scarelly moe

scarelly moe

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Scarelly Moe is not just an artist he is an all around entertainer, he's gets the party started. Very energetic, upbeat and hype, there is just something about him, he has IT!!!


SCARELLY MOE is a cross between Ja Rule & Busta Rhymes. He sounds like the continuation of the great one's! He made his debuted in the early 90’s with the single “BETCHA’ DON’T KNOW” b/w “40 N DA’ SYSTEM” along side SCARBROUGH, as part of the group DOUBLE THREAT. In the mid 1990‘s, SCARELLY MOE gained a fierce reputation by winning freestyle battles all over the Detroit metro area and eventually he went on to become the number one MC on fm 98 WJLB’s “FREESTYLE’S N DA’ HOOD”. From there, SCARELLY MOE began writing and producing for other Detroit local artists such as BOMBSHELL, BAD BLOOD, SDK, NINA ROSS and DIRTY RED. In the late 90‘s, SCARELLY MOE stormed the industry with a 3-song maxi single entitled “REALLY REAL”. Currently, SCARELLY MOE has a debut album in stores titled "PREPARED OR NOT". The single "NO WHERE" featuring MEME is being aired through out the Austin, TEXAS. He's CEO of his independent label HOT RECORDZ, he's writing & producing for his protege MEME debut album title "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" and SCARELLY MOE is also being featured in the rap documentary "STARVING ARTIST" staring LIL JOHN & THE EASTSIDE BOYS, JAZZY PHAE, JAGGED EDGE, YOUNG BLOODS, TRIBE CALLED QUEST'S PHIFE DOG, RASHEEDA, MOMMA TRULA, ASCAPS'S IAN BURKES & GOODIE MOBB'S CUJO GOODIE.

Set List

I open and closed with a magician and a skit, I have a dj set 10 minute dj set, a break dancing battle set and I cover sugar hill gang's rappers delight 2 tupac songs "how do you want it" & "I get around" and biggie small's songs "juicy".