Scarlet's Wake

Scarlet's Wake

 Nottingham, England, GBR

Unique, passionate, raw and intense, Scarlet's Wake like to stand out from the crowd and create their own. Combining the right amount of melody with equal amounts of aggression and groove to create something beautiful yet somewhat terrifying!


Conceived in early 2007 Scarlet’s Wake have grown and progressed constantly throughout the years developing a sound and style that seems impossible for some to characterize into any genre. Originally the brainchild of siblings Adam Jones and Emma Gunn they then found guitarist Adam Stone or ‘Stoney’ as he’s affectionately known and bassist Amy ‘Babycakes’ Nairn. The band have crafted their style based on a template originally thought up by Gunn and Jones, mixing many of their influences together such as ‘Guano Apes’, ‘Sevendust’, ‘Skunk Anansie’, ‘Mastodon’, ‘Killswitch Engage’, ‘Lamb of God’ and ‘Clutch’, to create a unique and sometimes surprising sound.

Since the release of their ferocious 2009 debut ‘Dirty, Filthy, Rock, Metal’ the band have drawn great interest and won over doubtful minds. Hailed as one of Nottinghams' most exciting bands, Scarlet’s wake are at their best in the flesh and absolutely shine live, delivering a performance both explosive and entertaining.

Classing themselves as the ultimate underdog band, Scarlet’s Wake are met frequently by naysayers, skeptics and elitists where ever they play. Determined to prove their worth and never back down, this is a band in terms of their music, who will pin those people down and repeatedly beat them until they break and enjoy it.

Passionate, raw and intense, Scarlet’s Wake raises its middle finger to the generic and opts instead for something more unique and defining.


Blood, Sweat & Fear EP (2008)

Dirty, Filthy, Rock, Metal (2009)

Single XV taken from Dirty, Filthy, Rock, Metal (2009) up as a free download.

New as yet untitled album (2012)