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Scarecrowz is a hard, ass kickin' rock and Roll band that won't fail to deliver the goods. We are loud, we are raw and we are raucous. The group plays modern heavy rock with a classic rock feel.


SCARECROWZ is a Hard Rock band that formed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2000. Since then, the band has been voted twice as a Top Ten band of Ottawa, won numerous band contest awards and have had airplay on radio stations as far away as The Netherlands, Germany and the southern U.S.  Unlike other local groups, their sound touches on a range of styles including hard rock, southern rock and a little metal with some melodic influences for good measure.  In regards to the band's overall sound and vision, the members of the band have cited many times that they are simply a "straight forward no bull" kind of band.  Don't let that fool you. Their sound is still hard hitting and to the point. The band have done several recordings over the years including their latest album, "Refuel".  Original founding member Ger Madden remains and continues to drive forward the new direction of the band. With bandmates Julian Leblanc on Bass, Reno D'Santie on Lead Guitar and Sebastien Christensen on drums, it's no wonder that they are back and continue to do what they do best.  Currently, the band is rehearsing it's new lineup for shows in 2019 as well as writing for the next album.



Written By: Ger Madden/Leon Howse/J.P. Proulx


Let’s not beat around the bush
I’m fucking pissed off at you
You know what the hell I’m talking about
I see what you’ve been up to

You think you can lie your way right out of this one
I see through your deception, I’m not falling and I won’t run

Cut the crap, I’ve heard that before
I know that you’re misleading
You think when you put on that smile
That I can’t tell you’re deceiving

When figure out exactly what you’ve been up to
Boy, they’ll be hell to pay
Cause I cast a spell of voodoo on you!

So you can take your bull and shovel cause your knee deep in it
And I can’t see cause your life’s draggin’ me down
Your scene I’m gonna quit


Chorus 1 & 2
I’m angry … (angry with you) … I’m angry
I’m angry … (what did you do) … I’m angry
I’m angry … (you know we’re through) … I’m angry

(C) 2003 Scarecrows (june)

© 2003 SCARECROWS (June)

Burnin In The Night

Written By: Ger Madden

Written by Ger Madden

Along the way on this fearless journey, danger lurks from both sides
Winds are blowin’ a heap of troubles and things have blackened the sky
I’m gonna make my way to you, one way or the other
Nothing’s gonna stand in my way, no hell or high water

Burnin’ in the night, I can see the fire’s light (oh yeah)
In this world of pain, there’s no pride and there’s no shame (oh yeah)

Sons of freedom are calling to me on this midnight ride
Before havoc can be reached you gotta reach the edges of twilight
The rain is just a pourin’ down, but it’ll take much more than that
To keep you away from me ‘cause I know where you’re at


And I remember oh so well
It’s got me wrapped up in its spell
But I won’t give in or give out
Until you’re with me and there’s no doubt


And I remember oh so well
The things you kept hidden inside
And now I see it oh so clear
I won’t be taken for a ride

Chorus (repeat)

© 2003 Ger Madden

Burning Bridges

Written By: Ger Madden

Written by Ger Madden

Don’t tell me why you went and did that
I can only believe the things I see
There’s no meaning in your face value
When you’ve forgotten the meaning of “we”

Ain’t burning no bridges (I see you comin’)
Not pulling the wool right over me
No point of returning (which way you goin?)
And through your eyes I still can’t see

Don’t tell me they came to cast out
You told me the facts, why should I doubt
You really need to get yourself examined
Now instead of correction, you mope and pout


You must know you were like a brother
Not made light of your serious ways
We were there all along to support you
But instead of talking, you lit the flames


Don’t tell me you’ve got something to prove
We knew that you already had to
But too late to repeat the horror story
It doesn’t matter now that you’re unglued

From riches to ragged
We waited for you on top of all high
Gave us the signal
But you just waved your last goodbye

(Flames ending the song)…

© 2008 Ger Madden

Right Hand Of God

Written By: Ger Madden/J.P. Proulx

Like A slap
You shake yourself
From a sleep so sober
Soft caress
Face the other cheek
When you turn over

Can you see between the eyes
Can you feel beneath the lies
Can you touch behind the sides
Can your truth besiege what dies

As I believe
What was said
Sits a devil on each shoulder
Smouldering speeches
Far outreaches
Growing old and colder

Can you spread my teathered wings
Can you build from uncertain things
Can you deal what wrath it sings
Can you bleed with golden rings


Like A slap
You shake yourself
From a sleep so sober
Soft caress
Face the othercheek
When you turn over

Chorus #1-2

© 2007 (March) Scarecrowz


Written By: Ger Madden/Kevin Jones/Pat Poirier

Coming at the speed of light
Be torn-
From the womb inside

Devils have their way
Come whatever may
Do you know what for
Now it’s getting late
No time to hesitate
Let that feeling soar

Will the skin burn your eyes
In and out of lies

Dammit, why not stand
And you can be that man
So what sits in your way
You must do the deed
Feed the demon seed
But this part won’t fade


Gaunlet…You have come through alive
Wretched…This beast will not die

Take a last hard look
The archer does his best
To send your sins to hell
Where the arrow flies
Soldiers battle cry
I am again baptized in your well

© 2014 Scarecrowz


Written By: J. Leblanc/G. Madden


Without you, you cannot escape
You’re trapped in your own world
You are running volatile
Everything is changing
You feel it bursting out
Pure as fire runs through
You must find a release
Nothing left to do


These flames are sending you high
Burning Bright Red
When the black (as it applies)
Bring you back from the dead
When it seeps, this fuel inside
Keeps your engine running
Octane is a state of mind
All systems go and lit


Here we are now, gone far now, come whatever may
Coming storm now, not the norm now, how do we parlay?
Constant craving, not distaining, get out of the way
Got your number, pull you under, nothing left to say


Now you know what you’re dealing with
Open a bottle of shame
When the winds picks up and you get that feeling
All over again
Don’t forget your lessons learned
You know where you’re bound
And if the anger rises to new heights
Take a second, knock one down


Just look over, your shoulder, you’ll never bow down
Filler up again, then count to 10, and put on that crown
Once you’ve gotten, not forgotten, that power in your hands
Go the distance, overcome resistance and withstand

(C) 2015 Scarecrowz (January)


"Wall Of Stone" track on Indiebuzz compilation (July 2001)
"Of Wind and Shadow" Album (December 2001)
"Live At Barrymore's" E.P. (June 2003)
"Release" E.P. (1 August 2003)
"Stitch E.P. (31 March 2005)
"Where Evil Grows" E.P. (30 November 2007)
"Live At Zaphod's" Album (1 April 2008)
"The Best Of" compilation Album (27 April 2010)
"Uprising" Album (26 October 2012)
"Angry" track on Flight of Titans compilation (14 September 2014) - Arm The Pit records
"Reborn" Single (6 November 2014).  Also featured on Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2015, Vol. 3 (January 2016) & (Indonesian compilation, "Brain Infection" - 30 June 2017)

"Octane" single (4 May 2016)

"Chicks In White Pants (19 July 2017) - Advance single from the forthcoming album.

"Refuel" album (February 2, 2018)

Set List

Creepsmoke, Angry, Octane, Burning Bridges, Disciple Principle, Reborn, Tie Breaker, Disciple Principle, Crack And Bleed, Blunt Force Trauma, Troubles & Smoke and Mirrors.