Scarlet Speedster

Scarlet Speedster


Rock/Electronic music with a driving sound and melodies which easily get stuck in your head.


Scarlet Speedster started mid-2004 with a need to create music that was somehow different than most of the stuff out there. With three members and an electronic synth, the members have created a sound all their own. With influences like the Cure, Depeche Mode, and Morrissey, Scarlet Speedster hopes to reinvent the norm. The songs are personal portraits of life, love, and spirituality. The music grooves and moves, with melodies that instantly stay with you. Like the Speedster website proclaims: "The message makes us the messengers. Scarlet Speedster is the vehicle."


Self titled 6 song EP - Released August, 2006

Self titled 5 song EP - Released July, 2005

The single entitled "Escape" receiving local airplay.

Set List

The Sky - original
Blessed - original
You Give - original
Escape - original
Love Will Tear Us Apart - cover
Sinner - original
Lovesong - original
I Ran - cover
Rest of Me - original

Set total = 1 hr. to 1.5 hrs.