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Scarecrowz is a hard, ass kickin' rock and Roll band that won't fail to deliver the goods. We are loud, we are raw and we are raucous. The group plays modern heavy rock with a classic rock feel.

Band Press

ROCK THE SUMMER - SCARECROWZ – Wordkrapht - August 4, 2014

From Ottawa, Canada comes the metal outfit Scarecrowz. This is a band that has existed for 14 years and now has about 9 months with their current lineup. Since 2000 the band has twice been voted as a Top Ten band of Ottawa. Scarecrowz is also now endorsed by Steve Clayton Picks & Accessories USA.

I have never been to that side of Canada, but by all accounts the metal scene is rocking and Scarecrowz is one of the bands leading the way.

Frontman Ger Madden has an infectious growl in his voice that channels vocal greats like Lemmy and Hetfield. The growl is there, always present and always awesome. It gives the music style and attitude that is lacking from most. The voice is combined mostly with straightforward rock licks and grooves. Madden is backed by Kevin Mazurek (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Julian Leblanc (bass Guitar, Vocals) and Marc Villeneuve (Drums, Percussion). They combine to make a sound that is somehow both vintage and fresh at the same time.
Madden and his Scarecrowz gang are here today because of their track, “One For the Road” which comes off of their 2012 album Uprising. This is a song I listened to time and again while I narrowed down the 800+ metal applicants to its current list of exactly 8 submissions. I have listened to the track many times and it has not even started to grow old in my mind. If anything, the opposite is true. The track is but one reflection of the amazing sound and work that these guys have going.

This fall, look for Scarecrowz at the first annual “Freakfest” in Ottawa. This looks to be a rock show for the ages that will melt heads and spread the love of metal. It’s the kind of show I wish there were more of.

As we speak, Madden is in the studio working with Scarecrowz on their next album, which he hopes may be out later this year. He hopes to have the first track available for free download sometime long before that.

Stay up to date on their new album and all things going on with their band via the links below. Go to Reverbnation and check out, “One for the Road” and give it some love. Then give them some love. Then tell them they rock and that Coldiron says thanks for helping Wordkrapht and Reverbnation “Rock the Summer.”

Scarecrowz Killer Dwarfs at Obsession Lounge - 31 january 2014 – KNAC, Andrew Depedro

Start At One: KILLER DWARFS And SCARECROWZ Keep The 80's Metal Spirit Alive At Obsession Live Lounge, Ottawa, January 31, 2014...

Burning Bridges single review – Aurovine - July 2013

rated 3 stars out of 5.

"Uprising" review – Metalian Webzine, Anna Tergel - January 2013

Scarecrowz is a band from Ottawa and the digipak looks professionally done and sounds professionally recorded. Every time the CD goes into the player though so many sounds blare out that it is likely the band members are carrying different influences. Creepsmoke is an instrumental, but after that the multiple sound sources come into play. With many exceptions, the songs are generally comprised of competent guitars, undesirable vocals and the steady beat of the drums, but without notice each mentioned element can transform into the opposite of that description. The songs have variation and distinct elements. Let me demonstrate.
Troubles begins with a Bolt Thrower riff. Scarecrowz actually has a pattern of starting heavy and crushing, but the lyrics of troubles then sing about rock and roll. Right Hand of God begins with a cutting heavy metal riff and some distinct percussion. The vocals suffer or struggle at first before picking up the pace and melody, which suits the singer more. The melodic soloing shows the guitarist is adept. Strange, look at these guys and they look like they drink at the pub and stand around all week doing nothing. That cannot be since these songs are arranged and varied and the disc is a full-length of 46 minutes! Scared Inside has definite commercial potential. It is melancholy but heavy, has a skilled arrangement and backing vocals. For even more sounds, there is D.U.I. which ahs a Guns & Roses start and is a regular hard rock tune. The sound makes sense since the song is the band’s tribute to Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil. The next one is called Alter Of Life. Could it be about a New Year’s resolution? Coffee & Cocaine is probably a great business idea. Its start is like a Rush strum before becoming Poison! Big Black & Beautiful is back to GNR and is presumably about the singer’s old black Chrysler a.k.a. pimpmobile. One For The Road doesn’t exactly end the disc. It could be a Pink Floyd song from circa 1974 before turning before GNR once again. Told you it is all here. Here is more: and - Anna Tergel

"Uprising review from Germany – MARKUS GANZHERRLICH, - December 2012

MARK: 94/100

Although the logo might make one think of a Thrash, Death metal or something similar band, the three Canuck musicians have been dealing with Groove/Stoner metal since 2000; there's actually some occasional energetic (not threatening) Thrash element, yet not enough to stick them into that category.
As far as I'm concerned, this is their fourth studio album, self-produced in digipack, showing fairly good sounds and a satisfactory mixing work; as to the lyrics, they vary from life events, feelings, situations and other mundane topics, with the exception of "Right Hand of God".
The sonic hostilities really start after the mid-tempo propedeutic instrumental "Creepsmoke" with "Angry (2012)", based upon a truly involving main riff and refrain, whereas the axe solo and the final licks sound very R 'n' R. Formidable!
The incendiary riff and the crushing of the wicked bass lines are the fortitude characteristics of "Troubles"; and how do you like the fat kick drum and the echoed vocal effect on a Doom metal riff? For me that'd be already sufficient to put my thumb up, but there's another blazing guitar solo to delight my eardrums and neurones ;)
Assassinated by the opening riff of "Right Hand of God", you can clearly hear the combination of Thrash metal instrumental-wise with Hard rock vocals, back-up vocals and the nth solo soon afterwards.
"Scared Inside" begins melodic, then heavy drums and an electric guitar enter; simply orgasmic the effected vocals siding the other declamatory ones devoid of effects; also interesting is the central instrumental structure, still the act's strength resides mostly in the front vocals and in the backing vocals to embellish the final result. With a big budget this song would have even more powerful drums and perfect vocals and would've nothing to envy renowned bands from anyplace.
Headbanging and volume knob to 11 are a must-do during "D.U.I.", a song capable of revitalizing the limbs of the laziest and weakest to an air-play while listening. Two different vocal effects and another superb metallic solo grace this song inspired by Vince Neil's arrest on his Lamborghini on the long way to Hollywood.
A bit longer than the average for the Ottawans' standards, "Alter of Life" starts with vocals and guitars reminding the gods of Hard rock of the early 90s, notwithstanding it's a sorrowful song, so full of suffering most of the time. If you pay attention a few riffs and vocal patterns are deign of Metallica's post-Black album, even if the voice is way diverse than James Hetfield's. One more pearl set in the digital grooves of this marvellous record.
A lightly amplified guitar and grungy vocals are placed at the beginning of "Coffee & Cocaine", a composition that's going to be dear to the heart of Melodic Punk rock adorers as well as Emo fans, tho the second guitar's licks are more HR.
If Kurt Cobain were alive and was a Metal band's guest vocalist then you'd have a clue of what "Big, Black & Beatiful" is like; don't misunderstand me, the other vocals present here are not depressive at all, so don't expect a Grunge song, it's just a hint of Nirvana's singer here and there.
Scarecrowz have kept their ace in their sleeves for the end of "Uprising": "One for the Road" possesses a pace and a manner of taking the listener over which take the album's title literally!
Finally, "Burning Bridges" is the last upper, proud to kick like an untameable wild horse.
The three-piece is able to satisfy fans of Hard rock and Metal from 13 to 50. The years of experience can be heard and in every moment you perceive the fine art of arranging has been improved to elevated, almost perfect levels. The Canadian veterans are a mean and snarly combo jumping the fence dividing Hard rock and Metal whenever necessary, and they aren't afraid to keep things raw instead of sparkly. Knock you dead!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 30, 2012

Big Money Shot - Night 3 @ Ritual – Spotlightottawa, Scott Martin - April 2012

Up next were the Scarecrowz. They played a heavy set. I loved watching the bass player. It was obvious he was having a blast on stage.

Scarecrows Live Review – Supernova, Joel Baskin - 2005

Overdrive Vol 3

Monday June 20th, 2005 :: by

There was a buzz in the air at Babylon on June 11, 2005. Maybe it was coming from the hum of Britt Black's Marshall stacks, or maybe it was coming from the excitement in the air about the show ahead. One can't be sure, but one thing that is for sure is that this show raised the bar for the Ottawa music scene. With the regional finals coming around the bend in September, and only two installments of Overdrive left - the bands brought everything they have to the table.

Nothing Comes To Mind started off the evening with roaring renditions of some classic rock mixed in with some of their own originals. These Fan Choice Award Winners from the first installment of Overdrive are not a band to be missed so check them out this summer. And of course they will be at the regional finals.

The evening rolled on with the likes of And Tragedy Forever Rises, a powerful music experience with acoustic bass, heavy guitars, and soaring vocals. They would end up taking up third spot, to guarantee a trip to the Regional finals.

The Euphoria, Epilogue and Nomansland are all amazing bands that everybody in Ottawa should go check out. Although they are different in musical genres, they matched each other in energy and musicality and it was a treat to have them all in one great show. The Euphoria finished in second place. They are all more than likely to be seen at another Supernova show in the near future.

Later Radio Dazed picked everything up a notch with their awe- inspiring performance. This punk band masterfully played their original songs with a new level of intensity. To cap it off they covered Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" with a little bit of a punk flavor. This band left a lot of jaws dropped in the bar, and thus Radio Dazed took first place.

Following Radio Dazed, Ottawa Regional Manager Joel Baskin took the stage to jam out some classic metal tunes, as it was his birthday. Then it was time for the evenings Special Guest, HMR Recording Artist Britt Black.

Britt Black took the stage, and it was easy to see how she got where she is today. She played a rock-solid set from beginning until end and the question on everybody's mind was when would she be back again?

Following Britt Black we also got treated to another Special Guest, Ottawa's own Camp Best Friends stopped in for a set to wish Joel a Happy Birthday. The winners of an installment of "Last Band Standing" last year have gone a long way since their last Supernova gig, and it was more than evident when they hit the stage. This unique band seamlessly meshes so many musical genres together under one roof that most of the musicians in the room lost count. Camp Best Friends are one of the most under-rated acts in Ottawa and won't be flying under the radar for long. So check them out while you can.

After that we had a busload of crazy Hexxt Maniacs from Cornwall! Hexxt let all the fans know that it was all about Living After Midnight with a loud roaring set that let Satan know it wasn't time for bed yet.

After that Rasputin hit the stage, these vets from Overdrive Vol.1 made sure all the fans had a good time as the Rasputin fans were out in full force on June 11. No doubt this was a perfect practice gig for their show and recording time in Toronto on the following weekend.

Finishing up the night were hard-rockers The Scarecrows. They had an amazing set although they were on at the end of the night, you will no doubt be hearing more from these boys at future Supernova shows as they deserve a chance to strut their stuff.

Well their you have it! Overdrive Vol.3 is in the can! For more information on getting involved with Supernova in Ottawa contact Joel Baskin -

"Release" review in Germany – Underground Empire, Stefan Glas - 2003

CD Review on
by Stefan Glas

(6-Song-CD: Preis unbekannt)

Es ist nicht schwer herauszuhören, daß diese Demo-CD live aufgenommen wurde. Ich will mich jedoch nicht unbedingt festlegen, ob es sich dabei um einen echten Livemitschnitt mit arg schweigsamem Publikum handelt, oder ob man die sechs Songs einfach im Proberaum ohne Netz und doppelten Boden eingespielt hat. Bedenkt man diese Vorzeichen, muß man der Band für die relativ treffsicheren Backing Vocals beim Opener ›Burnin' In The Night‹ zollen. Außerdem bekommen SCARECROWS für ihren schön altbackenen Hard Rock einen Sympathiebonus. Die Songs indes sind noch nicht bis aufs i-Tüpfelchen ausgearbeitet, doch ist es SCARECROWS auf jeden Fall zuzutrauen, daß die Band bis zu einer "richtigen" Studioaufnahme auch das Arrangement auf den
Punkt bringen.

Interview with Scarecrowz - April 2017 – Artist PR

I recently did an interview with ArtistPR. check it out:…/artist-interview-scarecrowz/…
correction: the soundcloud should be