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"Scarlet Kings CD Review - 3/6/2008"

"If you make a good record and it's honest, people will find it."

That's Josh Edmondson, the Scarlet Kings concept man. Songwriter, guitar player and producer, his vision manages to convey an introspective work of new music mixed with savvy Oval Opus fare, a culmination of the last ten years of Josh's and the Scarlet Kings' lives. In a world of overproduction, gizmos and track humping, this self-titled release stands for the purpose of the song.

Each track represents a moment in history, and the songs these men sing are only sweetened by Mark Evitts' fiddle punctuation.

If Oval Opus was the bliss of experiential youth, then Scarlet Kings are the beautifully mannered grownup result. See popular, 662.6 distinguished*

Can the terms retrospective, introspective and interesting apply to pop music, or popular music?

I went to the thesaurus to see what it means to be pop. Let me tell you what I found popular with the Scarlet Kings in Roget's standard... go by the numbers:

100.29 Desired wanted, coveted, wished for, hoped for, longed for

Never Will "you smiled as you passed me down the aisle then walked into your future/I faded back into the crowd/then I opened up the program my finger traced your new name/you never looked so beautiful"

Never Will, beautiful and sharp at the same time, is the color of granite, softened by a veiled anthem of the heart. There are movies made around prose like this.

104.24 Beloved loved, precious, adored, admired, esteemed, revered, cherished, treasured

Mollie's Song "I never thought I'd want anything of consequence" "what a beautiful soul/what a beautiful trip"

"I've been waiting for you my whole life," and didn't know it, as this burgeoning paternal spirit lyrically embraces the lightness of his baby girl. Mollie's Song should be the new Wedding Father/Daughter Dance Anthem.

Mollie's Song is a guy in love story, and most wedding singers will be able to craft a special version rather than a tired rendition of Bette's interpretation of Wind Beneath My Wings. Besides, Mollie's Song makes the parent-child handoff a bit more palpable... just so much love around the room in one night, dearly beloveds.

373.14 Customary time honored, current, prevalent

476.9 Communal widespread, generally accepted

Anywhere But Here "If I get myself out of this I might be on top for once." "Someday you'll catch me/ and talk about good times/ but these are the best times out here on the road/ your judge and jury will never convict me"

Look for this in the sequel to O Brother Where Art Thou. Anywhere But Here is modern ride-out-of-town-on-a-rail song in a good mood. Who hasn't wanted to flee optimistically? Not too many of us would choose to burn bridges in this age of drought…only you can prevent accidental firing squads.

509.19 Approved advocated, supported, received, acclaimed, highly-touted, applauded

Between Love and Reason "I guess all our time was just borrowed."

A bloodless war where there are no foot soldiers and all of the generals intellectually sprawl wounded. And try to make reason of the whole thing. After all, we are civilized beings dealing with primal instincts in a world gone awry. This couple breaks up with such manners.

578.11 Fashionable switched-on and hip and with-it, new fashioned, trendy, moderned

Hold The Line "Just the sound of your laugh can sometimes be sweet as your touch" "Closer than you know and further than you need."

Technological references are what update this classic conundrum of physical separation. Who hasn't had this conversation with their lover?

606.8 Populational public, mass, grassroots, humbly, earthy

Free Love "I thought I told you how I felt/but now I realize you hang on false hope" "Tomorrow you'll still hate the things I do/I still won't believe a word you say"

"Your free love is too expensive for me." Economical times call for economical measures. Self-preservation comes in all forms. Abundant guitar playing is captured in this fiduciary lesson.

662.6* Distinguished notable, marked, famed, honored, renowned, celebrated, acclaimed

Consider This "I need you gone/no right/no wrong"

Here is the maturation of a young, southern rock band, on the southern side of Ohio albeit; it's still rooted southern and it shows. The sound is warm and finished.

There's also another appropriate listing under popular/distinguished... hot and world class. No kidding.

"Scarlet Kings are like a box of chocolate..." Not really. You know what you're getting; you just don't understand how good it is until after you've had some. Magnificent aftertaste; you'll want more.

The Scarlet Kings are:

Josh Edmondson
Dan Edmondson
Aaron Patrick
Patrick Martin
Mark Evitts

- Kelly Beez

"Valentines, Cayamo and The Scarlet Kings"

What is red and royal and has a strong beat? Nope, not my big valentine heart, it's the Scarlet Kings.

Just when you think you've had enough love by Friday, think again. The Scarlet Kings are officially releasing their self titled 'Scarlet Kings' tomorrow night at the 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati, but don't let logistics stop you from enjoying the post-cupid love that these boys have to offer.

It might be easy for some people to slap a musical category on the Scarlet Kings, but each time I listen to their studio work, I find another nuance hidden beneath a phrase, a lick, a segue, whispered morsels of influences. Their own promo reads "crossover" somewhere, yet it is hard to determine what these crossroads are and what is that they have to get over.

For instance, the first read of the Scarlet Kings online samplings intrigued me in the sense that I would hear something in a song and my brain would immediately start its own musical fingerprint database, a veritable who has touched whom, or the other way around, and I found myself pulling out cds that were buried in the cupboard and searching through myspace music friends for relative terms.

I heard the Boston-based Train right away in some of the leftover Oval Opus cuts. Not the glossy finished releases (Calling All Angels, Drops of Jupiter) but the 2004 release Alive At Last. I hesitate to use raw or unfinished, because it is not. It's more along the lines of real or organic, something where the foundation is exposed, but the beams are beautiful. And as the Scarlet Kings have just jumped the river, literally, to ripen from Opus to Kings, the bounty is plentiful.

There are moments of Bare Naked Ladies humoresque, but less snarky. Sometimes I hear a part of Brad Paisley telling a story, and I swear that my first reaction to the indelible 'Anchorman' was a nod to the Spin Doctors. No kidding. Play with the words and sing along; you'll find your tongue rolling around your teeth a little Kryptonite-like. Go ahead, try it. Your mouth will be happy, and the rest of you will follow.

For folks who may be 'country' shy, the lyrics will shine beyond the incessant need to pigeonhole artists. Part of the e-music revolution demands classification for search purposes, so dismissing the concept of naming the music is foolish.

I suppose you can take each song, verse by verse and try to match it up to something distinct. Perhaps that is the magic of the Scarlet Kings – they are distinct and they are creating new paths of sound. Why not follow the trail to some fine, fine song writing. If there were a way to guarantee your listening satisfaction with SK's new release, I would do it, but I can't because there isn't, and you just have to take my word for it.

Now for Friday night's party in Cinci

One of the most prominent features of this band is their ability to translate what has been laid down in the studio into a live performance without sounding rote or over rehearsed. The songs are fresh each time, and I know whereof I speak, since they played thrice on Cayamo. Each event was revitalizing. Each audience found the thread and ran with it; some ran a little more enthusiastically than others, but the band members were consistently gracious to their fans.

Spokesperson Bryan Fangman, kind of the Brian Epstein in the arrangement, told me that the band enjoyed the one-to-one contact with fellow Cayamo folks, eschewing the private dining and game rooms set aside for performers. The boys (I can say that because I am older than they are!) reveled in the ability to win fans, one at a time. And you know that's how they landed kellybeez, as noted in an earlier blog. I personally witnessed a level of professionalism in a sea of intimacy, and the Scarlet Kings pulled off something I would have expected (and received) from the headliners. Oh yes, SK has headliner written all over their future.

Now the question is, why aren't these boys signed to a major label? Is there anyone listening?

What's On Tap After Tomorrow's Party

Michigan will welcome the Midwest portion of the Scarlet Kings' current tour, as they land at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on March 13, sandwiched in between House of Blues appearances in Cleveland and Chicago. They stop in Milwaukee along the way, and some fine Ohio venues. If you are reading this, you might consider catching SK at one of the stops. At least take a serious gander at the online offerings.

The tour details get even better, as the Scarlet Kings are opening for Gaelic Storm, also Cayamo performers. Get your Guinness mugs out! Gaelic Storm on its own is an event, and lends an overall yang to SKs yin. There won't be a seated person in the house at the end of each set no matter how the music shakes out, because the music moves and the listeners are in the first rollercoaster car, looking out into the abyss with glee, because they can feel what's coming. Ride on, brothers, ride on! - Kelly Beez

"Scarlet Kings to Perform at Rock by the Sea"

Scarlet Kings will join a host of other artists to include Ken Block & Drew Copeland of Sister Hazel, Wideawake, Five Star Iris, Michael Tolcher, Chuck Carrier, Jackson Rohm, Gareth Asher and John Taglieri in the Second Annual Rock by the Sea concert in support of Lyrics for Life, The Lance Armstrong Foundation and Franklin's Promise.

The event will take place from April 10 - 12, 2008. Tickets are $125 per person and are available at: - Rock by the Sea

"Scarlet Kings on Simple Man Cruise"

Scarlet Kings will join Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Georgia Satellites, Cowboy Mouth and many others for the 2008 Simple Man Cruise.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man Cruise 2008 is a 4-day music vacation on board a luxury cruise liner with a visit to Key West and Calica. Departing Miami on January 10, 2008 on the Carnival Imagination and returning January 14, 2007, Skynyrd's Simple Man Cruise 2008 features up-close-and-personal concerts from Lynyrd Skynyrd, with a dozen or so bands from the rock and country worlds still to be announced. The cruise features unique artist interaction, an Open Mic night and more, all while experiencing a world-class Carnival cruise with fine dining and 24-hour room service, a full-service casino, beautiful swimming pools, a gym and many other great services. - Sixthman

"Scarlet Kings on Cayamo Singer Songwriter Cruise"

Cayamo: A Journey Through Song, February 4-10, 2008!

Cayamo is a 6-day Caribbean cruise featuring the crème de la crème of songwriters, including headliners and Grammy award winners, Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris, in addition to Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, John Hiatt, Buddy Miller, Brandi Carlile, Ari Hest, Scarlet Kings, The Duhks & Patrick Davis. They will be joined by other great songwriters and emerging artists for the inaugural cruise, which stops in Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Music aficionados will love the intimate setting onboard the luxurious Carnival Victory as they travel with like-minded fans for this one-of-a-kind, free-wheeling concert at sea. Catch your favorite artists in nightclub-like settings and what is sure to be plenty of spontaneous moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

Along the way we’ll visit beautiful destinations and enjoy a first-class cruise experience including a full-service spa, state-of-the-art gym facilities, fine dining, a casino, coffee bar, cigar bar and more.

Cayamo sets sail from Miami FL on Monday, February 4 and returns Sunday, February 10, 2008.
- Sixthman

"Scarlet Kings Return to Nashville for CMA Music Festival"

Scarlet Kings will be playing two shows at the Cadillac Ranch during the Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival on June 5-6, 2008.

The Cadillac Ranch is one of the best venues in town, especially for the CMA Music Festival and Scarlet Kings is glad to be returning to their Nashville home after a Midwest and Southern tour at venues such as the Cleveland House of Blues, Chicago House of Blues, Royal Oak Music Theater, Pabst Theater and the Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House.

The group will be playing original music from their debut album, "Scarlet Kings." This is certainly a show you don't want to miss! - Scarlet Kings


2008 - Scarlet Kings EP
2008 - Scarlet Kings



Scarlet Kings is a Nashville based country/rock band. Their blend of country, rock, pop and bluegrass seems to defy classification, yet, at the same time, is uniquely identifiable. Tasteful musicianship presents intelligent songwriting with a tight pop sensibility that is immediate and universal. The members of Scarlet Kings have an undeniable chemistry that makes their performances slick and polished with depth and soul.

In August of 2007 Scarlet Kings began work on their self-titled debut release. Anticipation for the February 2008 release of “Scarlet Kings” was heightened by extensive internet promoting and performances aboard the Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man” Cruise and the “Cayamo” cruise featuring Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris.

Band members and brothers Josh (guitar) and Dan (drums) Edmondson, sons of producer/musician Carl Edmondson (Lonnie Mack), met singer Aaron Patrick on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, OH. Later joined by bassist Patrick Martin, the group began playing clubs and colleges around the Midwest. In early 2007 the group was completed with the addition of Mark Evitts on fiddle and guitar.

Songs for the “Scarlet Kings” debut CD were handpicked from the best of the band’s songwriting catalogue as well as co-writes with Danny Kortchmar (James Taylor, Don Henley) and Sam Hollander (Gym Class Heroes, Boys Like Girls). These songs were then meticulously assembled under the vision of producer Josh Edmondson with the help of engineer Mike Farona. In-studio contributions by musicians Tim May (Patty Loveless, Charlie Daniels), Tom Bentley (Joe Nichols) and Dean Holman (Joe Nichols, Ricky Skaggs) augmented the already rich sonic palate of Scarlet Kings.

Scarlet Kings is quickly becoming one of the music industries most promising crossover artists. Their 2008 debut release, “Scarlet Kings”, supported by innovative internet marketing and strategic touring, has enabled the band to entice an ever growing fan base with their unique yet universal music.