Scarlett Olson

Scarlett Olson

 Austin, Texas, USA


Scarlett Olson grew up in a multicultural family in San Antonio. Her mother is Hispanic and her father is a Texan of English and Swedish descent. From the age of 11, she started singing and was performing on a weekly basis in front of large and small audiences. Scarlett's music has been strongly influenced by the Mexican culture through family ties and living in Mexico. While living in Mexico City in 1998 and 1999 she sang with Asallam, a rock band. Since moving to Austin in 2000 she has pursued both music and visual arts. For 2 years she sang with one of Austin's best Salsa bands, The Brew, before starting her own latin jazz band, Mashea which she developed and ran for several years. In 2004 she started songwriting and collaborating with DJs and producers and has been writing music ever since. In 2009 she met Michael Ramos from Charanga Cakewalk with whom she collaborated with to complete her first solo album, The Little Things. She resides in Austin and is currently working on her second album, while singing part time with The Brew and other various groups around town.


Scarlett Olson, The Little Things - 2010

Set List

1. De Dia, De Noche
2. Sarojin
3. Soñadora
4. Shine
5. The Little Things
6. Fallé
7. La Menina
8. Tanta Pena
9. En Silencio Pasamos
10. Playing with Fire