Bo Allen

Bo Allen

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

High energy, guitar driven, cover/original band playing a variety that includes: country, r&b, rock, 80's, 90's, and sing along songs..... "Major Record Label" Original Music.....Look for "Rhonda Towns" on and my Song "Something Better"


Lexington, Kentucky band Scarekrow was formed by singer/songwriter Bo Allen in 2005 and also includes road veterans Kevin Rawlings, Rick Marks, and Erik Thieling. Playing on the national country circuit, the band has been winning over fans and sponsors with their diverse and energetic live shows. Strong fan bases have already been established in Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, and the Dakotas. Scarekrow plays between 200 and 250 performances a year and are regularly expanding into new parts of the country.
Allen has already begun to prove himself in the industry, signing with MajorBob Publishing as a staff writer, and winning multiple awards from CMT, UNISONG, and N.A.S.I. His songs have been recorded by Billy Gillman, Rhonda Towns, Thomas Martinez and Canadian artist Joe Hick. While the rest of Scarekrow has credits that include work with John Michael Montgomery, Michelle Wright, rock artists Living Color, Lil Kim, and Three Doors Down.
Most recently Scarekrow has attracted sponsors Pendleton Whiskey and Albrecht’s Cheese. Work has begun on a new album with a projected release of August 2008.
If you put the energy of "Garth Brooks" and mixed it with the lead guitar riffs of greats like Eddie Van Halen,Brad Paisley, and the vocal range of todays hottest artists like "Rascal Flatts"&"Keith Urban" then top it off with all the dynamics and excitement of the best rock concert you have ever seen... then you have "Scarekrow"



Written By: Bo Allen



One more concrete box went up over night another tree line cut down
Seems like they can't build em fast enough and they just keep on turnnin em out
I'm hanging here in an empty feild dust covered and straw wearin thin
Starring out over shrinking hills that used to have no end


There's no seed in the ground dirt on the plow nobody to mend my fence
Steel yellow machines are creeping up on my the old barns caving in
They left me out here alone with a for sale sign nailed to a post and theres no more love for the scarekrow


The little ones used to run and hide in my maze of tall corn rows
The family sang on the front porch swing
Now all I hear is car horns blow
Old man john used to smile at me tip his hat for a job well done I chased away all the birds of prey but I couldn't stop this one

Repeat Chorus:


I wonder what they'll tell thier kids when the last of my kind fall and there all living on quarter acre lots beside a two story shopping mall


Songs released/played on radio.....Scarekrow (Thomas Martinez),Something Better (Rhonda Towns)........Videos" Something Better" CMT

Set List

Sets include todays most popular music like "Fast Cars and Freedom" Rascal Flatts! "Better Life' Keith Urban! we have about 250 songs new and old from Purple Rain to Ring of Fire! we are used to playing 4-5 sets 45 min. per set

-Poppa Loves Momma
-Driving My Life Away
-The Dance
-That Summer
-Neon Moon
-Boot Scoot Boogie
-Can’t Take the Honky Tonk
-Red Dirt Road
-Cherry Bomb
-Authority Song
-Better Life
-Fishin’ in the Dark
-Boys of Summer
-Somebody Like You
-Fast Cars and Freedom
-Family Tradition
-Ring of Fire
-The Joker
-Simple Man
-Sweet Home Alabama
-Don’t Ask Me No Questions
-Feel Like Makin’ Love
-Purple Rain
-Wild Nights
-Wave on Wave
-With or Without You
-Liza Jane
-Pride and Joy
-Just Don’t Happen Twice
-Give Me One Reason To Stay Here
-Anything But Mine
-Start Me Up
-Lot Of Leavin’
-Good Hearted Woman
-Dixieland Delight
-Copperhead Road
-Feeling Like That
-Workin’ Man Blues
-Every Breath You Take
-Every R