Hailing from the mid-Michigan area, Scarefactor has been playing locally for 4 years. Giving you an infectious, aggressive release of everything you have to get off your chest.


Scarefactor is what we like to call "groove metal." Some of our biggest influences are Pantera, Sevendust, DimeBag Darryl (R.I.P), Metallica, Pink Floyd, etc. What sets us apart from other bands, I believe is our tight family bond and our ability to write good music.


2003 - 5 Song Demo

Scarefactor can be heard online at:

Set List

Our songs are:

1. River So Cold
2. I Want it Now
3. Zodiac
4. Push up Hill
5. Freezurbern
6. Devils Cry
7. Sideways Smile
8. Pain-N-Hate
9. Stolen
10. Breathing
11. Out of my Hands
12. Alone
13. Stuck
14. Never Sorry
15. Under My Skin