Scarlet Harlots

Scarlet Harlots

BandR&BPunk Described as a new Dance ision quoted as 'PUNK-STEP', it's a mixture of Punk, Dub, Drum'n'Bass, and Break beat and is fronted by pure lyrical and physical charisma. The band reflect their music melting pot by being White, Afro-caribean and Asian.


Having grown up in 90's England, developing a passion for the Romantics, UK Garage, 80's Indie, Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, Grime, Reggae and Punk, The Scarlet Harlots bring a mixture of all these things to the table. After forming in early 2006, a change in line-up took place (in December of that year), leading the band to gigs with artists including Jamie T, The Twang, Reverend & The Makers, Bromhead's Jacket, The Young Knives, Harrisons and Howling Bells, aswell as clocking-up an amount of radio airplay (including Radio 1).
The Scarlet Harlots continue to develop and excite the Birmingham scene with their latest offerings and boisterous live performances.


We were on Channel 4's T4 ORANGE UNSIGNED ACT and were Finalists. We were on the show for 4 months which was aired on 4 music, e4, e4+1 and t4 on Channel. Our track 'A secret' was streamed and used in video links during when Alex Zane present. The shows judging panel was Simon Gavin (Head A&R for A&M Records), Alex James )Blur) and Lauren Lavern (radio 1) who played and championed us from the beginning of the show.

All our t4 tracks and compositions can be be seen here:

We have an EP coming out April 13th with digital download and 500 limited edition 7 inch vinyl with cut and come again records with digital distribution with ioda. The E.P 'Word is Bone, Back is Strong' is backed by a national tour of the country which will also have limited edition t shirts.

We have had radio play of demos on Radio one with Steve Lamacq as his band of the week for june 2007, as well as regular play on BBC Radio WM and Kerrang Radio.

Set List

Woolf - Intro
Harlots House
A Secret
This is how we do it - Montel Jordan cover

We have 25 gigable tracks and our typical set is 30- 40 minutes but could easily do less or more.