their you have it! Overdrive Vol.3 is in the can! For more information on getting involved with Supernova in Ottawa contact Joel Baskin -

- Supernova, Joel Baskin - 2005

""Release" review in Germany"

CD Review on
by Stefan Glas

(6-Song-CD: Preis unbekannt)

Es ist nicht schwer herauszuhören, daß diese Demo-CD live aufgenommen wurde. Ich will mich jedoch nicht unbedingt festlegen, ob es sich dabei um einen echten Livemitschnitt mit arg schweigsamem Publikum handelt, oder ob man die sechs Songs einfach im Proberaum ohne Netz und doppelten Boden eingespielt hat. Bedenkt man diese Vorzeichen, muß man der Band für die relativ treffsicheren Backing Vocals beim Opener ›Burnin' In The Night‹ zollen. Außerdem bekommen SCARECROWS für ihren schön altbackenen Hard Rock einen Sympathiebonus. Die Songs indes sind noch nicht bis aufs i-Tüpfelchen ausgearbeitet, doch ist es SCARECROWS auf jeden Fall zuzutrauen, daß die Band bis zu einer "richtigen" Studioaufnahme auch das Arrangement auf den
Punkt bringen. - Underground Empire, Stefan Glas - 2003

"Meet SCARECROWZ a Hard Rock Band From Ottawa"

We play solid catchy Hard Rock and with that, trying to bring people into the fan fold including live performances.

SCARECROWZ is a four piece hard rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The band formed in 2000 and has been a regular mainstay on the scene there. They have peformed regularly and toured southern Ontario and western Quebec. The group has received airplay in Germany, the U.K., the U.S. as well as in their home country. Influenced from bands like Kiss, Metallica and
Godsmack, the band has gone on to many accolades from finalists in Emergenza band contests to top songs on ReverbNation and N1M websites. The band currently release their latest album, “Dusk Of Another Dawn” in March 2021. Read More:

Scarecrowz has performed in Canada with several other popular artists, such as Anvil, Warrior Soul, and Killer Dwarves. The Band has also performed live at the Rail and Chocolate Festival in front of a thousand people at Centennial Park in Smith Falls as well as backing other artists at countless music festivals around the Ottawa area.
Lisa: You’ve been on the scene for 20 years now. How would you compare 20 years ago and now, what are some things that are better, and what is worse in your opinion?

SCARECROWZ: A lot has changed in 20 years – Trends, Technology, band members (LOL). I was at a different point in my life then compared to now. I have a better understanding today in D.I.Y. work. Tech has become cheaper and therefore easier to work with and affordable particularly recording. 20 Years ago, I was using tapes and now it’s hard drives. More control now which is better regarding Art, distribution. BUT without industry it is A LOT more work. Because the playing field is more level with everyone, you’re competing more for space, time, etc. I was chasing deals in 2000 and now I can afford not too. LOL. - SEE LINK FOR MORE... - Got Music Talent, March 2021

"RISUR Interview with Scarecrowz"

Ger madden,
What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?
We’re Hard Rock. Actually I would say we’re between a Rock and a Metal place. Modern Hard Rock with a classic Rock feel.
How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?
Our original bass player thought we needed something like a mascot. He thought of a scarecrow as he and I were forming the band around Halloween. We liked the idea and it more or less morphed into the name of the band. Scarecrow, then Scare crows, then finally Scarecrows. I likened the movie “The Warriors” to us, a sort of rag tag group and that’s how we settled on the name. We revised the name of the band to Scarecrowz (with a z at the end) in 2006 as we discovered other acts that had similarly spelt names.
What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?
Well, when we formed the band, we didn’t want to be another 12 bar blues rock band. Our influences varied from Metallica to Kiss. At the time of formation, we were drawing on influences from Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, Godsmack and Disturbed. For myself, I’ve always listened to all kinds of music. I have personally been influenced by particular members in bands. Paul Stanley, Rob Halford, Tommy Shaw, Lindsey Buckingham, Roger Hodgson, etc.
What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?
Well, we are currently rehearsing and auditioning drummers right now. Once we finalize the lineup, we’ll be booking shows. We’re hoping to do this by September so we can properly promote our latest album, “Dusk Of Another Dawn” which we release in early March 2021. We’ve already started writing for the next album and hope to start recording again either later this year or early next.
What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?
Well, at this time, recording, writing and performing is what we mainly do. We’re still in this pandemic and everything isn’t fully open so we’re taking advantage of promoting the album online until we can play live again. As for goals, I think we’re doing it, but yeah, mainly want to get out there again and do alot of shows.
What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?
I have so many…LOL. Well, I guess for the new album, “Let’s Party Tonight” as it’s short and sweet and really gets people going. Really hard to pick though since each song has it’s own vibe, ya know. Songs are like your children…you love them all.
What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?
Well, trying to get a record deal was the biggest one in the beginning. We actually Auditioned for 3 back in 2005 only to be told “We love the songs, the voice, the band, but we’re looking for a 1968-1974 vibe”. I don’t regret the experience, but it just demonstrated to me, We need to do things on our own terms. We’re not going to wait around or pursue the record companies really because they aren’t really interested in us anyway. I would say our second challenge is keeping a steady lineup. We’ve had about 26 band member changes over the years so that has held us back from doing more, but we persevere. Going into our 21st year now and we’re not going to quit anytime soon.
What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?
There is none. a song can start with a riff, a lyric or a chorus. No rhyme or reason. Lately, I would say I write a song musically first and then add the lyrics after. I used to ride the buses and trains to work and on those routes, i would write lyrics. I just look for the right fit and adjust when applying lyrics to music.
How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?
Big time. it’s the main avenue for getting your name out there now. I mean I don’t poster streets anymore when you make better headway connecting with people on the internet. I find its been easier to promote shows and content that way.
What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?
Oh, lately again, I will listen to whatever I like. I like Foo Fighters Medicine at Midnight, Pretty Reckless death by rock and roll, but I’ve also been listening to Dua Lipa. I’ll listen to Anne Murray one moment and then Metallica the next.
What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?
Well, it’s been a show process. I wrote my first lyric at I think 12, lyrically my first song at 14, musically at 15. I don’t think i really wrote anything good until I was into my early 20’s. I was a late bloomer so didn’t get into my first band until i was about 21. I was kinda of a shy kid anyway so again, a long process to get from point A to B.
Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?
Tenacity. I mean who cares if you make it or not, If music is your passion, you just do it. Not for others, for yourself. I don’t know where i would be if I didn’t have this as an outlet. It soothes the soul. I play it, listen to it, watch it live, etc. I don’t know what the future models hold, but right now, practice your art, get better at it, put it out there when you feel ready and then promote the hell out of yourself/it! LOL
What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?
I think the Music Companies should have gotten on earlier with digital music. they lost out and the industry collapsed. I mean it’s great the have a more level playing field now, but I have to do so much legwork, it would have been nice to have a company behind you taking care of some stuff.
How Do You Feel About Originality?
Most important. Who cares if some or a lot of people like what you’re doing. if it’s you, that’s what matters. I love all the acts that came before me, but I don’t want to sound like them. I take them in and make it my own. If you hear something in our music that reminds you of something before, great, it’s probably an influence, but we don’t copy anyone.
Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You Or That You Would Like to Add?
Come check us out online and listen for yourself if you like us or not. I think we play great hard rock music in Drop C tuning and would love to grow our fanbase and meet new people. Looking forward to getting out there and doing shows again so hopefully see you soon!! - Rising Star Underground Radio - July 2021

"Scarecrowz Interview"

What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?
We’re Hard Rock. Actually I would say we’re between a Rock and a Metal place. Modern Hard Rock with a classic Rock feel.
How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?
Our original bass player thought we needed something like a mascot. He thought of a scarecrow as he and I were forming the band around Halloween. We liked the idea and it more or less morphed into the name of the band. Scarecrow, then Scare crows, then finally Scarecrows. I likened the movie “The Warriors” to us, a sort of rag tag group and that’s how we settled on the name. We revised the name of the band to Scarecrowz (with a z at the end) in 2006 as we discovered other acts that had similarly spelt names... - Rising Star Underground Radio - July 2021

"Scarecrowz interview - March 2021"

The band discusses their latest release, "Dusk Of Another Dawn". - Got Music Talent

"Album Review - 5 June 2021"

Review of our latest album, "Dusk Of Another Dawn". - Artist Reach

"Rising Star Underground Radio Interview - July 2021"

Ger is interviewed and discusses the new album, Dusk Of Another Dawn and more! - Rising Star Underground

"Interview and album feature - Sept. 2021"

Hi all, we are featured in the latest HRH magazine, #16. See pages 88-89! - Hard Rock Hell

"Album Review - Nov. 2021"

Thanks so much to Hard Rock Hell for this great "Dusk Of Another Dawn" album review (p.83 of issue #17). Cheers Toby Winch and Charles Hooper!! - Hard Rock Hell

"Album Review - Dec. 2021"

Hi all, we got an album review of "Dusk Of Another Dawn" in Music Connection magazine. You can check it out here on Page 51! - Music Connection Magazine

"Indie Talk Podcast - 26 Oct 2022"

Indie Talk is the podcast where we talk to emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help you discover great music that you won't find on mainstream radio! In this episode, we thrash out to the hard rock sounds of Scarecrowz!

In this episode, we dive into their songs:

Let's Party Tonight

You can learn more at: - BMH Music Group

"An album release from Scarecrowz Hits all The Classic Metal Sweet Spots"

Never to late to get an album review. This is another one that's just come in. Thanks @ragworld - Recording Artists Guild


"Wall Of Stone" track on Indiebuzz compilation (July 2001)
"Of Wind and Shadow" Album (December 2001)
"Live At Barrymore's" E.P. (June 2003)
"Release" E.P. (1 August 2003)
"Stitch E.P. (31 March 2005)
"Where Evil Grows" E.P. (30 November 2007)
"Live At Zaphod's" Album (1 April 2008)
"The Best Of" compilation Album (27 April 2010)
"Uprising" Album (26 October 2012)
"Angry" track on Flight of Titans compilation (14 September 2014) - Arm The Pit records
"Reborn" Single (6 November 2014).  Also featured on Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2015, Vol. 3 (January 2016) & (Indonesian compilation, "Brain Infection" - 30 June 2017)

"Octane" single (4 May 2016)

"Chicks In White Pants (19 July 2017) - Advance single from the forthcoming album.

"Refuel" album (February 2, 2018)

Let's Party Tonight (5 March 2020)

"Skywalk" Single (8 December 2020)

"Dusk Of Another Dawn" album (2 March 2021)

"Bull By The Horns" Single (19 April 2021)

"Nightwalker" Single (22 October 2021)



SCARECROWZ is a Hard Rock band that formed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2000. Since then, the band has been voted twice as a Top Ten band of Ottawa, won numerous band contest awards and have had airplay on radio stations inthe Netherlands, Germany, U.K. Canada and the U.S.  The group's style is modern heavy rock with a classic rock feel.  The band have done several recordings over the years including their latest album, "Dusk Of Another Dawn".  Original founding member Ger Madden remains and continues to drive forward the direction of the band with bandmates Trevor St. Peter on Bass, Reno D'Santie on Lead Guitar and Aansen Harrison on drums, in tow.   Currently, the band is promoting "Dusk Of Another Dawn" on tour and recording demos for the next release.

Band Members